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    Just demand a new phone and don't upgrade to the new software when it asks you to. They have replaced two 4s phones for me. One was out of warrantee but I told them it didn't matter because they creates the problem. Good luck.

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    Can anyone please tell me or direct me to an Apple page perhaps that explains *exactly* what will be lost when you do a Reset All Settings? Thanks.

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    Ion.flux posted a detailed description on a previous post. I followed it to the letter and it worked for me. You are saving it in itunes first by performing a backup and then reloading.I didn't lose anything.Good luck!

    Here it is


    1. I connected my phone to iTunes, went through each tab (Apps, Photos, etc.), ensured that I had everything checked which I wanted to protect, and then initiated a backup.
    2. Once the backup was completed I went back to the "Summary" tab and selected the "Restore" option, which then pulled the full IOS6 install down and was applied to the phone during the factory reset process.
    3. Once the restore was completed I was asked to set up the phone as a New Phone or restore from backup. I picked the latter option.
    4. The backup was then applied to my newly installed OS on the phone, and I ejected the phone upon completion.
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    I did a reset and the only thing lost was the password for my wireless network.  Nothing else was lost.

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    Hi guys, I want to tell you what I did and it seems to work.

    I have an iphone 4s for my wife (personally I've been using motorola for a while) and had the very same problem you've descibed. We lost warranty because the phone had a gap in the touchscreen. We thought it was caused by a fall. We also had the power button not working, so I took it to a external technician; they didn't have the switch, so we had to wait for many weeks, but after that he he opened the phone and realized that the gap was produced by the battery, it was physically damaged; it looked like an old battery when it starts leaking, it was expanded. We decided to replace it. After that I made the DFU restore, and seems the phone is working again as before of the iOS update.

    I think that probably there was a whole bad batch of batteries that is failling right now, I don't really know if the iOS 6 was the trigger, but I can say that the battery was not as one can expect from a phone bought on februray 2012.

    You colud go to apple and ask them to open the phone and check the battery, you may still have te warranty active and get a new one.

    I hope you can see what I'm telling in the picture.


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    I have done just this, restored as new, then went back to an earlier backup (in foolish hopes of getting ios 5 back, I know, I know, had to try it though) and once the restore was done, from MY name, I was surprised to see that the texts on my phone were my son's, not mine... So I am restoring from a backup I did yeserday and hope that my own stuff will show up...   One thing though, no matter how I do it, my contacts are always, always messed up with my the contacts from my son's phone, so I am constantly going thru tons of contacts to get rid of his from my phone. This has been going on for as long as we've both had iphones and I don't know how to stop it?


    I am seriously considering turning this into an overpriced ipod and going to a droid, this is SO not worth the headaches, nor the spiking power bill I'm sure to have next month from continually charging this &$#^#@ thing. I plan on going into an apple store this weekend if this latest restore does nothing for my battery and I'm going to raise ****. I am SO disgusted with apple right now... they should allow you to roll back software instead of forcing their crappy updates that are full of bugs on you.


    Seriously disgusted. I will never spend another dime on an apple product after this. Never.

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    I'm using Iphone 5 and after update to iOS 6.0.1

    Battery drains very quickly. so sad Fix please...



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    This doesn't help solve your battery problem but thought you'd like to know: ught-provokingly-modest-0-41year/

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    It's not even really the point of what it costs, but that my cell phone is now pretty much a landline because I have to keep charging it every 3-4 hours to maintain what I had before I updated. (it's good to know though, thanks for that link )

    I went to the apple store today and they were totally useless. They did tell me that my phone/battery is working properly after they did the diagnostics on it (?) and that it is a software issue, which again, begs to ask, WHY are you releasing software full of bugs?? I was basically just told that there is an update being tested right now, but they have no idea when it's going to be released and we just have to hang tight. They even went as far as suggesting I get a battery case for my phone... really, are YOU going to pay for it? I have one, but I don't use it often, only when travelling.  I don't see why I should have to put a bulky charging case on my phone because my phone, which is still under warranty, can't hold a charge.She told me optimal battery life is 5 hours with use, 8 hours standby... I called BS on that because I could go a whole day with moderate to heavy use and a couple days on standby before this update....She said that I had exceptional battery life then... yeah... I DID... now I don't, and nobody is doing anything about it. She said I should not have apps like youtube, battery doctor, etc, installed because they drain the battery.. funny, because I had them installed before and didn't have a problem. I told her that I now shut everything down in the task manager when I'm done with it (because now I have to in order to preserve what precious little battery life I have) and she said that even with doing that, the apps still run... really??


    My phone is still on warranty and they refused to swap it out to see if another one might be better, they said that all their phones now come with ios 6 so I'd have the same problem, if not worse (not sure how they figured that, just lip service because they saw I was getting angry because IMO, this is totally unacceptable). While I was at the Apple store, I saw others coming in with the same complaints, getting the same lip service. Both the service agent and manager totally admitted that it's the software causing problems, but they just had a 'live with it' attitude. Nice hey?

