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  • Brandgul Level 1 Level 1

    Just updated to iOS7 and now you're FORCED to use the podcaster-app. Podcasts doesn't show up in the music app anymore.


    APPLE! If you introduce a new app, it has to be better that the solution before.


    Now i can't:

    1. Mix music and podcasts when i run.

    2. Have Nike+ start, pause and stop my podcasts.


    You have to fix to this problem.


    Why can't the podcasts be accesible also from the music app? What's the problem?

  • No Name on the bullet Level 1 Level 1

    At least in iOS6 you could uninstall the useless Podcast app and then be able to put podcasts in a playlist with music. For the love of God, who decided that preventing us from mixing podcasts and music was a good idea? Why do I need an app to listen to what is, essentially, just another audio file? And when will they fix this?

  • simondbowler Level 1 Level 1

    Agree totally.  Apple obviously not paying any attention to this forum.  Seems all iOS focussed and uninterested that people mix and match songs and podcasts.  Plus I dont necessarily want to download every episode of any given podcast - with iTunes you can be selective about what you keep and what you dont.


    So with 30, 50 million iPhone users and most uninterested in this issue I suspect we have little hope of a response.

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