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    Yes, this worked for me also. I had done on a hard reboot on Time Capsule, restarted computer, iPhone, checked and unchecked and re-checked 'sync over wi-fi' while rebooting in between each step to reset the systems, turned off and then back on wi-fi on phone and nothing changed anything except this last suggestion-- turn off and then back on the wi-fi on the Mac itself. That did the trick, at least for now. As you can see, I'm posting this comment much further into the future than when you all were posting these comments, so apparently there are still issues with this sort of thing.. It was working fine for a long time after I fixed it before and all I did was follow the Applle support article on the subject--- do a hard reboot of the Time Capsule. However, this time that didn't solve it, but turning off and then back on the wi-fi on the Mac did, least for now.


    Good luck everyone.

    There are so many variables with wi-fi connectivity that it's hard to say what causes it generally. For all I know there may be some app that I run on my system that is affecting the subsettings at different times.

  • pagemakers4 Level 1 Level 1

    As a matter of interest how are your computers connected to the network. Via wifi or Ethernet.


    My iMac is connected via both. Wonder if this is an issue even though it wasn't before. Or am I just grasping at even more straws!!

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    Like you I have both connected but in the process of elimination to figure out a possible fix I've tried every scenario and it just doesn't matter.

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    My MacMiniServer is connected via Ethernet from Time Capsule. The rest of the computers on my LAN are via Wi-Fi.

  • ST67 Level 1 Level 1

    ....and the computer that was not 'seeing' my iPhone over wi-fi through iTunes was that same MacMiniServer. I had failed to mention that specifically in my reply to you (pagemakers4).

  • ST67 Level 1 Level 1

    They will. I think I can pretty safely say that they do fix things that come up with their products and services. This has been my experience anyway. I have used Apple hardware and software now for 5 years and I love their products and their commitment to excellence. I tend to be the type to try and find a solution through knowledge base articles and user forums and the like and if I cannot come up with anything that seems to work for any duration, then I email them directly. They don't respond personally to the emails, but I know that others must do the same because lo and behold these fixes and product enhancements do come out in subsequent updates to the hardware and software. I know that it can be frustrating when something seems to be going awry, but rest assured a fix is on it's way. I used to be a Windows user and coming from that environment I can say that Apple is very direct and easy to reach: the same people that design the hardware engineer and develop the software to go with it. Windows is so scattered, engineering-wise that you can be lucky to find competent help, and it's rare to find integrated help at that. When all else fails in my troubleshooting efforts with my Apple devices or services, I try Apple Care and they never ceased to amaze me in how they will stay with me until we find a fix. When I look at the number of years that I have been using Apple products for All my computing needs and then compare that to the ocassional issue, I have to say that the problems have always been short-lived and minimal. This has just been my experience. If it were other than that, I would say as much. Apple stands the test of time. Do their products/services have ocassional issues? You bet. Do they fix them? Of course. Wait and see, they'll work it out. In the meantime we troubleshoot.

  • ST67 Level 1 Level 1

    This worked for me too.

    elpolaco305 wrote:


    just turn the wifi on your computer on and off worked for me..,

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    I have a MacBook Pro, iPhone 4S and iPod touch. iTunes sees my devices over wifi but when I start to sync either one from the computer they disappear from iTunes. When I start to sync from the device, it will stop syncing halfway through and an error message comes up saying unexpected error (-50)? However using the USB cable works fine.

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    ST67 - I would love to be able to say you are right, but I'm one of the people who had their iPad 1 rendered substantially less functional when iOS 5 was released. iOS 5 caused my iPad 1 to become a crashing, freezing, leggy device, when it had been working fine before. Apple NEVER openly acknowledged those problems, nor did they offer us a way to revert to iOS 4+ or any other solution. I would have gladly sacrificed all the iCloud features to have my original iPad back. The ipad 1 doesn't have enough operating memory or processing power for all those extra features to work smoothly. So no, I'm not going to blindly trust Apple to fix anything. And now I'm having buggy wifi issues with my iPhone 4S and family iPads 1, 3 and 4.


