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    So I replied here earlier saying that the hard restart after shutting all apps down worked. Well it stopped the next day. I restored it after returning to my computer (this is actually super easy) and that also worked for about 10 min. Then back to either greyed out wifi or constantly searching for a network. Took it to the apple store and now I have a shiny new iPhone 4S. Seems that it's a hardware problem and most likely a faulty antenna. My advice is to take it in and have the device replaced if a restore doesn't work. The whole process only took about 1 h of my life and all settings, etc were on my new phone in minutes. Thankfully I still have 21 days left of warranty - I hope this is the case for the rest of you!

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    I have 5 software on my iphone 4s and i have the same problem

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    Hey everyone, my girlfriend had the same issue and I saw on a youtube video someone in the comments suggested to put it in the freezer and it worked for us! Put it about 30 minutes in a ziploc and the wifi should be working!

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    Solution: Move to Android

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    6.1.3 update greying out wifi options

    **** can people stop suggest crap when it doesnt work.

    is there a  official reply form apple post? if yes where do i find it?

    is this a new way for people to spend more on data?

    wasting half my life trying to fix this phone can anyone suggest a way to fix it?

    and dont say buy a bloody andriod phone.

    Please help!!!!!!!

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    Well, Actually that was my solution. I just bought the Samsung galaxy s4. There is no way to fix that problem, u have to go and get a new iphone, or buy the wifi part and here in my country, the whole fix thing cost around 150US Dollars. Good luck!

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    Finally went back to apple a got a warranty support to fix it however I will have to wait until I can get a replacement phone,they will send me a loaner phone as long as I let then lock up $700+dollars on my credit card until I get back my phone from repair and return their phone.thats not going to happen so I will have to buy a cheap phone to get me by until it is fixed. It's a bit sad if you don't have warranty still.

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    I turned off all apps, than I turned off and turned on my iPhone and it worked for me.

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    Update: Apple now at $419 as people realize the company is making toys that often do not work, are NOT "intuitive" to anyone who has not spent their life on Apples and, in the case of Numbers and more, are NOT powerful softwar solutions. 


    Oh and how about never giving customers the option of retaining what they liked about software, prior to some 22 year-old Apple engineer deciding for them that his way is "better."  I kind of like the "Save As" feature that ALL computers over the last 25 years have used but some Boy Wonder decided it was easier to first, rember to Duplicate, then Save the duplicate copy, then Move it to a new location.  And of course, if you forget to do all that, you've ruined your original (unless you Undo the 20 changes you've made and start over).  Very productive use of time! 


    I'm having the same WiFi problem with my 4S.  Solution?  Verizon's "New in 2" program - cannot wait to dump this POS and never buy Apple products again.

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    For me to swich it to airplane mode and turn it off for more then 10 mins it worked.

    And i`m really sorry for those who have an iPhone with this problem.

    Someone from Apple should pay for all this BIG mess that they made.

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    If you're having trouble with iCloud - try using DropBox. Its a lot easier to work with.

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    i had same issued, grey wifi on my iphone 4s.

    Updating my iphone to ios 6.1.3 solved the issue.

    Was a Magic !..

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