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    Like a number of you, I rely on the ability to have podcasts (and music) organized in a single playlist... I use that as a running queue to listen to (without me having to touch anything) while driving, etc.  Some of my podcasts are standard subscriptions (managed and downloaded via iTunes on Windows), and some of them are manual downloads which I manually set to the media type 'Podcast' after adding them to the iTunes library.  I sort my playlist, add to it, etc. on a daily basis, and it's been 90% of my iPod Touch 4g usage for at least a couple of years (whenever the 4g came out?).  This change really confused me, and is still causing me a lot of trouble.


    Deleting the Podcasts app and rebooting the iPod got me most of the way there, and I now see Podcasts under the Music app, and can see my podcasts in my primary playlist.  However, they're currently all grayed out and unplayable.  I'm still futzing with it, but wanted to add my complaint to the pile.

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    Mausy Netherlands

    .  I'm making progress.  I did as you directed and now I get the Playlists to show, but the podcast play lists are empty. ( the SmartPlayList that I created is populated with podcasts, it's the manual playlists that I use to order a list manuallythat are the problem.  The list are there, but are empty of podcasts.  )


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    I have been using iTunes and iOS devices to listen to podcasts since long before they where actually iOS devices (iPod 2nd gen.)


    I can say that the various versions of iTunes support for podcasts alternates between broken for something, then they fix it, then they break something else, then maybe that gets fixed and something else gets broken.


    Over the last few years getting smart playlists to sort correctly has alternated between being always most recent, always oldest and what you actually asked for.


    Since they actually finally got that working correctly one or two revs back (iOS 5?) it was about time for they to royally screw things up again.


    In theory a separate (from iTunes) Podcast app that managed your playlists, fetched podcasts itself, supported playlists etc, sync'd everything through the cloud so that you can listen on your various iDevices, and had good support for deleting them (select auto-delete, manual-delete, etc for each separate podcast) would be a good idea.


    Unfortunately that's not what the current Podcast app is. And for better or worse the Music app does a reasonable job if left alone. Although I expect we'll all be up in arms again to revisit this theme in October when the new iTunes version 11 comes out.

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    Apple, it seems to me that you can solve this by automatically creating a playlist called Podcasts in the Music app from the Podcast app (maybe with a checkbox to send it to the Music app playlist).  Make different podcasts selectable as "artists" and episodes as "songs". That might do the trick.  That would allow subscriptions to be found and organized in the Podcast app.


    It doesn't work for me as is.

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    I thought it was the new ios, went back to ios5 and discovered it is the inept podcast app. Scrapped my ipod use. Really disappointed.

  • Allo le monde Level 1 (0 points)

    It worked for me too, but not the first time. I tried to change the music type but it didn't work

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    I have one other workaround, if you do not want to delete the Podcasts app:

    1. Select all of the podcasts in a playlist

    2. Choose "Get Info" and click "Yes" for "... edit information for multiple items"

    3. Click the "Options" tab and change the Media Kind to "Audiobooks"

    4. Be sure, when you click your device in the left column, under the "Books" tab, you have checked your playlists in "Include audiobooks in the following playlists" to sync

    5. After you sync, you can now play your podcasts in playlists, including restoring double-speed playback.

    6. I am not sure if they will automatically delete themselves when your podcasts update.




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    Such a shame, I have been trying the various methods to get this to work.


    The podcast app has been deleted and podcasts are now restored to the music app.


    ios6 music app will not allow podcasts to be added to playlists


    ios6 music app no longer recognises the playlists for Audiobooks or Podcasts when connected to the iCloud for music.


    Sorry, but reverting to 5.1 - please sort this out Apple, I was so excited about the release and am now just bitterly disappointed. Sportspeople everywhere will be thoroughly narked until this is fixed, either via podcast app or via iOS6 directly.

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    Downcast is a better ap than pPdcasts which could be renamed as Oddcast. Like Podcasts, Downcast does not include the podcasts in music but the app give the playlist option and is easy to use. It can import the subscriptions from our Itunes list and does not remove the playlists from Itunes sync, unlike podcasts.

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    First time I'm compelled to post after owning an iPhone since gen 1 - this is awful.  Yeah, I hate the new map app and am praying Google just releases an iOS app until Apple can figure out what clearly feels like a beta product...but this is just silly.  Why break something that didn't need fixing?  I run...routinely create playlists that are music and podcasts...well, I did.  Uninstalling the Podcast App isn't really a fix as I rarely connect my phone to the computer to get new podcast content.  Awful.

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    This is a huge error on Apple's part. My playlist car_gym_work was news and tech that I listened to while at, you guessed it- in the car, at the gym and at work. I'm away on vacation and attempted to update some podcasts and ran into this mess. Oh I can update, but my playlist is toast. Using voice command, I can access the old playlist, but I'm not seeing it anywhere on the phone. And it's podcasts I've already heard, so it tends to be kinda boring. Put it back the way it was or give us info on how to roll this back to the older OS, cause this is ridiculous. I only listen to podcasts, not music. Consider that apple people.

  • Renfree Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you, Downcast looks brilliant.. podcast app getting wiped.

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    Removing the Podcast app and changing the genre from Podcast to Music "fixed" the problem for me, too.  Since I started using an iPhone, I've always created an "all" Playlist and have just put all of my podcasts into that, sorting them as I like.


    After updating to iOS 6 that functionality stopped working.  Googling around got me here, and reading how others "solved" the problem, I was able to get the original functionality back.

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    +1 to all the complaints above. I used podcast playlists so I could pay attention to my driving rather than fussing with selecting the next podcast. What on earth was Apple thinking?

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    Hate to post a "me too" response, but maybe more voices will get Apple's attention.


    I don't mind deleting the Podcasts app.  That brings the podcasts back to the Music app where playlists work.  (Kudos to Apple for finally fixing smart playlists.)


    However, once the Podcasts app is gone, you can't download individual podcast episodes through iTunes on iOS6.  iTunes allows searching, but iTunes says that the Podcasts app is required to download a podcast.


    Only alternative is to download a 3rd party app which takes managing Podcasts outside of the Apple ecosystem.

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