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    Ok, so you need iTunes 10.7 for iPad mini support. When I restart iTunes it automatically says my ipad cannot be synced, cuz it needs 10.7 or later. But it knows ipad is there, and tries to sync it.


    NOTICE: I uninstalled iTunes 11, then installed 10.6.3 into different location. I had to pull "iTunes Library.itl" from iTunes folder in My Music cuz it said it was created with a newer version of iTunes. I only cabled phone to laptop ONCE, all other references to plugging are into AC power. Also I am syncing from phone at each test to make sure it doesn't show up then fail like it often would recently.


    Synced 3Gs thru cable. Been messing with it for a bit now, restarting iTunes. A couple of times it didn't find my phone, a couple times it did. Once of those times it showed up in sidebar, then failed and disappeared, but that may have actually been a fluke.


    Rebooted laptop. And so far so good. It takes maybe a minute after launching iTunes, but seems to find phone whether it is plugged into power or not. Relaunched iTunes a few times, and worked every time.


    Rebooted laptop. Launched iTunes. Didn't find phone till I plugged into power. Seemed like I noticed that before it MIGHT worked when unplugged. I think maybe after reboot, you need to plug into power, but then it would worked when unplugged afterward, until later. Maybe after leaving house and coming back to wifi, it needs to be power plugged once, but then can be unplugged. Relaunched iTunes with phone unplugged, and it still finds it.


    Rebooted again. Phone unplugged. Launched iTunes. Showed in sidebar, but sync button grey on phone. Clicked sync in iTunes and then it failed and disappeared. Then plugged in phone, waited a bit. It never showed up again. Relaunched iTunes. Now it won't find it again while plugged in. Restarted wifi. Relaunched iTunes, phone was plugged in. This time it found it. Not sure if wifi restart was necessary, maybe I just didn't wait long enough. But to have my phone found and syncable like 10 times now is nothing short of staggering IMO. But this has given me a glimmer of hope for tracking this thing down.


    As a side note, some months ago (I'll track down date later) my girlfriend saw that one of her Facebook friends, came home to find iTunes had updated itself on his computer and also on his partners. They have completely unrelated iTunes accounts. Both were leery of updating to new version, and iTunes hijacked itself anyway. Curious what version that was.


    Sorry for such a long post, but trying to be clear about entire procedure. I guess for now I will sync ipad to iCloud, and continue experimenting with iTunes 10.6.3. More details to follow.


    Good Luck All!!!

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    Thanks for the post Alchemancer!  Let us know how it's working in a few days, ok?

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    Lol. Awesome, let's start a movement!  By the way, can you lend me $1500, or at least pick me up one each while you're at it? I'll Give you my shipping info later.



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    Any movement of any kind would be welcome by me....oooh yah, and that was from my lower exremeties and much welcomed...


    I have found that bit coins is the best way to get a quality response, since these are not visable to iTunes or the Apple Store, but highly motivationale to the "one's that do all the work"


    I don't think it is a good idea to send bit coins over the i-net, but don't have a problem with hard cash - when you provide me details I can make arrangements.


    If you need more just let me know.


    Problems only exist in the mind of the beholder.....

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    Phone plugged in whole time. Readded my old iTunes library, took a while. Made sure I could Home Share with iPad mini, and 3Gs with Music, Videos and Remote apps. Watched TV. Noticed phone no longer in sidebar of iTunes. Re plugged phone power a few times. Relaunched iTunes. Phone not found. Relaunched. Found, but sync buttons grey on iPad and iTunes. Reset wifi. No change. Hit close on iTunes. Popup "ATH.EXE has stopped working" which it does occasionally. Looked it up a long time ago. No security concerns, and wasn't using 50% of my CPU. I think Home Share worked still afterward in the past, not certain. I clicked OK. iTunes closed. I relaunched it. And then synced my phone again. Looked up ATH again. Found:


    What is it?

    Part of the Apple iTunes (AirTrafficHost) to iPhone/iPad wired/wireless synching application. ATH.exe is loaded when itunes.exe (iTunes by Apple) is launched and will remain running during the lifetime of iTunes. AirTrafficHost.framework allows Apple iOS mobile devices to comunicate over the wireless network.

    What if I disable ath.exe?

