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    ChicagoBubba wrote:


    Apple should publicly beta test the next major iOS release. There are enough people using iPhones that many would jump on the chance, and Apple could avoid catarosphes like this. They could create a beta-test profile so all the logs would be sent to Apple when synced, and a forum dedicated to the iOS Beta program. Apple would probably include an "at your own risk clause", but there are many that would be willing to install it and the rest of us could be saved all this hassle.


    Agreed - at least on a limited scale.  Many companies utilize their customer base with beta testing.  Asking someone to pay 99 bucks isn't going to produce the same results.  The majority are Devs and not the everyday customer.  Speaking from experience, having everyday run of the mill customers (in addition to actual Developers and QA folks is a necessary component of any serious Quality Assurance endeavor.


    Companies which actively engage their customers on support issues over social media channels (forums, blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.), are perceived as a company which cares about its customers.  The days of taking a stance of "this is a user supported forum only" are long over. 


    "one of the largest opportunities to tap the potential of social media is in customer service. Innovative companies are using social media to be more proactive in seeking customer feedback and engaging customers to diagnose and resolve problems" - er-social-media.aspx

    Perhaps it is time for Apple to roll out a "Genius" presence on its own forum.  While they do not have to respond to every single inquiry or message, it certainly says a lot when a company representative responds to a high severity bug/problem thread and engages the community for additional information.   


    Here's hoping we will have resolution on this issue soon.  I definitely want to run the latest iOS but until an offical announcement stating an issue has been confirmed and a fix is imminent, I will continue to stick with 5.1.1. 


    Stepping down from my soapbox now - not trying to sidetrack the thread but wanted to add in my thoughts following your post Chicago...

  • David Burden1 Level 1 Level 1

    Think I'm going to try the factory restore and set up as a new phone anyway, aim to try it out for a while with nothing installed at all on there and see how it goes. Will then slowly add everything back on and see if that throws up any clues. As I said, for me it seems to be when the phone is in use. I had one run on Temple Run today which lasted about 4 minutes and the battery drained 6%, back and left side of the phone super hot. As soon as I closed the app and put the phone to sleep it cooled down and battery drain returned to normal (about 4-5% per hour not touching anything, just a quick flick on to see the batt meter)


    Weird and very annoying, for the 1st 2 weeks of iOS 6 my phone was absolutely FINE up to 20hrs batt life with normal usage, most things switched on and no overheating. Now it only hits 12hrs with very light usage and I've killed off a heap of notifications and location services. Something is not right at all roll on iOS6.1!

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    Extremely frustrated and furious consumers here.


    __My wife and I both have iPhone 4. 

    __We were on vacation in the Smoky Mountains when the new iOS 6 update rolled out. 

    __We use AT&T as our service provider. 


    We weren't even aware that iOS 6 had rolled out while we were on vacation, Sept 14th through Sept 19th.  Suddenly during our vacation, both our phones began having HORRIBLE battery drains.  We were both using iOS 5.1.1.  I "assumed" this battery drain was being caused by the location (Smoky Mountains) and the spotty cell phone system coverage in the area.  W R O N G. 


    When we got home from our vacation I noticed that our phones were still having HORRIBLE battery drains, so I checked to see if a new iOS was available... tada! yeah... I also "assumed" that updating to the new iOS 6 would fix the problem... W R O N G.




    What I don't understand is, people have been complaining about the battery drains __AFTER__ updating to iOS 6, but my wife and I started having the battery drain problem after the iOS 6 rollout, but __BEFORE__ updating to iOS 6.  ?!?! WTC ?!?! (what the crap)

    I've tried several of the "fixes" I've found posted in these forums to help reduce battery drain;  none have helped thus far.






    I'm not a paranoid/conspiracy type person, but I'm begining to wonder if there is some sort of cell phone monitoring going on in the US now (as there is in China).  Don't think your cell phone can be monitored? (turned on, listened in, "webcam'd") can be, it happens to US citizens in China.  The only way to prevent it is to remove the battery from your phone... but you can't do that with an iPhone.

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    Sorry for this reply to this particular post, I know this is a forum, but everyone please read what you can and post what you have tried or apps running, etc..... And attempted fixes and fails or successes. It's hard to read everyone's stories of their experiences when they had the fail.


    Since my last update, I've had great success and everything is still working normally using any app I have started and signed in with. No apple apps have an issue, working on third party apps to see what fails. No failures yet after my previous reinstall of everything.


    I have noticed the setup since the reinstall was different with different options; better first time setup. No battery drain or overheating. The iTunes setup from DMU (?) restart was successful on 4s with iOS6...

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    Would u mind to share again what are the full steps u did?

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    Hey everyone,


    I already spend houres and houres on fixing this problem but nothing seems to work.


    Recently I bought a new iPhone 4.
    My iPhone worked properly with no drain or overheating when I received it.
    On one day, I let it ran out of power. As i wanted to reload it it takes 20 minutes before there is a sign of life.

    I was slightly in panic since I did not know that it took this long and I did a reset via Itunes. Since I've done this reset the battery drain began. I've resetted alot of times and yesterday I even resetted and chose for the option 'Use as a new Iphone', I even made a new Apple ID because I thought the problem was because of recovering data from Icloud.


    At the moment I have no aps, no movies, no photo's and everythign that could drain the battery is turned off.
    This is very irritating since it still drains (though in stand-by it's fairly ok, but still only 10 houres)


    My girlfriend has the same iPhone, also new. She hasen't experienced any problems.


