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    I must say that bringing Siri to the iPad was one of the better things about iOS 6.  I realize that it isn't the most helpful thing on an iPad, and it is much better when used on an iPhone because you can get Internet everywhere (basically) but it the the fact that I can choose whether I want to use Siri or not on my iPad.


    The same holds true for passbook.  It may be impractical in some cases but there will always be situations where users will feel incredibly frustrated that they can do something entirely based in software on their iPhone, but not on their iPad and vice versa.  There really isn't anything stopping apple from putting passbook on iPads (except lack geolocation and cellular on wifi models) so why do they restrict us?

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    Apple is known for doing little things like this that users see as being for on other reason than arrogance.  (I suspect there is a better reason, but Apple doesn't tell us).


    For instance, on my iDevices I have some folders on the bottom of my screens where they stay there no matter what screen I'm on.    On my devices, I can drag apps to those folders - but in iTunes for OSX I can't.   I need to drag those folders off the bottom, then drag the app to that folder, then drag that folder back to the bottom.     A very weird limitation.     But the kind of limitation we find on Apple over and over again.

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    Exactly. That's what's annoying. There is no good reason that functions like a native passbook or calculator should not be included across all apple devices. Restrictions only make users (customers) feel more restricted, and why should I be restricted from using an apple-branded mobile software on an Apple mobile device I paid $700 for?! It should be the consumers choice. I am spending a year abroad, and my iPad has served as my gateway to the Internet, my map (of course, that was before the near non-functional apple maps), my alarm clock, my television, my calculator, currency converter, and so much more. But I am taking a flight across the world, and I can't access an app that would be a great way to store my electronic boarding pass? Not to mention my father, for whom I bought an ipad2 just weeks prior to the release of ipad3, can't use voice dictation on texts? Siri might require faster processing, I get that. But if he can have dragon dictation, why can't he just have the native voice button on his keyboard. Geez. I'm starting to see why my brother insists Apple is too restrictive for his tastes. I personally think that for UI, there is simply nothing better...but with the slowness of ios6 on my ipad3 and the terrible maps and missing software, I seem to be running to my laptop ,ore and more these days.

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    An update from my original post. Well I looked at including a cell phone as a backup to my Skype and after looking at the 4S & the 5 I decided to reactive my old Razar. My reasoning came from paying for data plans for two iPads plus my home data. I still wish I had Passbook on my iPads but I'm thinking now that with the loss of Steve Jobs the company has lost a lot of ground so if they don't want to listen to there costumers by keeping apps that work, include those apps on all there devices we the people will elect a new device format. Apple has ****** me off so much lately I no longer interested in there newest iPad.

    My take on those whole thing is the software has become buggy so they push it out anyway. The apps available should be across all devices that have the power to run them. With that said I will be holding off any new Apple purchases until I see a change & that includes replacing my laptop.

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    One thought is to have a used IO6-capable iPhone and just use wireless only. No data plan and no phone calls - well, you COULD make phone calls, but it would be the google voice workaround thing. It would be an expensive Passport holder though. Might as well just carry those cards in your wallet.


    I still whip out my leather-bound ipad though for the Starbucks card.  

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    Call me cynical, but the reason Apple do this is to make you buy an iPhone.


    Their problem is, although iPhone sakes are still strong, because a whole lot of people want cheapness as well as a tsunami of gimmicks they will never use, iPhone is losing market share to Android.


    The iPad itself, is a competitor to iPhone.


    It does just about everything and iPhone does, except make phone calls.


    It also does just about everything you can do with an iPod.


    I don't have an iPhone because I don't need to pay large amounts of money get the one bit of functionality I don't have - telephony. I could either just buy a cheap mobile phone, or, as I currently do, use a BlackBerry because it gives me some non Appke features and the comfort of a well designed hard keyboard.


    Increasingly, I expect to see more iPhone only features come out on IOS to push more iPad owners to acquire an an iPhone. It is a very deliberate marketing strategy, not an oversight, or something that a has some innocent technical or other reason.


    I was actually thinking of getting an iPhone - not because I need one, but because I can afford the luxury of duplicating the features on my iPad on a smalker device and having a phone that seamlessly syncs with my iPad and MacBook Pro.


    But in view of this, I have postponed this decision indefinitely, in protest.


    Are you listening, Tim Cook!


    Cynical game pkaying like this hurts Apple's brand, and may over time cause it to be viewed just as cynically as its competitors.

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    Assuming that Passbook came to the iPad, in which pocket would you keep your boarding pass?

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    I have an iPhone - but wherever I can, I use the iPad with its big, easy-to-read, not-as-hard-to-type display.

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    Phone calls on the ipad:


    You CAN make free phone calls on the ipad with a free third party app and google voice while using wireless only (no 4G).  I can just about ditch my mobile flip phone. But yes, technically you can't make phone calls with the ipad right out of the box.


    My iphone I use the timer, a sleep app, and passport. Otherwise still just a wireless-only micro-pad.   

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