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    Yeah it goes down to the process level, I don't really have battery issues but its told me of some bugs which seems to help with standby battery life!

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    Has anyone answered the question if the DFU restore will work on a phone that came with 6.0?  The replacement they gave me had 6.0 on it.  Not 6.0.1 which now it is telling me to upgrade to (HECK NO).  THanks.

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    DFU doesn't work for me. But I'm on 6.0.1 instead of 6.0 ..

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    staceyfromaustin wrote:


    Has anyone answered the question if the DFU restore will work on a phone that came with 6.0?  The replacement they gave me had 6.0 on it.  Not 6.0.1 which now it is telling me to upgrade to (HECK NO).  THanks.


    iTunes will automatically download 6.01 and Apple does not supply older firmware images.  If you want to flash to an older version you will need to find the file on the interent.  I'm tempted to flash back to IOS 5.

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    Having had the problem and watching this string of posts for a few weeks. It sounds like there are a variaety of possible causes. They all probably result in an out of control process or leave a io device on. The most successful fix it to Restore to Factory Default and let your battery go below 20% and then fully charge... and leave on charger for a while. 6.01 is not a fix, or usually a cause. That worked for me and after nearly two days of light use I was at 54%... hence I no longer have the problem. If that doesn't fix it, then I would restore to factory with nothing on it, and add things one at a time. JD

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    I was afraid that the update might cripple my phone, so I made sure I had SHSH blobs from my prior versions backed up. Thank god I did. iOS 6 is not only super-ugly and disfunctional (the music app's white give me eye-cancer, the App Store is no longer able to actually list apps, the status bar no longer stays black or grey but tries to fit in with an app's top bar color, podcasts are divided from the video app after the iPod app was divided into video and audio and so on), it also causes another great battery disease. Someone at Apple must have really had his fun since for many folks (me included), full restores do not fix it. It seems hardcoded in iOS 6.


    Ever since after Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) and iOS 3, nearly every update Apple delivered was full of bugs (every x.0 release was guaranteed to break at least many devices, let alone the crazy amount of bugs OS X Lion and iOS 4 brought upon us), and I really see no sense in not allowing an organized crowd of users (not developers! they tend to focus on their own apps, of course, unlike users) to beta-test the updates.

    If Apple or anyone else was a big or a small company doesn't matter. Truth be told, a huge number of users are prompted to install a "final"-tagged update which in fact was at the very best beta software. We are being told to troubleshooting, to get loose of our backups and data (hard/DFU restore) and having us go through the struggle of reconfigurating the device, its apps and documents and possibly even savegames, too, while some data might never be able to be created again. In my opinion, Apple has to make sure that an OS update is capable to handle every prior backup because if they don't, they either have to warn users not to make backups or not to update if they can't handle each other well.


    Apple would make many folks happy if they just allowed downgrading without SHSH blobs. Why should we not be allowed to use the software it came shipped with, but rather an abominaton of its former beauty? I had an iPod Touch 2gen, an iPhone 3Gs and now an iPhone 4S, and while the hardware always improved (well, except for the battery, but no one at Apple's is interested in having a device that "just works" besides being super-thin and light) the software got bloated more and more. I can tell so by the size and the responsiveness, because the prior the iOS, the faster it was, and I'm sure many will agree.

    Steve Jobs once said that Apple had a curated app review system to make sure apps won't crash, and they implemented multitasking so late because they wanted to make sure their system won't allow to drain battery. But neither one works. Instable app updates are the majority of updates out there nowadays (it wasn't always this way) and most of them include other changes than those which are described (bug fixes usually mean the introduction of ads or IAPs and fix nothing). Multitasking does not work because every Genius tells us to quit apps in the multitasking bar if draining goes beyond expectation. If apps can be allowed to drain obnoxious amounts of battery power from there, then by all means, leave it out of the OS. It is still not yet final if "sandboxed" apps are not actually sandboxed and can exploit the phone anytime.


    Apple moved with the iPhone 5 as far away from the golden ratio as possible, just to have a bigger phone so that the Android crybabies would stay with the Kool-Aid. On top of that, AppIe released this alpha release of an maps app (Flyover might come in handy if I was Superman, but me myself, I don't own my own helicopter), became a patent troll instead of an innovation company and does not really care for is customers unless they buy the care-about-me-for-1-or-2-additional-years-envelope.



