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    While it seems likely that these issues pertain to changes made to accomodate iOS 6, I think it's inaccurate to limit the focus to something that lives within iOS 6 itself.  Myself, Rob Mitchell1 and Tomei Ningen have all confirmed that we had these issues with iOS 5 devices.  In fact, Tomei and me upgraded to iOS 6 in hopes of curing our syncing woes.

    SarahCat wrote:


      I do agree that the evidence continues to point to an iOS 6 issue more consistently than any other component.

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    Thanks pagemakers4.  I'm 100% Apple too, so I guess that means I'll return home to broken syncing.

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    Who on this thread has reported the issue via Apple's feedback form?  I've had numerous Apple phone support reps claim that Apple reviews this feedback and would pay attention if the volume for a given item reaches critical mass.



    rdrushton wrote:


    Would anyone experiencing this issue be so kind as to fill out Apple's feedback form? 


    Where it says "I Have Feedback About:" select "Syncing with my iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple TV"


    And provide a link to this forum thread in the comments box.  Maybe 400+ feedback requests for the same issue will trigger somthing at Apple.  I might start submitting it daily just for fun.

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    It may work for you for a day or two.  Re the feedback forms, Apple must had had hundreds judging by the problems on this thread alone.


    Personally, I don't think it will be fixed until iOS7 or iTunes12.  It's been about a year already and non of the iOS or OSX updates even mention this as a problem.

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    The wake on lan and wifi sync just do not work for me at all.  There is a rare occurance when it works, but I think it is when the computer wakes up (the periodic wakeups that Apple referrs to when the computer is sleeping).  I think that the wake on lan packet is going thru because the computer harddrive spins up but it is either a faulty wake on lan packet ie iOS6 problem or that the iTunes is not getting the wake on lan packet ie iTunes 11 problem.


    I have reported it to Apple feedback several times.  I have spoken to a number of their tech support and also the Apple Executive Relations team.  And their answer is that it wors for them and we need to do more troubleshooting.  I do not think that there is any more troubleshooting for me to do that I have not already done.  I am convinced that it is an Apple problem, they will NEVER admit it and at some point we will magically see that it works after some form of update.


    The reason I switched over to Apple is because it used to JUST WORK.  I hate to say it but not only does it not work anymore, but the fact that they will not admit that it is their fault and that they are working on a fix is even more frustrating than the problem itself.

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    I feel your pain. That is my problem exactly. This morning I could not wake up my iMac with my iPhone or iPad. I tried again when I got home from work and it still did not work.


    If I press a key to wake up my computer wifi sync works perfectly. Since I have to go to my computer to wake it up why not just sync my iPhone via the cable?! It is maddening. I just want it to work!


    If I set sleep to "never" everything works flawlessly. I do not want to leave my computer on all the time. This is not the first time that wake on LAN did not work properly. Apple fixed it but here we go again.

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    Been trying that trick for a while now. For confirmation, just tried. iTunes is currently looking for ipad, but will never find it. Neither phone or ipad shows in sidebar. But they may at some point. Wifi Sync has become a total crap shoot, making it essentially crap itself.

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    Win7 always current. Latest iTunes and iOS. Dunno about with a Mac. Curious if it still even works consistently for rsdillman

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    Alchemancer, I'm in an all Mac environment.  I've upgraded all my software to the latest versions (same as those mentioned by rsdillman) and can confirm that the issue is NOT fixed for me.  It seemed to work for a day or so, then lapsed back into the same state of hit-and-miss that we've all been dealing with on this thread.

    rsdillman wrote:


    The issue is fixed in:

    - IOs 6.1.3 and iTunes

    - OSX 10.8.3

    - iTunes 11.0.2


    I had the problem...issue fixed.

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    Figured as much.


    Trying to narrow down timeline. Wish I could remember when it started for me. IOS6 released Sep 19, 2012. The first post in this discussion was on...

    Shall I just tell you?

    You guessed it. Sep 19, 2012


    iTunes 11 came out Nov 29, 2012. So can't say for those switching to IOS6 in hopes to change it... Gonna do some more research, surely to no avail, but maybe...

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    Interesting coincidence, huh?  iTunes 10.7 was the first version to support iOS 6 and iPhone 5. It was released one week before iOS 6 on Sep 12, 2012.


    This is still my prime suspect, given that iTunes controls the syncing and my syncing issues started after updating to iTunes 10.7, but before I upgraded to iOS 6.

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    Lol. No, actually it is not. Just determined same thing about 10.7. Just uninstalled iTunes 11. Gonna install 10.6.8. Maybe it'll work, but if iTunes changed registry or something, it is possible that downgrading to 10.6.8 can't solve the problem. Wish I had a clean install of windows to try 10.6.8.


    I won't bother posting for a day or two, if it seems to work, just to give it time to fail. But if/when it does fail, I will post immediately.

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    Sorry! NOT 10.6.8, but rather 10.6.3. To be precise it says I am about to install version x64 Bit for Windows.

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    Even 10.6.3 had support for iOS 6 beta.  It might be safer to go back to 10.6.1.  Let us know what you find.


    If it doesn't fix the problem, I have virtual machines on my Mac.  I could go back to a clean install with old iTunes and try that, but I won't have time until next week.

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    Your points made sense, and you have pushed me over the top - I am going spend the bucks to get rid of this problem, new MBA, AirPort Router, iPhone 5, and replace my iPad 2 with a nice looking iPad mini. Net cost difference should not be that bad, since market for these used items is pretty good, so looking at net spending of about $1,500, a pittance for getting rid of this headache, and I end up with new warranties for everything!!!!

    I suspect that with iCloud, it will take less than 13 hours to get everything working, which is less time than I have spent in trying to trouble shoot this issue and read these forums.

    But just in case, I'm going to keep my cables handy.........since they work great with the iPod I bought in 2002...

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