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    the iphone maps works fine for me...I traveled cross country and used it in san diego and in the bay area and it worked fine for me.....and I did not notice a battery drain......not saying it isn't someone elses problem, but it appears there is a common element of processes not stopping when they should


    the one thing I can think of with the maps is whether someone uses the iphone map for directions and then does not end the trip when it is done....does it just sit there and keep the location stuff running?


    my battery drain was all about the push mode on email....I changed it to fetch every 15 minutes, unplugged my phone at 6am fully charged, surfed the net for a half hour drinking coffee and had a half hour phone call, and it is currently at 93% which seems good to me.

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    try turning off push on the email settings and use fetch every 15 minutes......this made a drastic improvement for me.....I even have everything else turned back on......everything.....and am getting very satisfacty results....

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    I tried restoring and resetting resetting more than 30 times but nothing did help. then in some article i read windows firewall blocks some of iTunes downloads and one of my friend has witnessed that in his iPod touch. After he restore through iTunes some of icons were missing in his iPod. So what i suggest you to do is setup a complete restore via iTunes and set as a new iPhone. Do not back up earlier data. Windows didnt work for me then i restored via my macbook pro that looks in the same way then i exchanged some emails with apple care and then they called me and advised me. So here is what i did. I didnt back up anything i set up new iCloud and only turned it on. after im getting my contacts back i turn off everything in the icloud except findmyiphone anyway its not working right now and you can turn on other things in the icloud if you want except safari. then i turned every other features on like 3g, celluar, wifi when necessary, location services,important notifications and widgets,push email,facebook and twitter. i didnt turn on iMessage and facetime since i dont use them but they are not affecting very much for the battery either. i set brightness to 50% and set automatic time setting off and turn off everything except compass calibration in the location services>system services. i turned on push email but that can affect to the battery as i knw. and i turned off siri raise to speak by the way proximity sensor is still working and not turning off. i dont know whether thats a bug or not. so first day my battery last for about 2 hrs. im a heavy user i play battery eating games like metal storm and use the handset everytime i can. so the second day it was 4 hours and then it lasted around 6 hours and now i can do same stuff like 3d games playing and the battery lasts for 7-8 hours. its getting improved. i think iPhone needs sometime to setup everything for new os. and keep ur battery more than 80% when u restore and then charged it to 100% and after it fully charged keep it for another hour.  and i use battery doctor which a very good free app and it will help to lengthen the battery spam. then use iphone until the battery drains about 2,3 times and fully charge it. after 2 times you charge the battery keep the device turned off for overnight and them fully charge. battery doctor will help you for that. and i noticed that battery percentage meter is not working it remains in 100% about 40 mins and the rapidly falls. so just turn off the battery percentage and use your phone as you like thats a very good trick. try this i think this would help. good luck. give it some time to readjust and dont restore until then. good luck and cheers

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    Does Apple care to read what users have to say about their product?
    Apparently not. I really think Jobs would have handled this mess differently..

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    I doubt they care, I emailed them about my experience at the apple store about a week ago, not even an automated "thank you for your email" back.


    Pretty sad that they can't even acknowledge the issues on their own forums...

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    Hi Janet108,

    I am not trying to minimize the issue since I experienced it myself and am gun-shy now about watching every iTunes U download like a hawk and have some buggy issues now and that I never did before...  I also hate when fanatics have to rationalize every bug away and I'm not trying to do that.

    I do know they care though first-hand.  Techs monitor their forums and I was among those that got a personal call requesting if I would install a battery usage dump profile and send them the logs to help trouble-shoot this.  I felt a little bad that mine was actually OK by then after trying all these things, and the iTunes U / data bang did not hit until after I uninstalled it and sent the info, but the AppleCare advisor still thanked me for my time, and that phone was 2 years old and I didn't even have AppleCare.  I know they can't call everyone and I understand it ***** they don't give more public assurance on this and can't defend that other than saying I know at least some of them do care and I'm really looking forward to see what 6.1 brings to this issue.  The advisor I talked to said he wouldn't be surprised if they added more tools to monitor and control usage, but I know it's just one conversation.

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    Well you're one of the lucky ones then netsoup. I went into the apple store, with my phone on warranty still, they watched the battery percentage drop like a ticker and still refused to swap out my phone to see if maybe that would help. They tested my battery and said it was fine (and who really knows... maybe once it's off warrantly, I'll magically need a new battery at my own expense...).


    Of course some care, but after wasting almost two hours in the apple store and basically being told "deal with it", I am not an apple fan anymore. I was basically told that yes, they 6.1 update is ****, there is a new update being tested but no idea when it will be released and  I'll just have to live with ensuring I have a charger available every couple of hours or get a charging case.


    I'm sorry, but between myself and my son, I spent a lot of money on our phones, and if this is what their customer service is like, if they release updates that are absolute crap and then just give out lip service to dissatisfied customers, then I will spend my money elsewhere on our next phones.


