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I am running Logic express 9 on a 2008 Macbook, (non pro).  Anyhow, logic has always seemed to work great for me.  However, last week I opened up one of many existing projects, (I'm in sample editor).  When I went to add a new plugin to one of the channel strips it would not allow me to.  Also, if I click on any plugin that already exists on the channel strip it dissapears? The strange thing that also happens weather I click to add a new plugin or click on an already existing plugin, is both the  "repeat section" and "crop", buttons from the above menu (in sample editor), the actual buttons become a faded image,(as far as the actual font and images of the buttons).  As soon as I am done clicking to add a plugin on the channel strip, both buttons from the menu  go back to looking normal like all of the other choices from that menu?  I really don't get it?  All I want to do is to be able to add plugins as well as edit or change plugins again. Any thoughts as to why I can no longer add any new plugins to any channel strips?  And why any existing plugins disappear from the channel strip when I click on it?  Why the "repeat section", and "Crop", buttons from the menu above fade in and out when I try clicking on the channel strip is very strange? I don't mind that I just want to be able to add or edit plugins again.  I did do some document cleaning up last week as my memory was getting low.  I then emptied out my trash bin.  I'm hoping I didn't accidentally delete some kind of Logic component?  Why can't I add or edit plugins anymore?  Anyone ever run across this?




Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Are any of your other applications going wonky, or is it just Logic?


    I'm afraid I've never heard of this particular problem before, but if it were happening to me the first thing I would do is delete my "com.apple.logic.express.plist" file in Library>Preferences, then repair permissions in Disc Utility, and finally restart my computer.  Then I would launch Logic and see if the problem has been corrected.  It's amazing how much these two steps can accomplish.


    If that doesn't resolve the issue I would launch Logic and go to Preferences>Audio Units Manager to see if all my plug-ins are properly validated.

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    Thanks for the response and the suggestion.  I reinstalled the program and that seemed to fix it.  Thanks again.