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  • sunking101 Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    It isn't 6.0.1 as this for me performs better than iOS6 did. My problems started with 6.0 - I had monstrous battery drain and a cellular data leak. The data leak is much reduced with 6.0.1 and the battery drain has gone. The battery drain has happened with every upgrade of iOS for some users. It is how you update your phone that is the problem. Do a full DFU install via your Mac or pc and then reload the apps. Set the phone up as new, do NOT do a back-up restore.

  • Armchair Allstar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    sunking101 wrote:


    It is how you update your phone that is the problem. Do a full DFU install via your Mac or pc and then reload the apps. Set the phone up as new, do NOT do a back-up restore.


    For allot of us it doesn't make a difference.  I get the exact same battery drain DFU as a new phone as I did previously.

  • BatmanX Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I concur, I did a DFU restore last night and it didn't make any difference in the consumption today :(

    It's 1pm and I'm at 27...26%(lol). Pretty lame Apple...fix or acknowledge!

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    I've been having the same problem. I even go my battery changed thinking that might be it as a last resort. But still persists. Apple you owe me 43.70. For this ********

  • Jason Creasey Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    After a full overnight charge from an iPad charger, I turned Location Services OFF first thing morning which has reduced battery usage quite a lot over the day (it's now 10pm & I'm down to 72%, whereas previously I'd be down to 50% on similar light usage).  Note that I already have 3G, ad tracking & diagnostics-sending switched off.

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    Yesterday I had an appointment with a Genius in an Apple Store. After a typical conversation (the battery life it's normal, the phones nowadays are computers and consume a lot of power.... blablabla), the 'genius' changed my 4S for another one.


    When I arrived at home, I saw that had iOS 6.0 instead of the 6.0.1 I had in the other. Well, I tried 6.0 and is WORST, the battery drains 1% for about a minute, even in stand-by mode.


    Now, I have updated to 6.0.1 via OTA, and I'll see if the battery drain is like the other 4S. I'm afraid that it will be the same.


    Definitely, iOS 6.0 is a joke. Apple, you're downgrading your software's quality

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    Is this just a waiting game? See who cracks and goes ahead and buys the 5? Then eventually the problem will be solved for those who painfully waited this out? This is ridiculous.

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    Nope - some iPhone 5 users have this issue too.


    However like you I'm frustrated beyond belief that not only is Apple failing to acknowledge the issue, but has clearly failed to address it in 6.0.1 despite tales from others on this thread of being contacted to run diagnostics.


    I have lost ALL faith in Apple over this - both as a software developer and as an organisation that cares about its customers.


    Pathetic behaviour is how I view it.

  • AVRHack Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)

    Wrong. If you read this thread you'll find 6.0 was just as bad for many people so it's not just 6.0.1

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    Also my stupid phone will just jump down from 70% to 1%. Then I plug it in a second it jumps back up to 70% or whatever it was before, still drains fast. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. OBVIOUSLY A SOFTWARE ISSUE. PAY SOMEONE TO FIGURE OUT A SOLUTION. WE PUT A MAN ON THE MOON AND A MACHINE ON MARS.

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    I've had 4 new phones (4S) in 3 weeks, most recently I got one that had iOS 5.1.1! I was thrilled....until it drained 15% in an hour and a half. Tried all the same stuff (turning off email push, disabling location, Siri, location, notification, DFU restores....) what else could I possibly do?!

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    I've been having the same problems everyone else has. I've tried numerous "fixes" to no avail. My concern is as our i Phones have Lithium batteries and they are very temperamental. As well, short lived if recharged too many times, in a short period of time. Will Apple cover them? The last update is the major culprit, no denying this. Hello APPLE! Is anyone out there from Mac or i Phone Corp reading these postings?

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    I am really starting to feel that Apple has simply ignored customer complaints and concerns over this obvious issue.  Instead of confirming the issue and promising a fix, it feels like the message instead is:




    I will not be purchasing an iPad (planned to do this for Christmas).  This whole situation with the botched iOS 6 release will definitely play into my decision to stick with my iPhone or go BACK to Android when its time to renew my contract with my carrier.

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    Yesterday, after posting here, I charged my phone to 100% & let it stay on the charger for a little while longer... Maybe 30 or 45 minutes. After charging there was no significant usage from me. I also turned off the "automatically send" option for the diagnostics & usage. When i went to bed i checked & was still at 100%. This morning when I checked, the battery had only dropped 4%, like it had done before the iOS 6.0.1 update. My only conclusion is that this info. being sent is what's running the battery down so fast. This would also explain the outrageous data usage some ppl are experiencing. (I leave my cellular data turned off 90% of the time, so haven't had any issues with this.) I don't know why the newest update would've messed with this setting, but I think it did! HTH!


    Also, does anyone know if you can delete the diagnostics & usage data or does the phone automatically do that?

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    Most of you forgot the 3 most important steps.



    2. Diagnostic and usage, CLICK DONT SEND.

    3. Location service-system service, SWITCH OFF ALL EXCEPT Cell network search.



    Done. These will help.