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    Please Note: There are probably a lot of spelling/punctuation errors below. I wanted to share my experience to help others, but am trying to do so in a timely manner !


    Okay... my "phone drama" went down on Saturday. It is now Monday, and it is still working.


    My timeline for Saturday:


    11am - Downloaded IOS 6 while plugged into computer. Battery life was 68% charged.

    Noon - Noticed that my phone was at 40%. Closed out all apps etc...

    12:15, doing nothing - Phone was at 31% Ran upstairs concerned to talk to my roommate

    By the time I got up the stairs and complained it was at 29%


    I was genuinely freaking out because it made no sense.


    Plugged it in the charge, and it was still losing battery.


    1:00 pm - Battery at 9% while on charge. Researching on the forums etc...

    1:30 pm - Phone completely dead


    2:30 I called Apple, and they reminded me I was out of my 90 day "free conversation" period. Annoyed lol.

    They said they'd at least listen to what I had to say.


    Explained the problem. Girl had me put phone in what I think is DFU mode. (that's if I understand the terminology being thrown around.) To explain, I hooked up to computer, held down the sleep wake button and home button for 8 seconds, then let off the sleep wake button, but continued to hold the home button. On my computer, it prompted me to do a reset. I did. She told me to call back if this didn't fix anything.


    3:00 It didn't fix anything... My phone still would not charge. I called Apple back. The new lady reminded me again I was outside of my 90 day free conversation period (I keep listing that because in the midst of all my stress it was like rubbing salt in the wound) She then told me to put the phone on the wall charger for 30 mins and the call back after that time. I scoffed a little, but agreed to do it.


    3:35 phone magically comes back to life. I could use it. All of my stuff was wiped out of course. But it was stuck on 1% battery. It wouldn't charge. I tried moving it to the computer charge to see if I could use itunes to reset it again, and it died.


    3:45 - Called apple a 3rd time. This time got a guy. He agreed to replace the phone, because he said he knew of nothing he could do. Said if I was out of warranty I would have to purchase a new phone. I said to him, Sir, I know this doesn't affect me, but it may some time in the future... but how do you justify making people buy a new phone, when your (apple's) software update is what caused this problem. He said he agreed with me, and he has had those very calls, but that he isn't authorized to do anything. He said he directs those people to the Genius Bar at the stores. Anyway...sidetracked.... He said it would take 3-5 days to get the phone out to me, and that I would need to send them back my old one as well as a 1-2 day option for 29.99 authorization on the credit card that would fall off once they got my old one back. Told him I needed to think about it and that  I would call back.


    4:00 Decided to leave my phone on the wall charger and go to the store and to get something to eat. Did another DFU mode reset first. When I came back the phone was on at 100% charge. Took the phone off the charge and did pandora/youtube to try to see if I could drain some battery. Stayed stuck at 100%. Put the phone on itunes and restored it using my backup instead of a new device.


    The phone now works totally fine, and the battery life is better than it ever was before.




    IOS 6 update

    Intense battery drain to completely shut off

    DFU Mode - Reset as new device

    Still Not Working

    30 min wall charge, came on could use

    Moved to computer, died and wouldn't charge.

    Did another DFU Mode - Reset as new device

    Wall Charge again for an hour - Came back on battery 100% stuck

    Put on Itunes and did a reset as backed up iphone

    Phone working great and all content restored like it did before IOS 6.


    **Both my roommates have iphones. 1 has a 4 and the other a 4s. Neither experienced this problem. They both ran their update on the wall charger. I did mine on the computer. Not sure it matters, but thought it was a variable worth mentioning.**


    Now, I'm left with the concern that I should still take the new phone. Just worried it could happen again...

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    To fix your WiFi connectivity problem try downgrading the firmware on your router. I have a Netgear router and the exact same problem after upgrading to IOS 6. This was the only solution to get my iPhone to actually connect to my home network. Hope this helps.

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    This is crazy... Apple should fix this! almost 800,- euro's for a phone that's not working correct!

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    There is an app called "Battery Doctor" which has a 5 star rating.  It rates each of your apps

    and settings so you can see what is causing the most drain on your battery.  Also many tips

    and suggestions.

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    This is what worked for me. 


    I watched these boards for a few days to see what problems people were having with iOS 6.X.  Battery life/drain ppeared right away.  I read the threads and noticed that a large percentage of the people with the battery drain problem had upgraded their OS Over The Air (OTA)  There were people who had upgraded using iTunes but it appeared to me that this was a significantly smaller percentage of the people with this problem.


    I then watched to see what people were doing to fix the problem.  Many people restored their phones as new and then manually reinstalled all their apps, music, reinitiated their email, etc.  Basically avoiding restoring your phone from a previous backup seemed to be the initial fix.  But I am way to lazy to go through this hassle.  So I watched the boards for a few more days and there seemed to be a lot of people that were letting their battery drain down to dead and then doing a 10-12 hour recharge and this really seemed to help.  So I finally took the plunge.