    ---An Apple devotee since 1992

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    Read "buggy" rather than "leggy". LOL

  • ST67 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, I know what you mean. The same sort of thing happened to me too with my iPhone 3G when iOS moved to iOS 4. It was a drag. The new OS practically turned the phone into a brick. I think it's unfortunate that they (Apple) don't allow for easy 'down grades' when they introduce a new OS and it doesn't treat some model devices very kindly. I don't think they should have ever allowed iOS 4 to run on iPhone 3G. It makes me wonder what they're thinking sometimes. I hear your complaints and I have a few of my own from time to time, but all in all I love Apple's products. They are by far the best consumer electronics that I have had the pleasure of owning. Yes, they could improve in many ways, I agree. I sincerely hope that they get better and better as time goes along and improve on some of their practices that can make it hard on their customers. I give them an earful anytime I think that I have a valid idea or concern. Hopefully there's enough of us doing that to affect some of their decisions. I certainly believe that they're smart and have ears. We'll see by what they choose to do as time goes on....

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    I am seriously thinking of packing it all in: all the over rated apple and mac stuff and go back to the much cheaper and much improved windows software. Where did I hear that slogan " it just works"?  pure frustration to buy a new iphone, be a good customer and install all the latest software versions and then fight with itunes and iphone to get music on the thing... to NO avail I may add... non of the 50 treads I have now gone though (and I do have a life and need to get on with it..) solved anything. One would expect that apple had picked this issue up by now.. very very disappointed,  or rather disillusioned!

  • ST67 Level 1 Level 1

    I hear you man! I get frustrated too. I'm sorry that you are experiencing that. Maybe you should give Apple Support a call? Good luck.

  • JanSKay Level 1 Level 1

    As you may know from my previous posts, like many of you, that occasionally if I have to reboot I have to hard wire, uncheck WiFi sync recheck WiFi sync in iTunes, for it to be seen by iTunes for the WiFi sync. The other day I was too busy after I had to reboot, and thought I'd do the uncheck/recheck later.


    So the next day I started to do the usual hookup for everything to be seen and was surprised, pleasantly surprised at that, to discover that my devices were there, showing up perfectly as designed without me doing anything!  I thought, this is a fluke, surely it'll fail next time. However, since then I've rebooted a couple times and decided just to open iTunes, visually just check iTunes and of course devices were not showing up....yet.... but didn't do the usual routine just as a test. My plan was just to give it time, so I came back a couple hours later to again visually check iTunes and dang, both my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are showing up pretty as ya please!  So the last 3-4 reboots WiFi sync has connected as designed.  Of course now that I've typed it out, it'll quit working.

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    I would like to add my experience.  I recently got iPhone 5 64GB on Dec 7, 2012.  In a month, the phone mysteriously turned itself off about 5 times.  2 of them were during nights and left me without alarm in the morning.  **** it! 


    This behavior happened only 5 times in a month, but I was also having WIFI sync issue.  When the phone is plugged to power outlet, WIFI sync should automatically start (yes it was setup so), but it never really worked.  Reading so many posts in WIFI sync issue threads, I just assumed it was a software bug.  Even after the latest update 6.0.2, I had to physically connect the phone to my Macbook for proper sync. Strangely, my iPad 3 WIFI sync'ed perfectly fine all the time.


    Anyway, I got my phone replaced today, and would like to report that WIFI sync works perfectly now.  If you have done the usual remedies such as resetting router, computer, blah blah and WIFI sync is still not working reliably, then get your phone replaced.  I had a hard time getting my phone replaced.  I had to visit the service center three times, because they couldn't find any problem with my phone!  doh!


    After reading so many posts in many WIFI sync issue after iOS6 threads, I thought the problem was software bug, but I now suspect a widespread hardware issue that is hard to detect and even harder to prove.

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