    Yes, it got heavy with the off-topic, but Apple really disappointed me here, once again. Yes they had a blast with the iPhone, but the disappointments really overshadow the improvements lately.

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    I too am experiencing the same thing -- come on Apple this is unsatisfactory.  Done a reset, recycled the battery, have notifications and everything else off and still it is a problem.

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    Got The same problem!! My battery is draines fast, and The phone just crash! And The phone needs charging.. Without charger i Can use The phone for about 30min.. Apple, fix The problem.. Its driving me crazy.. I formatet The phone 8 times..

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    Monday I restore to factory values my iphone 4s and set as new sync my contacts with google contacts and sync my applications...after this with full charge battery at 21h at today he didn't died and have now 34% of battery with wifi sms and calls usage wirhout turn off notifications and other with factiry definitions, only mobile data off.

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    This is incredible.

    For some reason, like everyone else, my phone had suddenly changed. went from being perfectly fine to battery draining quicker than an entourage episode, and charging the phone it'd heat up something silly.

    i went to genius bar, and they gave me a new iPhone 4S.

    got home, updated my phone from my back up, and again, it starts draining the battery, but not heating up.

    i'm now resorting to trying to 'downgrade' my phone back to ios 5, to see if that helps.

    its so annoying not being able to use a phone the way it is intended. what's also annoying, the missus and i both got our phones at the same time/shop/service provider etc, same updates, different apps obviously, and her's is fine...

    go figure.

    hopefully ios 5 will be fine...

    fingers crossed.

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    Did u try it after format with 3G? For me the problem is 3g, so I shut it down and everything gets well again.

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    Like everybody else who has this problem, my experiments clearly show that the issue is with background apps. So replacing a phone or doing a factory reset does no good, since when you restore, you just get the same old bad background app back again. Try killing Facebook (if it is running). See what happens after a while. No help? Try killing Skype. Always wait some hours to see what happens. Don't just kill everything at once, since then you have not isolated your problem. You may also have problems with data in your Exchange or iCloud account causing the associated background processes to run excessively. Try, for a while, stopping each of these.


    Apple could 'solve' the problem by detecting this kind of background process and starving it or killing it. But ultimately the app developers need to fix their bugs. Clearly the bugs are sporadic. My problem was with Skype; there must be some issue with my Skype setup or account. And the bug only manifested in iOS 6.0.1, suggesting a slight incompatibility with that release. So going back to iOS 5 might help some people. But don't completely count on it; in the early going, people reported the same  problem in iOS 5, until problem apps were updated.


    See my blog post at

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    My 4s is at 40%, with 2:24 usage and 3:19 stand by. I don't see how this is even possible because my battery app says even running the most battery draining option would take me 2:10 min until my battery is done. Any suggestions?

    I turned everything off in notification center and location services. The only thing my phone looks for is 3G and Verizon service, and wifi which I am mostly on.

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    brsm1990 wrote:


    FYI there is _NO_ fix for this.  This is either a hardware problem with select phones or some very serious bug deeply ingrained in the iOS 6.0 & 6.0.1 operating system.  I have used my phone on various 3G networks in six different countries now.  I exchanged the phone once and I have done a DFU restore and tried the phone wiht no apps and iCloud disabled.  The horendous battery drain is the same every time always no matter what if cellular data is turned on.  Turrn cellular data off and battery life is fine.  Apple has really screwed their customers on this one.

    I agree with you.The problem is celluler data( 3G).When I turned it off and started to use WİFİ battery life considerabley good.

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    Apple should revert back to the thickness of the 4s and just use a larger battery. Batteries are cheap to make in china, where most of these phones are made. There's a reason why the note, razr maxx are switching towards these options. since apple has a limited ios, having a bad battery life is leading people towards android especially when the phones are faster, last longer, are thinner, lighter, and have GOOGLE.

    Android is just a little back on the applications in the market, but that should change over the next few years due to the demand of android and more people using and buying it.

    The only people with iPhones are going to be those who have to have a MacBook, iMac, iPod, iPad mini, and iPad collectively.  In other words, for morons.