    I charged my phone to 100% and then I downloaded the update and installed it using iTunes and then restored my contents from the back up I made just before I installed the update.


    I then made sure all apps were closed, double tap home button to open multitasking tray, touch and hold an app icon until all the icons in the drawer start to wiggle, tap the x on the icon to close it.  I then restarted my phone, hold both the Home button and the Power button down until the apple logo appears and wait for the phone to restart.  I then did a reset all settings reset on my phone Settings => General => Reset => Reset All Settings.  I made sure all my notifications were turned off. Nothing but phone and email.  I turned off everything in Locations that wanted to give somone access to my phone's location.  I dug through the privacy settings and turned off everything in System Services in Location Services but Cell Network Search. I set all my email accounts to manual rather than push.


    And my battery started to drain at about 3% every 15 minutes with nothing running but my phone.  You know just my 4G connection.  No maps, nothing that would access GPS, no games, no music.  Just my phone sitting on my desk.  I resisted the urge to plug it in and charge it up.  I just let it drain and started using it as I normally would.  I made and received a few phone calls, I sent and received email.  I looked things up on the web. I looked things up on IMDB and watched my battery really drain.  I kept thins going until I got home and then set my phone aside until I was ready to go to bed.  When I picked it up it had drained to about 10%.  So I watched some videos on youtube, turned on the LED light and generally messed around with my phone until the battery finally died and did not even have enough power to turn on the screen to tell me my battery was low and I should charge it as soon as possible.


    I plugged it in, waited a few seconds and go the drained battery with the red charge amount.  Turned off the screen and went to sleep.  Slept 8 hours and In the morning my phone was at 100%.  Unpluged it and went about my day. Drain was not as bad as the day before.  But it was still noticable.  Went through my day and avoided the urge to plug my phone in.  When I got home I was at about 35% which is lower than I was used to under iOS 5.X at that point in the day. Again I let it sit until bed time, and when I got ready to go to sleep my phone was at at about 22%.  So I drained it down to dead again, playing videos, running the LED, turning the screen brightness all the way up, etc. until it died again.  Plugged it in and slept another 8 hours and in the morning the phone was at 100% and I went about my day.  That night when I got home I was at 45% and it had been a pretty full day of using my phone. 


    I now get a full day of use on my phone, which I use a lot, phone calls, email, text messages, web surfing, game playing, book reading, etc. and when I get ready for bed I am at between 50 - 60 % charge left on my phone. 


    So if you can live without push email and letting every app in your phone share your location with the world, I would suggest letting your phone run all the way down and do a full recharge for a few days and see if this works for you.  I am now getting better battery life using iOS 6.01 than I did using 5.X which was very good in my opinion for a smart phone that gets a lot of use.

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    Maybe this works for you, but my battery is already drained at 20:00 and i get up at 9:00 in the morning without a lot of use/calls.

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    The message seems to be that if you are having problems with the phone leave it alone for awhile and stop fiddling with it.  Like computers, the phones have a memory and the memory of whatever event caused the problem needs to clear. Every problem I've had with the iphone improved over time when I left it alone and forgot about the problem.

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    First of all, I would like to thank Apple for having this Battery Draining issue.  If not, I would never find out about Samsung Galaxy s3. 


    Before I praise Samsng phone, yes, I got a new replacement and tell you what, I am offically a Android phone user over iphone users.  And I found out more or less, Samsung is draining battery like Iphone.  No surprise or make that don't be surprised due to all the "Push", "notification" and so on.


    However, bsides battery battery draining Samsung is really worth now. If your contract is up, don't get iphone5, get Samsung.  I came up few conclusions why I like Samsung way better than Apple Iphone


    1. Bigger phone - now the iphone looks very small to me.  If you are into data,smart phone, even iphone 5 looks smaller. It is just long and skinny.

    2. Detachable battery - Iphone can't do that.  As for Samsung, however, it not that easy to open back cover.  But at least if the battery completely dead, and you have a spare one, you can replace it.

    3. Cable - iphone5 needs brand new apple brand cable while Samsung use micro usb, not expensive, I can get a few.

    4. Roomy - diskspace. you got more room now after moving your videos, pictures, more room for your apps! easy transfered!

    5. Applications - They said Apple has more free apps.  Not so, Android has some better decent ones.

         a.  Call Recording - talking while recording your conversation.  Can apple do that?  yes, you have to pay for it or jail breaking it.

          b.  Animated Wall paper - nice feature, you can see your own video as wall paper (downloadable free app) also.

         c. Face/voice unlock feature - High Tech feature, Apple does not have that

          d. Google talk (face time alternative)- Apple does not have that either, you can use xtok though. But google talk has some fun special facial feature while face time your friends/family

          e. Teamveiwer quick support lets your remote your phone from your pc.  Can apple do that? Yes, only if you have a jail breaking phone

          f.  Dailymotion has filter off.  Apple keeps that clean.  (you will be the judge on this one)

          g.  Widgets make browsing easier and fun

         h.  A lot more.. android can do, but Apple can't ...