    Disabling this might effect iTunes to iPhone/iPad wired/wireless synching if you connect and iOS device to your PC for synching.


    Saw recently somewhere in a post, on another discussion of this issue I think, about setting up something to ping something Appleish or iTunesy every second which maybe solved issue for someone. Had been thinking to maybe that trick. And also about making a script to relaunch some process, maybe Apple Mobile Device Service.


    So, is there an issue with ATH, even though there's no Popup saying it had stopped working? If so, is a wifi reset necessary to restart it, or relaunching iTunes may do the trick? I kept seeing everyone talking about restarting the AMDS and that would fix it. There is a link on this page to the right I explaining it. It that the culprit somehow?


    AMDS/ATH. These processes/services is where my investigation leads me next...

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    How about I scan both sides of fifteen $100 bills, and email them to you, then you can just print them out on your end?

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    Better yet is to scan both sides of your $15 dollar bills, since it is much easier to hit 100 copies on my printer.

    BTW - my iPhone and iPad are now showing up in iTunes - what happened, maybe I need to restart my computer and see if this is real.....w*t*f*.....

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    Lol. Ahh I needed that laugh about the $15 bills. But seriously now! No time for silliness, I'm on a roll! It's either onion, or Kaiser, I'm not sure.


    I prolly haven't used a Mac since the 80s, so I know nothing of the procedures thereon. So for any who aren't bilingual, you may need a translator. I have been watching the Processes in my Task Manager.


    Take nothing I say as fact, except that of my own experiences. This is all just very strong belief at this point, but verging on knowledge as I continue narrowing it down.


    Neither AMDS nor ATH is necessary for Home Sharing.


    It has absolutely nothing to whatsoever to do with AMDS. Not saying that that needn't be started in order to sync, because it does, but I don't think this is the perp.  Apple tells us to restart it in Control Panel\Admin Tools\Services. If its process is ended, then the sync buttons remained black, so I clicked one. After a couple errors AMDS restarted itself in Processes. But it only gets partially synced, then phone can't be found, but remains in sidebar and sidebar. Sync buttons seem to keep returning to black. But keep failing. Sometimes phone button grey, and iTunes button black, but sync always fails.


    A separate process Of ATH.EXE runs for each iDevice that connects to PC. Not sure how exactly they are started. When I plug ipad mini into iTunes 10.6.3 ATH stills fires up a process, even though the mini needs 10.7 or later to sync at all. Sometimes after ATH stops, even cabling phone to PC still won't restart ATH, after which a relaunch of iTunes and a reconnection (in some manner) of iDevice seems to restart it.


    What causes ATH to fail? I cannot find a way to restart it from PC. I think somehow ATH is started once iTunes realizes the iDevice is receiving power. Sometimes iTunes thinks power was lost, or that the iTunes eject button was clicked. So stops the ATH process, or at least makes it unusable until reestablished. Sometimes an iTunes relaunch restarts it, sometimes not.


    10.6.3 seems to be way more stable, but hard to tell since I have been fiddling around with it. Curious what others have to say about how their ATH.EXEs are behaving with iTunes 11. Gonna leave iTunes running 24/7 like it usually is anyway, and see how things go for a while. It's 6am here, so going to bed. Let y'all know if it syncs in the morning, erm, I mean afternoon.

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    So I had been posting from ipad. I just launched Firefox on pc to add an avatar photo. Clicked my yahoo.mail in my bookmarks toolbar, then ATH has stopped popup. not sure how that is related.


    For anyone with more knowledge than me, have at this!


    Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH

      Application Name:    ATH.exe

      Application Version:

      Application Timestamp:    4fb5bca5

      Fault Module Name:    SSLEAY32.dll

      Fault Module Version:

      Fault Module Timestamp:    4cae23ef

      Exception Code:    c0000005

      Exception Offset:    0000ca0a

      OS Version:    6.1.7601.

      Locale ID:    1033

      Additional Information 1:    0a9e

      Additional Information 2:    0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

      Additional Information 3:    0a9e

      Additional Information 4:    0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

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    the reason I went to my PC is cuz I couldnt figure out how to crop photo on iPad, seems impossible, although Apple says you no longer need a pc, can do all from iDevice, yeah whatever.


