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  • LnSt Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok this has been very dissapointing.

    I mean you have bought something that wants to be considered as a smart device and from a smart provider. The hardward is fine but the s/w really *****!

    How smart is it when is entirely depanding on the directory path itunes store everything in your computer?


    In my case I couldn't make the update on-the-air. DFU mode.

    Then itunes. But asked me to restore to factory settings the iphone!

    I did so. Had no other option. Then tried to restore from iclud. Said 'sorry we cannot resotre some of your staff" and that's all.... Seriously now? WHY? And I cannot resore things from itunes since I got new laptop and couldn't tranfert things back (now you call this smart after all this years!).

    I do not care about music. I can find thisa again. But all the other stuff...


    This is so embarrasing daer Apple and you should do smth for your clients. Because I pressed 'Agree" on the terms doesn't mean anything becasue you forced me to in order to proceed.


    I had always this feeling that I have a device that I am not its master. I was alwys afraid of that. Being full not for security reasons that much but for not having the control. I do not want itunes in order to do everything. Or make itunes flexible. It was taking me months to update ios always because I had been afraid of this incidents.


    It's hard to innovate nowdays. We see that. You see that coming. Make it easier then. Really user-friendly.

    Move to the next step. Still depending on the cable and itunes that most people don't like but made them to use.

  • alma rea Level 1 (0 points)

    hi, what will i do with my 3gs after updated ios6 ,it stuck into i tunes with ios6 appeared

  • FloydSijmons Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a similar issue but not quite the same, could use help:


    My iphone disconnected from my computer during a software upgrade to the latest iOS6. Then, it said it had to go in recovery mode.

    However, during the recovery mode somewhere (I've tried at least a dozen times now on 4 different computers) the iphone quickly turns off and turns on again, giving an error. I can finish downloading the software update but there is no point, as upon completion it says 'this iphone should go in recovery mode' and the whole process starts again, including downloading the software update again (??).


    I can't find the update on my computer either, is there any way to apply it manually so it doesnt need to download again? Maybe I have a long enough window for it to not disconnect so I can reboot, but needing to download again makes this impossible.


    Mac computers don't even recognize the iphone at all right now.


    Thanks for any help,



  • Dillioning Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the info about recovery mode. To avoid the data being overwritten, I should use a recovery program that gives me the best chance of success. (I deleted those files from my iphone 4s. I have not used the drive since then.) Given that I only have one shot, which program would you recommend?

    I agree with Regard, Data Recovery for Mac is better among all data recovery tools for Mac. There is no free software for data recovery in Mac. All softwares are free upto some extent, for complete recovery you need to pay. Wondershare Data Recovery also provide just free scan, recovery is paid.

  • rfarmer33 Level 1 (0 points)

    For everyone having this stuck in recovery mode and your data is not backed up...


    I just successfully recovered my photos and videos using iexplorer for free. Wife is happy!



    The apple store was zero help. The solution they offered was to nuke it and say "sorry"

  • LYSHSU Level 1 (0 points)

    Seriously? Means no other options but recovery it to factory setting? Oh my goodness, how does it happened? So disappointed, now I understand why there's some of my friends are refuse to update their iPhones...

  • volker66 Level 1 (0 points)

    @ Eike Weinberg: your little comment 'saved my life'. Never heard of tiny umbrella before. Downloaded it, with iPhone connected to PC I just clicked the option 'Exit Recovery' and presto: a few seconds later my phone was back to normal. Thank you.

  • Bob Kelly Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow... so many people having this problem....


    I did an auto upgrade on my mac pro... later I upgraded my iphone4 and ipad2 via wifi...


    A month or so later I discovered that all 3,500 songs and 4200 photos had gone from my computer. The photos and songs are on my hand held devices, but when I connect them to the mac, its wants to delete everything!!!!


    I have photos dating back to 2000, and Apple deleted the lot.... thank you so much Apple.