    Apple might have won the lawsuit (battle), but lost a valuable customer (me ) or War.


    One set back for Android phone, it acts like pc, and you may need to download some free virus/spyware scanning software if you have too many applications.


    Back to how to fix your battery draining issue.  For me, if I could have a couple of cables, car chargers, I am good for about 5 to 6 hours for my Samsung in heavy use.   Then charging is not a problem.   If you want to know more about Samsung, you can reply, but I may leave this forum soon.

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    I had the same battery drain issue on my iPhone 4. It was driving me crazy.. charging the phone three times a day. However, I fixed it by erasing all content and settings and then setting up the iPhone as a new device (not restoring it from a backup). If you are using iCloud for syncing, it won't be much work. Make screenshots with your app icons and erase + setup as new


    The problem comes from Safari, trying to sync bookmarks/reading list data. Restoring from backup also restores the problem.

  • groovythe sea Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for the detail in this post. I read the suggestions for hours and then followed your solution line by line. It worked.

    Susan G

  • britainm3 Level 1 Level 1

    My problem was the battery on my 4s would drain and wouldn't charge after upgrading.  I plugged it into the original Apple charger and my iMac but nothing! Finally I plugged it into my HD LG tv and it finally charged!! Go figure. The upgrade won't allow me to charge using Apple products but it will work on tv usb ports. I downgraded back to the 5.1.1 and now it works fine again. I find it terrible that Apple would release this update when it has caused so many problems for 4th gen phones.

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    please, tell me how to downgrade! been having this problem for so long time, and i think that only downgrading will help, can you please send me a link or something? Would appreciate so much!

  • groovythe sea Level 1 Level 1

    There is an article in the latest issue of Mac World "Short Battery Life" that states;

    "If you are among the unlucky people experiencing this rapid depletion, launch the Settings app and navigate to General- reset. From here, tap Reset All Settings. After doing this, you'll have to reenter several custom settings, after which the battery issue should be resolved."

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    Here's my beauty of a phone... I have a 4G, my son has a 3GS, we've both updated to 6.01 and we're both having HUGE issues now. My son just had his phone replaced last weekend due to a broken screen so it's a new/refurbished phone.



    This is absolutely ridiculous. My phone is on a charger so much that it might as well  be a land line. And honestly, why should one have to turn this off, turn that off, etc..., if that's the case, I'll just go to my old flip phone!! One shouldn't have to turn their smart phones into dumb phones in order to use them! I am going to go to the apple store this weekend and raise a stink. They can blame it on whatever they want, but it's definitely software related as I had zero issues with my phone before I foolishly decided to finally update.



    All this has made me rethink apple products. I was going to buy my son an ipad for christmas, but that's not happening now. How long has this update been out, how many hits on "ios6 battery" is there online and there is nothing out there to fix this yet? Unacceptable. I have done everything I could find on these forums to get my phone back to where it was before the update and nothing has worked.



    I am so disgusted with apple that I am looking at replacing our phones with droids and never going back to apple again. For a company that claims they're the best out there, have the best products, well, all I can say is that it seems like a lot of your customers don't think so, and at this rate, you're going to be losing customers pretty quickly if they have to walk around looking for wall outlets to keep charging their latest and greatest apple products every couple of hours.



    Depending on how things go at the apple store this weekend, I may very well be a droid convert by the end of the weekend. So sick of this apple BS.

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    Just wanted to add some of my experiences regarding this issue.
    First off, always had great battery life w/ ios5.1.1 before I decided to upgrade to ios6 a few months back.

    Within a few days of updating, battery life had degraded so dramatically that I did a restore of my phone, wiped it clean, then added content back on from icloud. Battery issues have persisted since. Standby times are okay, but battery drains rapidly during use(email, safari, music, streaming music on 3G etc), roughly 1% every couple of minutes. I've tried a multitude of suggestions from this thread over the past month+ without success, including resets, erasing apps, and basically tinkering with every conceivable setting I could find, but alas, no luck. As my warranty is nearly up, I decided to make a trip to the apple store for a genius apointment last week. Apple rep. told me the issue was likely due to apps crashing or looping due to incompatibility with ios6. She ran a battery diagnostics test and told me my battery was showing normal results. We then reset the iphone(including a firmware reset I believe), afterwards I reloaded my phone from my icloud backup. Battery drain continued over the weekend. 2nd genius apointment this morning resulted in another battery diagnostics test being run, results coming back clean. I emphasized that the battery drain is especially bad during use, but acceptable during standby. Rep told me that there was likely issues with apps crashing and looping(same explanation given as the first visit) and that theres nothing they can really do except ask me to wait patiently for an update that will "hopefully address the battery issues". Great. Was hoping theyd consider offering me a replacement phone, but appears theyre not willing to take such action unless they can detect specific hardware failure. Seems to me like such a significant software/ios issue should warrant the same kind of action, but apparently people in my position just have to 'deal with it'. Very, very frustrating.