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I Recently bought two sticks of RAM (DDR3 1333 Mhz 8GB AVANT) for My Mac Mini i5! Shortly after that, the Mac SUDDENLY RESTARTS with a Gray SCREEN and a MESSAGE  in MANY LANGUAGES, saying it has to be RESTARTED for an ERROR! then I thought: is posible that RAM is causing the problem? that means that I have to buy an APPLE MEMORY RAM ONLY?

iPod classic, 30gb BLACK
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    The RAM may well be the cause of the problem, yes. Apple does not make their own RAM, so no, you do not have to buy from Apple, but not all vendors provide high-quality RAM. You may well just have received defective or out-of-specification memory. If the Mac works correctly with the original RAM, get your memory vendor to replace the DIMMs, and in problems persist, return the RAM for a refund any try RAM from another vendor.



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    Thanks a Lot!! varjak paw, I put the original RAM and it's just perfect!