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  • Sergnson Level 1 Level 1

    I know this is going to sound no0bish, but I just noticed the bluetooth was on. I restored phone as new yesterday and didnt bother with that because i was in a hurry. I've searched online and there are mixed answers on wether or not that drains the battery. anyone know?

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    It is a mix answer question. In general if you are not using bluetooth do ahead and turn it off. No reason to have it on. I have had it on and off and not really noticed any difference (when not in use)  but generally I keep it off unless I need it. So the best answer is if you are not using it turn it off, if you use it a lot leave it on. Probably less battery wasted than firing up display to turn it off and on all the time. Lastly to see how it affects your particular device try it off for a day or two then on for a day or two and see if you notice any difference. The general idea in iPhone battery efficiency is turn off items you dont need or really use to squeeze all you can out of your battery. Some good places to start is with the following:

    • settings>privacy>location services>system services ; turn all off except cell network search,compass and traffic
    • general>about>diagnostics and usage ; set to dont send
    • Any apps you dont need locations on for turn off  (Weather  app is a good one if you stay put most of the time and use it a lot, it keeps it from firing up GPS every time you open it. Just add the city or two you are in all the time and you have what you need , if you travel you can always enable it again before the trip)
    • Notifications off for any items you dont need (like maybe stocks app if you dont use that app no need for it running in notifications) Or perhaps Groupon. I mean you can just open the app once in a while for any special buys instead of it sending all those notifications all the time yes?


    Anyway items like that will help a LOT.  Hope this helps.

  • lrossiter Level 1 Level 1

    I've been getting the same battery drain and I've turned EVERYTHING off just to see if there's a difference. I'm at the conclusion that it may be because I updated my 4S to iOS6 OTA. From fully charged and down to 82% in 30 minites and just sending 2 text messages!! And whenever I send another message, it goes down by 1%!!


    I've tried every possible suggestion on this thread. Down to turning location services, 3G off and Notifications off as well. Bluetooth, Wifi, all applications exited and still no improvement! I'm at my wits end!


    Would anyone know if it's possible to re-update through iTunes? That may be it??

  • Jays 4s Level 1 Level 1

    Having same issue. After iOS 6.0.1 update my battery drains alot faster, within couple hours it's dead after full charge. Is there a fix for this problem yet??? Tired the fixes in the post, still the same. APPLE PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Thomas Lindner Level 1 Level 1

    Once more for all who still suffer. I solved the problem for me by executing the following steps:


    1. exported all safari bookmarks on my macbookpro to a html (in order to save them)
    2. deleted all bookmarks via safari on MBP and waited that it replicated them to the cloud
    3. selected the reset option for the iphone in itunes (phone connected...)
    4. selected it as a new phone (do not restore the crapy setup)
    5. installed all the apps again
    6. had to enter all the passcodes again
    7. do not switch off any option - just switch on whatever you want to use
    8. also enable icloud again


    and off we go with a well behaving phone (I use it now for more than a week without troubles)

    I assume that with the last updates there happened some error with the bookmarks info and that error is only defeatable by removing them all.


  • Can Kurul Level 1 Level 1

    OK, so i have written the settings of my phone before and the last resort was the hard reset.

    And so I did.

    3 major changes that really really made a difference with my battery life were:


    1) Settings - Facebook - Delete your account, and turn the widget off (you can keep the app)

    2) Settings - Notofocations - Calender - Turn off notification center,and view in lock screen. (this one made the big difference)

    3) Resett the phone.


    Now my battery life is a bit more durable then when i first got the phone couple of days ago but still not like the "normal" ones.


    Now I have nothing else left to try or do to my phone... I guess I will just have to live with it...

    (I have found a way to roll it back to IOS 5.1.1 without jailbraking... I dont know if i am allowed to share websites here but if anyone is interested i can share the site. the whole process is done through iTunes.)

  • teacherosb Level 1 Level 1

    Syncing to the iCloud caused my battery drain. Go to Safari on the iPhone/iPad and turn off sync bookmarks. I have hundreds on my iMac and laptop that were constantly changing. I then went in on the iPad and iPhone and deleted all the bookmarks they took from the iCloud. FaceBook is a demon also. Do not let it sync your contacts and calendar. After the IOS 6 upgrade, a lot of my apps that I turned off settings had them re-enabled. You have to go back to each one and disable the notifications etc. Go into the phone app on the iPhone and delete your recent calls and missed calls. Do the same with Messages. I noticed my phone losing battery life when these 2 things had much data. If your phone vibrates and plays sound, turn off the vibrate. This eats lots of power!

    I did all this tweaking and my battery is doing better. Full charge at 11:00am Wednesday. It is now 8:00am Thursday and I am at 91%.

  • Tim Lethbridge Level 1 Level 1

    After considerable experimentation, it seems to me that the the problem is a always runaway background process, but there can be several culprits. For me it was Skype. For others it seems it was Facebook or a system process such as the one dealing with iCloud. The general solution is to get rid of the background processes, or get them 'back to normal' . For user processes double click the home button so recent apps show, scroll to find the process, hold down the home button so the - appears and click on the -. Do this for each app with background processes, but one at a time and wait a few hours so you can identify the guilty party. Solutions like logging out of iCloud and logging back in can seemingly solve problems with runaway system processes.



    What Apple should do is build a detector into iOS that can detect processes that are taking too much background resources, and force them to reset.


    Incidentally I have found the app AppSwitch very useful to look at background processes.


