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  • scubaal Level 1 Level 1

    last update. turning off push has extended my battery life to 2 days - best it has ever been.

    only downside is that I wait up to 15 mins for mail which I can live with until apple fix it.

  • KasperTheFriendlyGhost Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried the various changes.

    Push off, fetching mails with long intervals.

    No use of iCloud, etc.


    At best, the gain in battery life is marginal.


    Still waiting for Apple.


    My next device will be Android.

  • Saragani Level 1 Level 1

    On iOS 5.1.1 and 6.0, my iPhone 4 used to have the battery percentage get lowered by 1% over night (7-8 hours) when Airplain mode is on.


    I have upgraded to 6.0.1 soon after it came out, and I regret every moment of it.

    Now, my battery goes down from 100% to 88% over night when Airplain mode is on.




    I've made sure that no application is running (I closed all apps from the "task manager") before making the overnight test


    I even tried rebooting the phone... No change.


    I have one thing to tell you: get better coders, and don't fire the good ones (and also the good managers)


    I don't know what my next phone will be, but I know what it won't be... (Hint: it starts with an i and ends with an e)



    Your os is sooooo primitive, and you do nothing to change it.



    Bigger screen: no (only longer....)

    Widgets: no

    Apps integration into os: no

    Turn on/of features from notification center: no

  • charuka Level 1 Level 1

    msf01 I tried your method. But didn't work as I expected. I think now I have resetted 30 times. When I was using iOS battery was pretty good. But now I have to charge 2,3 times per day. Didn't you change settings any other than you mentioned above? Anyway now ubd process isn't there. But when I start to use the phone its byrning

  • quasi76 Level 1 Level 1

    Can it be the ac adapter we are using? I know I use a third party adapter (USB on my 328i). Maybe It's the adapter we are using

  • amd_infinium05 Level 1 Level 1



    very unlikely... 95% of the users complaining here are using the proprietary apple charger... yet they still experience battery drains.

  • bamashooter Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe it's just my usage. I get a solid 3 days (72 hours) and then my battery is down to 10-12% remaining. Probably perform about 20 minutes of internet daily, several emails, phone, and text messaging daily along with a lot of local active weather radar daily. My phone is the 4s with the iOS 6 upgrade and the included charger. My charging is direct and not through my pc. I'm normally on my phone one way or another from about 5:30 am through midnight. I have seen no difference (battery usage) between the previous os and iOS 6. I purchased the phone new about a month prior to the release of the upgrade. Prior to the 4s, I had an HTC One X for about 2 months which I had to charge every 36 hours or so. My carrier/provider is AT&T.

  • charuka Level 1 Level 1

    Everybody listen up. If any of these things here didn't work for you then I know the culprit. I'm using an iPhone 4S and even though everything is turned off (icloud,notifcations and widgets,cellular and 3G,locaion services) and when im just using the phone just for texting and other things battery drains so quickly. But in standby mode the battery life is normal. This is all because of the PROXIMITY SENSOR. Just turn on your screen of your iPhone and face it to a webcam (any cheap camera but not a good one) and then you easily recognize the sensor. (It glows in the purple colour and the sensor is located above the mini speaker) The thing is proximity sensor is not turning off. In iPhone 4S this is because of Siri Raise to Speak but even though diable or restrict Siri the sensor still works. So don't keep resetting your device within this week I have resseted 27 times. So we have to wait until Apple fix this cause there is no way we can turn this off. This is definitely a software fault. If someone found the solution please share it with us. Thanks. Cheers. With so many hopes about the future. Cheers again

  • mhg8 Level 1 Level 1

    mine sensor turns off when i turn of my iphone 4s. but it is still a part of the problem?


    How do you turn "push" off??


    please need some help, anyone heard if apple will come with a new update???

  • charuka Level 1 Level 1

    Just try disabling other things one by one. That would work if you don't have the proximity issue with iOS 6

  • charuka Level 1 Level 1

    wait a minute you mean when you turn off your phone or screen? If you are using Siri Raise to Speak the sensor will be active whenever you use the phone (sensor will be inactive when the screen is locked). Try disabling Raise to Speak in Siri. But I don't think that would help. If your proximity sensor is on whenever you use the phone then that's the problem. Nothing else. Because proximity sensor is not supposed to be active everytime

  • zman37 Level 1 Level 1

    I have iPhone 4S, not jailbroken, updated using iTunes from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1 and noticed immediately that the battery usage was greatly worsened.


    So I do not think it's corrupted data/settings like other threads are suggesting, it's something in iOS 6. Or else iOS 6 has introduced something that makes corrupted data/settings worse?


    Anyway, I notice people commenting on the Siri angle - I have it turned off and it's still draining fast  - and while looking at the screen at one point I noticed it was faintly fluctuating in brightness levels which I've never seen on an iPhone or iPad before I don't think. It also seems like the brightness slider somehow decided to put itself on minimum without me adjusting it!


    Can't test the infrared thing as I don't have a webcam.


    I will be shortly updating a 3GS from 4.3.3 to 6.0.1 and will be interesting to see if this has the battery problem or not.

  • charuka Level 1 Level 1

    actually you dont need a web cam.just use your iphones front camera and close it a mirror and then you will see.yep corrupted data has been a problem for somebody but it can be fixed.but this can only be fixed by apple

  • zoomzoompdx Level 1 Level 1



    Awesome find. Has this issue been reported to Apple?

  • charuka Level 1 Level 1

    I just sent a feedback about that bug. You all can do the same. Well the proximity sensor is not supposed to every time right? I know it will turn on when we activate Siri Raise to speak. Well actually I'm not sure that is supposed to always activate or not. But I noticed in all others phones activates it when we are taking a call. Hope apple will fix this soon