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Upgraded two MacBooks from Lion to Mountain Lion.  Was already using Aperture 3.3.2 with no problems.


No problems in inputting from camera before now major problems.  Same on both computers.  No

Sony A700 - Instead of device being listed on left hand panel, it only appears in the file list.  Select this and you can import one days files at a time.

Sony A65 - as above but the device is listed on file list, but not any subdirectories - e.g DCIM. However everything appears correctly in Finder so you can copy the pictures on to a separate folder and then import from there. 

Canon G11 - Aperture does not even recognise the device.  OK using finder.


You have to disconnect manually


Apple Genius said it would be cured by creating new user and copying libraries across via an external drive.  Did this but no good.  They tested cameras on demo machines.  No problems.


Apple hot line said

- repair permissions - done

- repair database - done

-  delete and restore user preferences - done

-  delete and restore user created presets etc  - done



Now what?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)