    The reason why this problem persists even after reset is that it seems iOS restarts stopped background processes like Skype and Facebook (so you get your notifications etc.). But if you install iOS 'as a new iPhone' you won't have logged in to Skype, Facebook or iCloud yet; the problem may reappear when you do log in. Also, I think the reason why the problem first appears after install of a new version of iOS (for me it was 6.0.1) is that OS upgrades can cause subtle inconsistencies with the culprit apps. The latter is a bit of speculation, but it seems the only reasonable solution.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes Irossiter, You can reload from iTunes either by using the restore option or whats called DFU mode. DFU reloads the firmware as well. You can search the internet for how to actually do that if you want but perhaps trying a restore and setup as new straight from iTunes would be a good place to start and is simple to do. DFU requires a few steps but there have been several articles and posts that either of these has solved this issue for folks.

  • emilp80 Level 1 Level 1

    Just to add my voice here.

    After going to ios 6 my iphone 4 battery drains really fast and the phones gets much hotter than previously when charging and when using it. I tried all all kind of tips suggested - disabling almost everything I could - icloud, bluetooth, 3G and cellular data... And there was some improvement but only when my phone is in stand-by - now just few % after 7-8 hours idle.

    Howerver when I use my phone it's still the same - it gets hot very quickly and battery drains amost with 1% per minute. 10-11 min phone call - 8% drain. 4 songs plaid (no more than 20 min total) - 15% drain. It's like all apps are using the CPU or battery way too hard now, like you get tired much easier when you run instead of walk.

  • WINNIHESEL Level 1 Level 1

    This is a follow up to my two previous posts as I want to keep you all updated on my progress with this. I spoke too soon. Even though the Apple Genius bar replaced my battery, the draining and hot temperature started kicking in again after just one day. So the next step I am taking (as per Apple) is that I restore it as a new phone. I also noticed another issue which makes me believe that most of the problems seem to be connected to having an Exchange account on the phone: I sent two invitations out on my Exchang calendar yesterday and this morning the people I invited complained that they got the invite more than 35 times and it kept coming in. So IMHO Apple screwed up the Exchange interface of the iPhone with iOS 6.0.1 - I'll keep everyone updated what my next step will bring. Starting the painful setup as new phone now.

  • Dutch0850 Level 1 Level 1

    I have an iphone 4s with the same problem.  I received a new eplacement from them today.  When I get home, i will charge it up and install my backup from icloud and hopefully it will be fixed.  I was originally told that I was 17 days past my warantee, but don't let that stop you.  This is a problem that is not warrantee related.  It is their problem and has been created by the software they told us to put it on our phones.  At first they didn't want to admit it was a problem.  I told them firmly that it was a problem and they are aware of it.  They finally admitted the problem once I got to a supervisor and she agreed to replace the phone.  My daughter has a brand new iphone 4s I got for her last month and she has the same problem with battery drain. She has an appointment at the iphone store tomorrow.  They'll have to replace her phone too, I'm sure.

  • lukus88 Level 1 Level 1



    I have iPhone 4s. I updated to iOS 6.0.1 and experienced severe battery drain with life being reduced to about 50% of what it was before the update.


    My fix was disabling e-mail push which appeared to be turned ON by default since the update. I presume this is why the battery was draining without me even using the phone... because it was constantly looking for new email. Not something I wanted before or now.


    To revert (to what i guess must have been the previous iOS default)


    1. Go to settings
    2. Select 'mail, contacts, calender'
    3. Select 'fetch new data'
    4. Turn Push 'off'
    5. Set fetch to 'manual'
    6. In 'advanced' set the iCloud sechedule to 'fetch' or manual rather than push (not sure if this actually made a difference or not, but I did it anyway!)


    Now each time I want to recieve e-mail I click on mail (like i did before), drag down to refresh my accounts and the mail comes in. If you wanted push and had mail coming through automatically before, then I guess this isn't for you.


    Hope that helps someone. Can I just say - if you want to MOAN or compare the rate your battery drains... can you do it offline or in the Apple store. We are all aware of the problem if we're on this thread, so try and keep comments for people who are looking for solutions to the problem, not someone else's life story. Ta.

  • AVRHack Level 1 Level 1

    Fix for me was:


    1. Turn off latitude background updating (worked fine with 5.1.1 so can't blame Google!).

    2. Turn off sipgate background (same applies - fine on 5.1.1)

    3. Turn off iCloud safari sync and delete all bookmarks

    4. Turn off all system location services apart from compass and mobile network (note - leave all application location services on)

    5. Turn off 'set automatically' for date and time

    6. Remove 'Good Mobile Messaging" AND DELETE / TRANSFER LICENCE ON THE SERVER SIDE. Note that until I did the server side the battery was still getting killed - presume it's constantly pushing even without the app installed.


    And now things are looking very good, or at least as good as 5.1.1.


    It seems to me that iOS 6 is simply useless at managing background and push whereas 5.1.1 worked well. But the upshot of that is that there are multple things that can break 6.0.x which is why we're all struggling to fix and finding that different things work or not for us........


    Anyway you look at it though, this is a pathetic ****-up by Apple alone, and it's Apple's dreadful silence / pretence that nothing's wrong that is destroying / has destroyed customer confidence......

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    That is a known issue. Before you restore you may want to  try and remove the exchange account, reboot the phone then add the account back. That helps a good percentage of the time. Also may want to try and set for fetch or manual instead of push.  But the removal of the account is the biggie

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