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  • TripleAught Level 1 Level 1

    I've found it! The fix for the draining issue!


    You don't have to disable any notifications through the settings panel!


    You'll never have to shut off your wifi or bluetooth!


    You dont have to







  • Ronindoc Level 1 Level 1

    4s with iOS6 APPEARS FIXED! (So far after overnight being left off charger)


    Went to the Apple Store yesterday. While there, Genius did the following:

    1.  plugged into MacBook Pro with iTunes running.

    2.  Hard reset with both power and home buttons pressed; HELD HOME BUTTON FOR ADDITIONAL 5-10 seconds after restart.

    3.  Had iTunes recognize device and completed the ten minute reset of the phone.

    4.  Had to take phone home and set it up as a completely new phone.


    This process *****, there is probably still an issue with ios6, but the phone did not drain last night (1% per hour or so!) I was previously in the crowd of folks that could watch their battery meter drop, and cook an egg on the phone, and cell usage was tremendous.


    Hope this helps, there seemed to be no other way for now. I'm going to be careful enabling other apps, and will keep following this thread to see if I can help at least one other person. Lemme know if this helps you!

  • JDFlood Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem. I just did a hard reset my 4S and even without having location services on, it is dropping a percent every couple minutes. This is bad, because I use it for backpacking, I am getting maybe an hour or two out of it  JD

  • jrnet154 Level 1 Level 1


    They did that for me too, but I'm still experiencing the same issues. They even gave me a new iPhone 4S to replace my old one. There's definitely a problem with iOS six.

  • Ronindoc Level 1 Level 1


    No problems so far today. Dumped apps onto phone but have not used most yet. Reactivating a few each day to see what happens.

    Change: my one exchange account is not installed on the phone yet.


    Will keep updating as I try to isolate issues.


  • ChicagoBubba Level 1 Level 1

    I hate to say this, but yesterday I realized that I've gotten used to being attached to a wall outlet. I hope we hear something soon, Apple's been collecting battery usage profiles for 2 weeks now. Today I noticed that OTA sync isn't finding my 4S. This is a another new glitch for me.


    Apple should publicly beta test the next major iOS release. There are enough people using iPhones that many would jump on the chance, and Apple could avoid catarosphes like this. They could create a beta-test profile so all the logs would be sent to Apple when synced, and a forum dedicated to the iOS Beta program. Apple would probably include an "at your own risk clause", but there are many that would be willing to install it and the rest of us could be saved all this hassle.

  • dadioh Level 1 Level 1

    Finally bit the bullet and did a factory restore and reloaded from my last backup. That seems to have solved it for me. Before doing this I tried most suggestions in this thread and nothing was working. Went from 100% to 15% charge in about 3 hours this morning and that was enough....


    Before the restoration process if I checked CPU usage it would sit between 25% to 60% usage contantly with almost nothing running except the monitoring app (System Status Lite). Since the restore it now sits at < 5% CPU usage under the same conditions and my charge has only dropped 2% in the last 1.5 hours with occasional usage.

  • silvermoz Level 1 Level 1

    I found what's wrong. The Creator, Founder, main Designer of apple stuff like iOS has passed away. He was the Apple genius. Thats why there's nothing new on Iphone 5. Right guys?

  • CalebM39 Level 1 Level 1


    What app do you use to check your CPU usage? And does your phone get hot when in use?

  • CalebM39 Level 1 Level 1


    I completely agree with the aforementioned statement. I've wasted countless hours trying to figure this out and have yet to gone to an apple store because I don't want to have to deal with the "geniuses" and their "advice." I just want my iPhone back.

  • Shahd Elfatih Level 1 Level 1



    I hate to admit it, but it looks you hit the bullseye. Late Steve Jobs would've never allowed such an iOS to be released without testing and retesting and then RE-RETESTING. Maps app is a KILLER. The black coating of the Aluminum frame of the iPhone 5 chips away EASILY. Jobs preferred the stainless steel frame of the 4 and 4s because, and I quote, " metal wears off beautifully ".

    There are more than 150k following this thread. Other THOUSANDS following different threads about more or less THE SAME TOPIC here. Those people are NOT just following, THEY'RE LOOKING FOR HELP.



  • revDAVE Level 2 Level 2
    Mac OS X

    here's some additional users comments with pics....


    Hope they fix it soon....


  • cbush1 Level 1 Level 1

    I was having this same exact problem.  I even went to the Apple store and in the five minutes the genius was holding the phone, the battery dropped 5%.   Apple gave me a new phone and it was fine until I restored.  My battery was still draining incredibly fast.  For me, it looks like it could be a bug with Passbook.  The battery issue started when I initiated the Starbucks app with Passbook and continued on both my new and old phone.  I deleted it from Passbook and it seems to be back to normal.  I would not recommend using Passbook.

  • sCary4355 Level 1 Level 1

    I just spent 45 minutes with Apple on the phone they are running the Battery Life Logging software on my phone and asked me about 20 questions they said this is a priority and they hope to have it solved by the weekend and hopefully a solution by early next week....lets cross our fingers

  • Laurie3green Level 1 Level 1

    Just came back from the Apple store. I have to reset as new phone, apparently I didn't do that last time. Otherwise they tell me my battery is fine, and basically there is nothing they will do since my warranty ran out! You can't tell me me that a phone I bought 13 months ago is out of date! My new understanding is that everytime apple updates something, the product of theirs on the bottom of the list, as in my iphone 4, gets dropped off and the updates don't support it! So basically, I'm screwed! And if they think I will come back for more, they are crazy! Although they told me they would be glad to sell me a new battery in 2 weeks if it is still having problems! I really believe this is their way to try and get people with older products (13 months) to update! If I put any money into a new phone, it definitely won't be an Apple!

    I will let you know if the reset to new phone settings does me any good. Until they did this IOS 6 update, I loved my phone and didn't have a single problem. They obviously don't care about the people who have the older products,and don't bother to offer any warnings or cautions on the upgrades. Its all about the people that are spending the money now, not the ones that have already spent it!

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