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But remember to backup before you update.

Solved by léonie on Sep 21, 2012 10:27 AM Solved

If Aperture is still crashing when you sign into Facebook, removing the preferences will not help; you need to reinstall.


There is a problem with the Aperture installer. In some cases the installation is not complete, if you update on top of a recent version.


For most posters here (there must be 20 and more discussions by now) it helped to reinstall Aperture after removing the Application from the Applications Folder and the reinstalling again.


  • If you installed Aperture initially from the boxed retail version, reinstall from the CD/DVD.
  • If you installed from the AppStore, download again from the AppStore.
  • If you unlocked the Trial or bought online previous to the AppStore, use the saved installer or download the Trial again. .20101020.AprE3/ApertureTrial3.1.dmg



Upgrade immediately after installing the previous version; you cannot open your current library with the previous version.


This fix may not help immediately with your "publish to Facebook problem", the problematic frameworks are the FacebookPublisher andAccountConfigurationPlugin .


Post back, and let us know, if you still have crashes after the reinstall.




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