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  • SarahCat Level 1 Level 1

    garypaul: Although I am in a somewhat mixed environment (We have one Windows 7 gaming computer with one iPhone 4S USB synchronized to it, so it's outside the WiFi sync problem.), my core infrastructure is 100% Apple and all of my WiFi sync problems are within the Apple infrastructure. The past comments attributed to Apple Support about their not seeing the problem and concluded that they did not plan to work the problem because the complainant's problem was NOT in a 100% Apple environment, really disturbs me.


    I do agree that the evidence continues to point to an iOS 6 issue more consistently than any other component.

  • Emeer18 Level 1 Level 1

    What i have noticed is that in Windows 32bit things seems to be more stable. But in windows 7(64 bit) apple mobile device stops working. I decided to create another apple mobile device running under services and it actuall kept an open connection even after restart but itunes would cause to many complications with it at startup. The problem lies with apple mobile device deacgtivating itself when itunes is opened and not being able to restart applemobile device while itunes is open!

  • garypaul Level 1 Level 1

    Sarah, if it does not work in a pure Apple environment I have no hope.. Oddly my uVerse gateway/router sees the iPhone5 when the iPhone5 is connected via wifi, but iTunes does not see the iphone when I have my computer connected via wifi. It worked once and was very slow to finish the wif sync but it has never worked since.This is why I think it's iTunes, there is no way to force iTunes and no network tinkering with iTunes to get it to work. If at least I could see a handshake attempt being made by iTunes to connect to the iPhone with some kind of failure I might have a clue as to the problem, but nada, nothing!

  • Tomei Ningen Level 1 Level 1



    you can see what seems to be a failed handshake between iTunes and iPhone by running this command in the MacOS Terminal:


         syslog -w


    Whenever you hit the "Sync" button on the iphone, you will see some junk coming out from the syslog. So at least the iPhone is able to send something to the Mac. Just the Mac side seems confused.

  • garypaul Level 1 Level 1

    My sync buttom on the iPhone in setting general is greyed out unless the iPhone has established a connection .. it wirks when I am wired in but not over wifi.

  • garypaul Level 1 Level 1

    For what it is worth I can ping the iPhone DHCP  nework address..

  • Tomei Ningen Level 1 Level 1



    Can you see the iPhone from the Mac using the Bounjour browser?



    Have you tried enabling home sharing on your iTunes? If so, can your iPhone see your Mac's music library?


    And you did check the iTune "enable wifi sync" box for your iPhone?


    Are your Mac and iPhone both connected to the same network?


    If you have done all these, trying running syslog -w, and disable/enable wifi on your iPhone, and see if syslog shows anything.

  • garypaul Level 1 Level 1

    Tomei I do not have a mac but I d/l'd Bojour browser for Windows and the iPhone does not show up but iTunes does.

  • Tomei Ningen Level 1 Level 1

    Just noticed something new. Sometimes iTunes conveniently forgets that you have checked the "Sync with this iPad over WiFi" box. The symptom is if you unplug the device from USB, it immediately disappears from iTunes. The fix is to connect to USB, uncheck the "Sync with wifi" box, click Apply, check the box again, and click Apply.

  • Tomei Ningen Level 1 Level 1



    If bounjour can see iTunes but cannot see the iPhone, maybe it's due to the Windows firewall? try disabling firewall and see if bounjour can see your phone.

  • garypaul Level 1 Level 1

    Yes I see the mac addr of the iphone now that I have shutdown the anti virus network seurity software but iTunes still does not see the iPhone wirelessly.

  • Alchemancer Level 1 Level 1

    So I took my laptop out for the day. Got home, hooked it all up. iTunes is set to launch at startup. Not sure if phone or iPad mini were plugged in when it booted, but I think not. At some point I plugged them Both into power. Came back like 15 mins later. Both devices were in sidebar of iTunes. I ejected both thru iTunes. Restarted iTunes. A bit later iPad is there, no phone. Waited a while. Restarted iTunes. Waited a while and still neither has shown up. I seem to almost always be able to Home Share with either device using Music, Videos, or Remote apps with no problem.


    I unplugged both devices from power. Shut down laptop for a few. Rebooted it. Kept both devices so screens were on. A bit after iTunes launched, my phone shows up in sidebar, but after 5 mins still no iPad.


    The only logical conclusion conceivable is that this is all related to my using Win7, with Connectify running as my router. It is now totally obvious that if I were to go out and buy a new Apple MacBook Air, and Apple AirPort router this would all work flawlessly like it does for all the other Apple Purists. And if it didn't, then surely adding an Apple TV would solve my problem once and for all! I strongly suggest you go drop a grand or two at the Apple Store, like I'm about to do, so y'all can stop your petulant whining!


    Nah, I'm just gonna keep using the cable when I need to, cuz it causes me zero headache. But, I really, really wish Apple would solve this thing, or at least just say " Hey, we know it's a problem. We are working to solve it." If it didn't make a single one of us happy, it would at keep us all from being so ****** off, wasting our time researching, fiddling with, posting and complaining about it.



  • WernerSg Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I found my way to sync my iPhone and iPad via WLAN without any problem.


    - start iTunes on pc

    - disconnect the network connection of pc

    - reconnect the network connection of pc


    After that iTunes will find your iPhone/iPad and starts to synchronize.


    To switch my pc network connection in a fast and easy way OFF and ON I put a small icon on the pc screen: "PC Network Connection OFF-ON". By making a double click on this icon my pc is disconnected from network and by doing another double click my pc is reconnected.


    The switching OFF/ON is done within 3-5 seconds. That's all and your iPhone, iPad,... will be found.



  • rdrushton Level 1 Level 1

    Has anyone verified rsdillman's claim?  I updated all of my software and it worked initially, but I haven't been home to verify over a several day period.

    rsdillman wrote:


    The issue is fixed in:

    - IOs 6.1.3 and iTunes

    - OSX 10.8.3

    - iTunes 11.0.2


    I had the problem...issue fixed.

  • pagemakers4 Level 1 Level 1

    Doesn't work for me and I'm 100% Apple.  Several others have also stated it doesn't work for them either so no, that is not the fix.

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