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I am not sure if this topic has been covered here in past posts, but here goes.


I have a photography eBook that I plan to sell on the iBooks store. As it stands now it is 320.6 MB.  I wonder if this size file is far too big for most people to download?  I would like some of your thoughts on this matter.






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    Apple states the the maximum size for the store is 2.0GB.


    The maximum for download over cellular is 50mb, so anything larger requires download via Wi-Fi or computer, then sync.


    I think at 320 you won't set any records


    Did you use jpegs or pngs for those photos?


    Good luck in the store.



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    Thank KT for you response on file size.  I have acually paired down the size of my eBook from 358 MB to 148.5 MB.  Much easier for people to download.