    One thing is for sure.... no more apple products for me... they make it so difficult to recover your own data... Microsoft may suck, but at least I can recover my data, freely copy it to untold devices and not have to worry about restoring.


    I'm now looking forward to my Galaxy Note III, and moving back to Windows 8.... Goodbye Apple, wasters!!

  • BelanoKuti Level 1 (0 points)

    DO NOT try to JAilbreak your iPhone for this. It's a long process. No need. I had the same problem. Al you have to do is wait 10-15 minutes while your phone shows that horrible "plug into iTunes" sign and the Restore iPhone. Suddenly, it will come back from death and everything will be back to normal with the new iOS.

    What Apple missed here was a window warning users of a long waiting time before the update was active.

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    Success after crying and almost putting a hammer to it...


    I *did* set up my iphone to backup onto the iCloud, but wasn't confident I did it correctly. After all, it's not like i could just look into it like a C: drive.


    I think I restored the phone twice...


    When I did try to install the iphone upgrade, I, too, got the black screen followed by the picture telling me to USB connect to itunes.  It was in recovery mode. I got a windows laptop where i had admin privileges and downloaded itunes onto it. Then, I plugged my phone into the laptop and agreed to the phone install/restore when prompted; it did not give me the iCloud option.  The phone was restored and working after about 5 minutes, but it was like a brand new phone. I went through the phone's set-up exercises.... and cried...


    Then, I UNPLUGGED the phone from the laptop, went to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings... cried some more... After it erased everything, if I recall correctly, it automatically prompted me to set up the iphone again.  But this time, there was an iCloud option.  (See, iOS: How to Back Up and Restore Your Content.)  (Note, at this point, the phone is also connected to my wi-fi/wireless internet.) Then, I guessed at my ID and it gave me my last several iphone backups and allowed me to choose one.  I picked the one from a few days ago just in case the newer backups were of the blank, restored phone.  SUCCESS.  Everything -- photos, IMs, emails, contacts, apps, Notes, music -- are coming back online though it appears it will take several hours.

  • Foxxy Diva Level 1 (0 points)

    hi T. Yahiaoui

    i'm considering -what do you mean you can't do a factory reset after you received your pictures and other items?  Please explain.



    foxxy Diva

  • T Yahiaoui Level 1 (5 points)

    @ may2013


    To be honest I don't know, as I own an iPhone 4s, it might be worth sending them an email.

    What I also realised after retrieving the data from the iPhone and restarting it was that the later had already been set up to automatically back itself up to my macbook pro via itunes (which was used to restore the iphone). So if you've been using iTunes to update and back up your phone to your computer, you might be able to get access to all your data again. I used the data recovery program as a security back up in case iTunes wasn't able to restore the phone.


    Good luck with it, I hope it works out for you.



  • T Yahiaoui Level 1 (5 points)

    @ Foxxy Diva


    Hi, the problem solved itself up after all and I don't remember having to do a factory reset. I think it was a problem with the apple website when everybody was trying to update their phones at once. It was sometime ago and I may have had to disconnect the phone (not recommended) and re-run the update.


    As I explained in my response to may2013, iTunes was already set up to automatically do back ups of the phone to my computer and I only used wondershare as a security back up before disconnecting my phone (I wasn't sure that iTunes will be able to restore some highly cherished photos).


    Hope you'll be able to get it sorted out.



  • tuerqin Level 1 (0 points)

    But after users upgrade iPhone to iOS 7,they may lost their photos from iphone,after jailbreaking upgrade iPhone iOS 7 system,no way to recover lost photos from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Is there any way to recover iPhone photos from iTunes backup files? That's simply not true. To recover lost pictures from iPhone, all you need is an iPhone Photo recovery tool.


    Youtube video shows how to recover iPhone lost data after update to iOS 7 and iOS 6:



    The iPhone DATA Recovery software works well with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS,ths iPhone data recovery can recover Messages, Contacts, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmark directly from iPhone 5/4S.

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