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I upgraded to iOS 6 today, and so far have successfully linked a bunch of Gmail contacts with Facebook contacts on my iPhone. I also edited the unified contact information. Now, when I open contacts on my iPad, it still shows the contacts before they are not linked - one item for the Gmail contact, another item for the Facebook contact.


I don't want to go through the linking process again. Is there a way to sync the linked contacts with unified contact information?


Thanks a lot..

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    I have the same question.

    When Facebook syncs with its own group of contacts on an iOS device, it seems that linking contacts with e.g. Their iCloud or a gmail exchange counterpart on the device is the only way forth to "integrate" facebook informations with existing contacts (on an iOS device).

    Or is it? At least the Facebook integration does not seem to update on existing groups of contacts, but instead uses its own group.


    Another question: when (manually) having linked an existing contact with the now new Facebook counterpart, there is an option to choose a profile picture.

    Again, manually, you can choose e.g. Facebook profile picture.

    I guess this is what most people aim for; could this not be automated?


    Again, this even does not sync to other iOS devices. So like the beginning of this thread; no infos within linked contacts seem to be synced across devices.


    So it seems, that a lot of Facebook integration into contacts ends up with a lot of manual work on each iOS device you might own?


    Any suggestions or solutions on more effectively automating facebook integration into contacts in iOS 6?

    Before iOS 6 I used a 3rd party app which seemlessly synced facebook profile pictures and birthdays directly into existing contacts, which that way synced in its normal way via services used (gmail / icloud). But in iOS 6 it seems that facebook contacts get their own "group" in contacts, that you manually need to link to existing contacts?


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    I also have this exact same issue.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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    I do have this problem as well... Have you guys found a solution?