    So, it looks like no matter what is done, what you turn off, what you disable (what's the point of having a smartphone if you're disabling everything to preserve battery life??), until they release this supposed update that's being tested, we're all at their mercy. At least design it so that those of us who are having issues care able to roll back to a previous ios that worked for us until the bugs are all fixed!!


    After this ordeal, and the experience at the apple store today, I have decided (and told the people helping me at the store) that I will never spend another dime on an apple product again.  Not only is their customer service lacking, but the fact that they admit their software is causing issues and expect their customers to not use certain apps, get charging cases and basically just brush people off, not a company I want to spend my hard earned money with. I will be looking at Androids for my son and myself now, using our expensive iphones as ipods until they completely die and I will never look at another apple product again. The only thing worthwhile the manager told me is to provide feedback to apple, but again, look at all the people here having issues, on apple's own forums, and they just turn a blind eye.


    Nice one Apple... how many more customers are you going to lose until you realize that perhaps you should give us more options and come out with decent, proper updates?

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    The simple and acclaimed solution would be to add user controlled logging and restrictions, so users could see what app is eating up their wifi and data plans and battery.

    My experience is the problems are very app specific.  It's either faulty push email logic, iTunes U, or Safari bookmark synching, etc.

    Restoring from new only helps until you reinstall and repeat the offender.

    I used to hate that in android you had to track down the renegades, but now with iOS 6, apple has opened the floodgates and has not caught up on user control.  iTunes U is the best free source of so much knowledge, but the app is so horrible if you set up a bunch of dowmloads there is little control that it will kill your data plan and battery if you try to download from wifi in many situations for example.

    I hate androids business model where google basically loses money to stalk you and everything you do behind your back and make you a product to advertisers, but apple has lost it's best of both worlds for now.

    I'm still loyal because I know better, but they need to listen and respond to keep that.  Lesser of two evils is a losing stance.

    Apple.  Give people the ability to log and control what the heck is eating up our data plans and battery now please...

    Android was so much worse until it gave users the ability to log and control this mess.

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    Well yes, but wouldn't the best solution be to put a decent battery in there.  This country can put an explorer module on Mars but can't make a battery for a smartphone?  Imagine if you had to stop your car and shut everything off every 20

    minutes to save battery power.  How many cars would they sell?

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    I downloaded Chrome and restricted Safari.So I was smart enough not to reinstall what I thought might be contributing to the drain. I skipped ITunes U and the other suggested apps and did not configure mail. Tim Cook was on TV last night talking about the next big thing. I hope he reads these blogs and responds to the last big problem. Reading the experiences of the loyal customers with the Apple store is disheartening to me. I would appreciate someone saying "we know there's a problem and will extend your warranty for 90 days".

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    Thought I should share my experiences with iOS 6.0.1 so far. So I had 6.0, fully operational with no battery life issues on my 64GB 4S. There were some minor freezing problems here and there, where the iPhone stopped and thought about things for awhile before doing the task I commanded it to. But then one beautiful morning (exactly 24 hours ago) I finally decided to upgrade to 6.0.1. I installed it and left my phone to recharge for about 8 hours or so. I didn't use the phone during this time. Then about 5pm local time I removed the phone from charger and started my daily routines. It includes about 10 emails, few episodes of podcasts to download and listen and some music. By the 6.30pm the phone was at approx. 75% with mild use, mainly just music. Maybe for an hour tops. So I decided to recharge it again. I recharged it till 8pm and I believe it was fully charged. By midnight it was 80% without any use. About at 1:45am it was at 20% with one hour of playing music. At this time I stopped the music and left the phone alone. 3am it was at 10%, and now I turned off the Cellural data. 4:10am and we're at 8%. Out of curiosity I turned the Cellural data back on. 4:20am and I was at 3%. So 1% every 2 minutes. Decided to turn off Cellural data again. The last 3 percent lasted for about 2h 10m. So obiviously the battery life, or lack of it, is somehow related to Cellural data. So for upcoming days I will be trying all the stuff I've read from here and if by some miracle one of the things might work, I will post my results.

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    My wife's Iphone 4S just experienced this mysterious battery drain. Next to dead (3%)in less than a day with no usage at all. I started checking it out and discovered that there were 3 apps that were stuck installing updates (looping), Serious battery drain. I deleted the three offending apps and so far it appears the battery drain has slowed wayyyy down. We'll give it a little more time and if its stable I'll try putting back the apps I deleted.

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    This is waht I did for my iphone 4. After upgrading to ios 6.0.1 through itunes, I noticed serious battery drain issue. I switched-off my phone for 2/3 hours and then re-started (re-booted). I used existing battery charge upto the end (0%) and then re-chareged 100% and this process I followed for 3/4 times in few days. My phone is working excellent.  Hope this helps you guys. Just try........


    See below:

    Current charge level: 32%

    Usage:      5 Hrs 22 Mins

    Standby:   5 Days 14 Hrs