    I have a special needs child, I NEED a phone that will hold a charge and one shouldn't have to be plugging it in every couple hours with very minimal use (and with most of the features that drew people to iphones shut down). If they went public and addressed the issues, I may think differently, but the way they're handling this situation, and with so many people experiencing issues, well, it's nothing short of disgusting. I know many people who have trashed their iphones and gone to androids and are way happier with their phones (and the amount of free apps) and frankly, after my experience last week, and the fact I'm still having issues with my phone, I will be replacing both our phones in the new year and I will never spend a dime of my hard earned money on ANY apple product again. I realize this will not impact apple in the slightest, but if more people did it, they may just realize that maybe they need to stand behind their product, especially when the issues were their own doing.

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    From what I read here and elsewhere on the internet I have to say that smartphones are a work in progress.  As such they are way over priced and over hyped by the tech websites and magazines.  Because of the huge demand for them the major producers are rushing out inferior products in order to reap big profits.  Customer service is not a high priority on their agendas.  All we hear about in the media regarding smartphones is how many millions of this one or that have been sold and which company is ahead in sales.  If you go to some of the tech websites you find that Android is all the rage.  You won't find anything negative about their phones.  So it came as quite a shock to read a recent newspaper article which stated that 41% of all Android phones are infected with malware and that there is no real security for smartphones as there is for desktop and laptop computers.  This is a serious problem for people who do banking or online shopping with their phones. 

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    iphone 5 or galaxy S111: $750

    Toshiba, HP, or Acer laptop with 1.5 to 2 GHz processor, 2 to 6 GB Ram, 250 to 500 GB storage: $550 - $650.


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    I don't like the spyware adware business model.

    It's easier to opt out of that model with Apple I think because their profits are from the hardware and software, not all subzidized to get advertising info.

    They do need to pull it together and I hope they do.

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    I agree with netsoup. I think Apple is still one of the companies that cares much more about usability and user-friendliness of their products than most other companies. Even though the handling of this issue isn't done well. I think most of the angr people here would feel much better if Appls said at least "we hear you - we know about it - we'll fix it!" instead of feeling just left alone.


    And about the Apple store folks: don't blame them. I'm pretty sure they don't know much more than we all know (esp. when it comes to when the next update will come or what that will fix). It IS as sure as Moore's law a software problem, so a HW exchange won't do anything to the problem (except for showing some care). And the "live with it until the next update" is surely just expression of their own helplessness.


    A few posts (or pages) back someone said "can't they just build a decent battery?". Again - it's a SW problem, not a battery problem and as far as I hear most Android and other phones don't get much more battery life than our iPhones even WITH this issue.

    But Apple is also the ONLY company I know that puts a lot of thought and engineering into their batteries, the charging process and everything (that's why they are glued into and distributed allover the device instead of just putting in a single block from some random manufacturer like all the others do). They had 10 hrs operational time in the MacBook Air years ago already when noone else had even thought about a "Ultrabook" and who often do not reach those times even nowadays.


    The 6.0.1 update fixed the Safari Bookmarks sync error. But that's an "easy" one because the cause and effect are easily determined and fixed. However, the update also made the battery drain problem worse for many people. But if you read through those forums you'll see that there are hundreds of descriptions with thousands of hints and explanaations or what "worked" for one but not for the other. As a former software engineer I can tell you that's the nightmare of error description and tracking because you don't know where to start and alot of the explanations are just leading to nothing. Obviously the main problem is really just the cellular data transmission, but that's also a very vague description and surely also depending on various circumstances.

    So I suspect that's also a reason why it takes them so long to try to fix this.


    (After my complete re-install and setup as new iPhone, I'm back to 1.5-2 days of normal operation without any additional powersaving measures like switching off everything etc).

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    Apple should "wait patiently" until Samsung and other companies stop stealing their ideas and inventions.

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    they car about as much as they can......problem is that their products are so homogenized, that if there is one problem, millions and millions have to deal with it and its just not easy in that regard.


    just look at the lines every time something comes out......they're under alot of pressure

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    or maybe apple should spend less time trying to step on the competition


    my stepson has a motorola droid MAXX.......literally goes 3-4 days on one charge......what's apples excuse?

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    And about the Apple store folks: don't blame them. I'm pretty sure they don't know much more than we all know (esp. when it comes to when the next update will come or what that will fix). It IS as sure as Moore's law a software problem, so a HW exchange won't do anything to the problem (except for showing some care). And the "live with it until the next update" is surely just expression of their own helplessness.



    (After my complete re-install and setup as new iPhone, I'm back to 1.5-2 days of normal operation without any additional powersaving measures like switching off everything etc).

    Then they should be training their employees to properly address the consumers issues if they're that helpless. There's no excuse for telling a customer "I don't know", I'm sorry, but that's just poor business.

    And I have done the complete reinstall and set my phone up as new, and it didn't change a thing, I still had to switch everything off (now a dumbphone instead of a smartphone) and I'm still having issues. Unacceptable.