    I guess I will call apple today to explain the battery drain and hopefully they will send me a new phone but I don't think this is going to work either.


    Let us hope,



  • Ronindoc Level 1 Level 1

    4s with iOS6 APPEARS FIXED! (So far after overnight being left off charger)


    Went to the Apple Store yesterday. While there, Genius did the following:

    1.  plugged into MacBook Pro with iTunes running.

    2.  Hard reset with both power and home buttons pressed; HELD HOME BUTTON FOR ADDITIONAL 5-10 seconds after restart.

    3.  Had iTunes recognize device and completed the ten minute reset of the phone.

    4.  Had to take phone home and set it up as a completely new phone.


    This process *****, there is probably still an issue with ios6, but the phone did not drain last night (1% per hour or so!) I was previously in the crowd of folks that could watch their battery meter drop, and cook an egg on the phone, and cell usage was tremendous.


    Hope this helps, there seemed to be no other way for now. I'm going to be careful enabling other apps, and will keep following this thread to see if I can help at least one other person. Lemme know if this helps you!

  • Tracis30 Level 1 Level 1

    Did you get any relief? I'm having the same problem..........Thanks

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    I have an iPhone 4 and two months ago I had a genuine replacement battery installed. I then installed iOs 5.1 and used the 'set up as a new phone' option. I was so happy with the phone and o/s, it was working flawlessly!

    Stupidly as it would now seem, I 'upgraded' to iOS6 a couple of months ago and again used the 'set up as a new phone' option...

    Sadly, my battery life is now dreadful. Far worse in fact than when I was using my 2-year old battery and iOS 5.0!

    I have iCloud switched off; only my sat nav, weather and 'around me' apps are allowed to use location services. I have switched off ALL of the new elements introduced since iOS 5.0 and my email is on fetch, yet I am lucky to get 4 hours of use before my battery is dead. This is just unacceptable and purely down to the latest software release.

  • sunking101 Level 1 Level 1

    *Edit to say that I installed iOS6 a couple of days ago, not a couple of months ago! Typo.

  • Mrrp Level 1 Level 1

    Why should you know that as an Apple User?

  • Mrrp Level 1 Level 1



    I'm confused - should it be set to Fetch or Push? Thanks

  • HeavyDutyKen Level 1 Level 1

    OK, mine seems OK now - I'm back to iOS5 battery times.  To recap, I did a total wipe reset and restored from a one week old iCloud backup.  I even leave BT and Wi-Fi on all the time.  All email is manual (I don't need push email) and no Facebook, not even installed.  My last full charge got me 38 hours standby and 5.25 hours in use, mostly Safari and email time.


    I'm unsubscribing for now - good luck, everyone!

  • netsoup Level 1 Level 1

    Mine is much better now too.  I avoided deleting everything and setting up as a new phone because it's a real pain with some apps, re-downloading so many books and losing personal docs with some apps.

    I know I signed off wishing everyone good look and that mine was "good enough" to move on, but actually I think it is back to normal if not really close.  Standby seems better than before.

    I know battery seemed a huge drain right after upgrading for me, so I am not discounting anyone's experiences really.  But because of the experiences I saw, and the improvements I saw applying almost everyone's suggestions here except for setting up as a new phone, I am wondering if most people are fixed now and we're just mad because there was no official update, statement or apology from Apple...  My battery is as good as any two year old phone now, though sometimes it seems to drop faster unexplained and I wish for battery usage monitoring ability now.... 

    My 2-3 week journey:

    Started with the update.  Battery didn't actually seem to start dropping fast until a day or two, or I didn't notice it until a couple of days in.  This was also after a slew of app updates that seemed to come around the same time...

    1.  I reset my network settings, first thing after reading up.  Sorta helped but not much. 

    2.  Disabled many icloud features.  Again, seemed to help slightly but big problem was still there. 

    3.  Deleted iCloud, only re-enabled it with "find my iphone" because it seemed risky without it.  Went through settings, ad-block, etc. and trimmed down everything I didn't use.  Disabled location but when it didn't change turned location back on.

    4.  Deleted all bookmarks, cleaned out bookmarks on my mac and phone, re-enabled icloud Safari.  Didn't notice any difference and still seemed to have a problem with safari and itunes.

    5.  Performed hard reset after a friend mentioned it solved his post-update issues. (hold down power and home button for a while, tapped both again when powered down).  This seemed to help quite a bit.

    6.  Quit messing with it.  Some suggested quit resetting everything every time it didn't seem to do anything, like maybe give it time to "settle down" with the new settings.  Left things for a few days and it really seemed to get better and better.

    A nice rep from Apple called asking if they could install battery monitoring software and wanted more info on the issue.  They really care about this I think.  I think it's OK now, maybe, but I'm gun-shy to say so after the past few weeks so I will happily let them monitor the battery to see if I'm out of the woods.   Perception is reality, and I can see myself wanting better battery than I am getting, but trying to be objective, I know it seemed messed up for a while and now seems much better, and it could be back to normal...

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    I am not sure, but I ended up backing up my phone to my pc. I next deleted all my icloud backup files. I did a total restore without the apps. I backed up to icloud with nothing checked off.  I then added my contacts and apps one by one. Since then my phone is working fine. Several drinks were invovolved but i got i it working fine now.

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