    The ATH for my ipad started itself while cropping photo and a popup tells me it needs 10.7.  Then it closed when I pulled up task manager, without any notification. Then i started typing this, and it popped up again, and is still there, but the phone ATH has not shown up. If I can't wifi sync my mini, why does ATH start when iPad not cabled to PC? If ATH can be started remotely, then Why can't I sync a mini to 10.6.3, even cabled? So many dogmatic restrictions.

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    Closed iPad ATH in processes, closed Firefox, and now phone is in iTunes sidebar, syncs grey, and no ATH running at all. So this may negate some of my theory. Relaunched iTunes and now it is asking my if I want to set iTunes as default for audio files. The first time I understood, new install. The second time was some time later, thought a fluke, now it is asking for a third time. No ATH... No wait, iPad ATH now, but still no phone ATH, nor anything in sidebar. Relaunch, now nothing at all, phone was plugged in at 100%. Ipad was not plugged I at 87%. 4 relaunches later, and nothing is happening. No ATH, nothing in sidebar. I need Stephen Hawking to resurrect Einstein so they can tell how this is all related. Good night for real this time

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    I turned off Windows Firewall and it worked fine after that

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    I plan to install iTunes 11 soon I think, since I can't sync the iPad mini and assume you can't with any Lightning cable since those devices came out after the Wifi Meltdown. After getting done messing around that first night, and after a reboot just for the **** of it, since never a bad idea after an uninstall or install and I didn't reboot after either until a few hours later.


    iTunes 10.6.3 has proven for me at least to be significantly more stable with my 3Gs. Very few issues, and those may have been merely my own impatience. Upwards of a min might not be unusual on a few occasions when inactive for a while, or when coming back home, but almost always connected itself. The few times it didn't or I didn't wait long enough maybe, I turned on airplane mode for like 3-4 seconds, turned off and usually connected pretty quickly.


    Not actually sure how well it worked in sleep mode, hadn't really thought about it, laptop always on hooked up to TV, and set to sleep after long time. I don't think I tried to sync it without first moving my mouse to wake it up. Prolly try some experiments with that before reinstall, since that seems to be a concern for some.


    I am pretty sure sync over wifi was checked by default. The syncing I have been doing has been pretty quick I discovered after some time things were unchecked to sync. If you check anything, it says it is set to sync to a different folder, are you sure? I never said yes.


    Several times upon launching iTunes it has asked me whether I want to set audio files to default to iTunes. It saves that info for a while, then asked me again. Don't know why.


    I don't use the iTunes program a whole lot for anything other than syncing, and the handful of videos I have thru it, so I'm not particular about whether I have the iTunes 11 style or not. I just want to be able to sync my iPad.


    If anyone wants to try the switch and doesn't have a Lightning iDevice, and doesn't mind the older GUI this may be a good solution or experiment. Or if you just want to experiment. Let ya know if I find anything out with its reaction to sleep mode.

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    Good news (at least for me :-)


    My work-around on page 32 has been working really well. For the past 5 days, I have had relatively trouble-free wifi syncing on my iPhone4S and iPad2.


    I had only one incident -- my iPad was "forgotten" by iTunes, and I had to plug it in, uncheck and re-check "sync with wifi". Other than that, everything has been AOK. This is real improvement over the past, when wifi sync would break down on a daily basis.


    I think the main thing is to run the "ping" to keep the network up.


    If you have tried everything else, and have a Mac that doesn't sleep, please try my workaround and tell me if it works for you as well.

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    Cool. Couldn't remember where I saw that. Thanks. Will google exactly what to do to make that happen in Win7 prolly after I reinstall iTunes 11.


    And I have wondered before if being plugged into power was a concern, or only for automatic syncing. It finds the phone with no problem whether it is powered supplied or not.


    iTunes does know what all was checked I believe, but I didn't have anything other than apps, and photos. All categories are unchecked universally at the top of the page, but it knows which photo folders, and the apps it has checked, though this may have occurred after its initial sync/backup, since that's all it was with nothing checked at the top.


    I set laptop to sleep after 1 minute. I waited 15-20 mins now, and just synced phone took maybe 30 seconds before the sync icon popped up on phone, and monitor remained black. Trial run success.

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