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  • xStatiCa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    For me I don't get crashes.  I just get the 'Loading...' message which lasts for a very long time (maybe 5 minutes) and then an error 'Cannot connect to iTunes Store'.  I don't see any low memory diagnostic entries in the Diagnostic and Use area.  Everything else works pretty quickly like Featured, Updates, etc.


    Now that I think more about this the more I am sure Purchased worked for me in iOS 6 just a week or two ago.

  • petopia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think the root of the problems with iTunes Store etc is that an application has been interrupted while updating or downloading. I was reinstalling apps on my iPad and did not feel like waiting for garage band. I wanted to plug my iPad into my computer so I paused and then deleted garage band. This is when my issues started with the App Store and iTunes not loading purchased tab or update tab. After trying all of these suggestions I thought about garage band. I found it in the App Store and began downloading it again. Sure enough when I went back into iTunes and App Store everything loaded as usual. This could be just a coincidence but my theory is that the purchased tab struggles because an app was interrupted while downloading and it cannot verify its existence on the device.


    If you can think of an app that you may have terminated while downloading or upgrading try downloading it again. Worth a shot anyway. Hope this helps someone. Frustrating to say the least!

  • xStatiCa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That is not the issue for me.  The cannot connect to iTunes Store error happens on all my devices ( iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad 2, and iPad 3.

  • psu80e Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    iOS 6.0.1 came out today and did not fix this issue (for me). Another embarresment for this new operating system. 13 pages of complaints on one forum post alone and they can't work out what's wrong with a bug that punishes people who buy the most apps.

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    with ios 6.1 my issues are marginally better.  in quick recap, on iphone 5 i could view purchases after not being able to on iphone 4s but my genius bar would crash the app.  clicking categories before the crash would prevent the crash but then when i would click on a reccomendation, the app would crash again.  in itunes, i still have two artists, coldplay and u2 for which it will show the name of the artists and number of tracks i own but when clicking in, it never loads up the list of the tracks/albums, those are coldplay and u2.  this is on any device i own thats 6.0.  i've confirmed on a 5.1 device none of this happens


    since ios 6.1, genius bar will load up recommendations without any tricks/crashes but immediately selecting an reccomendation triggers a crash everytime.  a work around is to hit the buy button on the reccomendation then instead of hitting again to actually purchase, just the app and i get in without crash.  the itunes coldplay and u2 issues remain.  on a ipad, the top charts loads up a little faster but the orientation transition still lags a few seconds, on a ipad 3.


    concern remains that apple is not acknowledging the issue as a valid issue and thus no real fix is ever coming.  concern is they don't see it affecting enuf of an amount of people for it to be a considerable enuf issue to do anything about it.  the itunes issue i am having in particular has been annoying for me.  the genius stuff I can live without.

  • Stephen Jonke Level 2 Level 2 (155 points)

    I'm installing 6.0.1 but the description does not mention anything about the app store, so it's unlikely it will fix the problem. I have to say, though, that people are taking this way out of proportion (here I'm talking only of the Purchased tab issue). It's one small feature, and you can still install purchased apps by searching for them in the app store. You'll get the Install option and will not be charged for it. In the mean time if you need to access your actual purchased list (to see what you've purchased), you can do so from iTunes on your computer. It's a nuisance, but not the end of the world. I presume that they are working on it, but it was not fixed yet for 6.0.1.

  • cheonweb Level 4 Level 4 (3,445 points)

    In fact it's 6.0.1

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    This is also what's happening to me on a (obviously) new iPod Touch 5G. Now granted I have over 3100 apps to my name in my iTunes app account, but I doubt this is the problem, as it worked on my iPod Touch 4G. I've updated to 6.0.1 and it has not helped. I've reset Network settings, removed App Store app from memory, rebooted the iPod, all without getting positive results. Frustrating.

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    same problem, genius + previously purchased crashes app store

    brand new 4s 6.0.1

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    The purchased not working is a huge issue for me.  I have thousands of apps.  To find something to install that I bought I depend on searching the purchased apps to know what I can download.  Try searching the App Store for flashlight for instance in the regular App Store area and I would never findmy favorite flashlight apps I own for an example.  If I search purchased I only have a few of them.  Depending on iTunes email receipts would not work because they do not show apps that were temporarily reduced to free when you bought them.  They really need to start showing all free purchases too in the receipts again like they did years ago.

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    I have the same problem and iOS 6.01 upgrade didn't help at all. Hey Apple what's going on up there?

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    I also have had this issue on multiple devices since upgrading to iOS 6. It is still a problem in 6.0.1. The devices I have this problem with include an iPhone 4, an iPhone 4S, two iPad 2s, and an iPad mini.


    I called Apple support this morning. After going through the expected steps of resetting my network settings and finding that the problem remained, the agent put me on hold for a few minutes. When she returned, I was told that this was a known issue. It is systemic and not isolated to particular Apple ID's. She stated that a resolution was being worked on but could not share when it would be available. In the meantime, she recommended that I sync with iTunes to view and install former purchases.


    I politely explained that this is simply not an option for me. Once I sync a device with iCloud, and then try to sync with iTunes again, I lose work and end up restoring from backup. This has happened on multiple occasions and on multiple devices. She apologized and wished me good health and a long life.


    I have been a faithful Apple customer for years. In addition to the devices listed above, our household includes a 15" MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, and a Mac Mini.


    I am quickly losing faith in Apple's "It Just Works" tag line. iOS 6 has been an embarrassment from maps to App Store crashes. I hope that someone from apple sees this and escalates these types of issues. We need Apple products to regain their reliability and usability if we are to remain faithful customers.

  • dardorojo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly the same here Rob. Something is going wrong in apple and I  hope they know it and make something about it.

  • RobV8R Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Following the first rule of tech support, given that I wasn't satisfied with the answer I was given, I called apple support again and got a different tech. I explained that the issue was happening on multiple devices, and gave her the serial numbers of each device (5 in all). I explained that I I had reset the network settings on all the devices, and that I had restored two of them and still had the issue. In addition, one of the affected devices was a brand new iPad mini. At that point, she escalated me to tier two. Unfortunately, she was unable to connect me to tier two at that pint, so she scheduled someone to call me back, which they did.  It was another tier one person. I explained the situation (for a third time) and was escalated to tier two. I explained the situation again for the fourth time the tier two tech escalated me to engineering. Since engineering only works Monday to Friday, I will have to wait a few days for the call back.


    I'll update this thread with the outcome. [Fingers crossed]

  • dardorojo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Waiting for your next post about this... Thanks for sharing...

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