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  • Douglas Allen Level 1 (0 points)

    Well folks, I have read all the suggestions and tried many. I finally set up as new phone and turned on nothing. No cloud, no location services and installed no apps. 5 hours later battery meter says 1%. I'm fed up. This phone worked just fine before iOS 6.

  • tsalemme Level 1 (0 points)

    yes, taking everything out of notofication center did not work for me either. Now I have another problem. Message alerts will not show up in lock screen even though that is checked in setting. Even putting it back in notification center did not work

  • Janet108 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just saw today that Apple is releasing an update to fix the bugs in the "do not disturb" feature on January 7.
    Pointless since most of us have everything shut off in order to conserve battery life. I love how they're taking notice of the problems posted on this board and fixing that (Note Sarcasm!!)


    Lets hope that they do something about this battery issue in this update too otherwise they're totally and completely useless. I'd not be surprised if they go the way of RIM the way they're handling their own f*** ups!!  Pathetic.

  • tsalemme Level 1 (0 points)

    I just don't know how wide spread it is. I know several people with iphones and I am the only one with this problem and its my second phone (just got a new one)

  • skibum02021 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Douglas,


    I want to start by saying my phone has worked fine since I dealt with this problem almost a month ago. I started by reinstalling as new and then just reinstalled my backup with all the apps and realized I was where I was when I started. Not wanting to do that again, I decided to shut everything off including:

    - wifi

    - cellular

    - notifications

    - emails


    and then turned the phone completely off and on again...I made sure none of the apps were running in the this point, everything was completely off and the battery appeared to not drain. I turned on the wifi and the cellular and again, no drain. I then turned on all the notifications (I was planning to attack the notifications in a binary search if it was the problem) again, no drain. Then I started to turn on the emails and when I got to my exchange-related email for work, the battery started to drain. I changed push to fetch every 15 minutes, and the draining stopped.


    So the bottom line is that all I had to do is change my exchange server settings.....since not everyone has to do this, I am assuming it is either the server settings themselves or the settings of my account on the server.


    I'm not saying your problem will be the same, but what I did do is stop reading all the gripes here and use good old fashioned debug methods and got almost the result I wanted......but the fetch every 15 min has not proven to bother me much.


    start by turning everything off.....and then bring one thing back at a time......since you can tell if you're draining in 5 or 10 min, this should not take you too long.


    the bottom line is that I don't believe it is related to the hardware or the apple IOS in particular. I think there is an issue with the quality control of 3rd party apps, and if you think it is weak here, then the android phone (even good ones like the galaxy 3s) will frustrate you in different ways.....

  • JDFlood Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't think it is as widespread as it feels like when you have the problem. I had the problem for a few days, found this chain in the forum, did a full reset back to factory defaults, drained and fully charged the battery and now my phone will last nearly three days with everything on. I pay no attention to battery life. I know a couple dozen people with iPhones, none have or have ever had the problem. So, when you have it, it is frustrating, but I bet 99.9% (tens of millions of people) do not. JD

  • Janet108 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't know about that JD, most of my friends have this issue too after the update, only difference is they're not posting about it here. For every person who posts here, I bet there's quite a few who are not, or have no idea this forum exists, or just think like me, just go to a different phone altogether because I'm totally not impressed with their response to this issue, nor the lip service I got at the Apple store. 


    My brother had this issue, I know he didn't post on any forum, just googled possible fixes, didn't get anywhere, ditched his iphone, went to a droid and is happy as can be (and this is a guy who was ALL about apple, now you couldn't pay him to have another iphone after his experiences either). Very bad PR on apple's part when these issues are posted on their own forums yet nobody acknowledges it. I have yet to even receive even a generic "thanks, we got your email" message from the email I sent weeks ago now. I realize that other phones have their issues as well, but the customer service here is pathetic and face it, with droids, you're not held hostage like you are with Apple (their apps, etc...). I have had this issue for weeks now, and with a special needs child, I NEED a phone that can hold a charge and not constantly be connected to a charging cable.

  • mrsoczi Level 1 (0 points)



    Finally! It stopped... it stopped draining the battery *a joyful weep* !

    I had to completely remove ALL the notifications (all switched to OFF) and my iPhone 4S on 6.0.1 is finally going into idle state. The "in use" timer has finally stopped moving while on stand-by! YES! I tried almost every mentioned solution and finally this worked.


    I will never again believe that Apple makes fullproof software. This is BS. This is definetly an iOS issue and Apple needs to sort this out pronto.

  • koDiacc Level 1 (5 points)

    i also have issues with my battery.

    started like a month ago, my iphone 4s is now about 14 month old.


    the problem i have, i have pretty good battery life from 100 to 50%, but then it rapidly decreases.  about 25% percent it gets worse. sometimes it falls down from 20% to 10% in seconds.. and a few hours ago, it shut down while browsing facebook while i had 14% left. after i charged it and instantly turned it on, i had 14% back - so why did my phone shut down anyway?


    it seems like there is a really huge problem. i dont know, maybe there is hardware damage. i need do consider changing/replacing my battery - but still, i think also iOS could be the reason

  • tsalemme Level 1 (0 points)

    sounds like your battery needs to be replaced. They are only good for so many charges

  • javiervargas Level 1 (0 points)



    My last post was 3 weeks ago,  i've read all about solutions and definitely for me the solution was to turn off the 3G.   Only i put on when i use youtube or video call,    thus my battery last until 9 hours in use,  and 24 hours in standby.


    Sincerelly,  i' dont believe that notifications for themselves are the fail, or any application,  the problem is the use of 3G networks.





    Best regards!photo.PNG

  • cjrn Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had a terrible time with battery drain since os6 upgrade.   Somehow it has stopped as of yesterday and I have not done anything  to the phone since the original problem started.  After I upgraded, I then took the advice of many and changed some of the settings, location services, etc.  My phone was charged to 100% yesterday AM and today is only down to 50%, a HUGE improvement that I cannot explain.  Any thoughts out there as to why?

  • slaboure Level 1 (0 points)

    Javier, same here, I'm starting to suspect a driver issue with some specific 3G chipset. Is there a way to gather Hyatt info? My device says version 6.0.1 (10A523), model MD258FD, MODEM FIRMWARE 3.0.04. Any better way to get that chipset info, I don't seem to have the right info here.

  • tfezatte Level 1 (0 points)

    I'd say chances are good that an app that wasn't playing well with others updated and the fix happened from that. Since I dumped an offensive app we are back to normal. I've noticed over the past few weeks that the apps have been doing a LOT of updating.


    I have to wonder if Apple didn't supply the developers of the apps enough information or time to fix any issues.

  • TheMarkris Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey guys. I have been following this post for quite a while and I want to share the trick that worked for me.


    1- Charge you iphone completely and after 100% let it chare for an hour more.

    2- Unplug the iphone and restart it by holding down Power and Home button simultaneously and let it go when you see apple logo.

    3- Now plugin the charger again for 2 seconds and unplug it immidiately.

    4- Turn On Airplane mode and turn off Airplane mode do this 7 to 8 times with 3 seconds interval.

    5- After that you are done and see the battery life if its improved or not.


    I have to do it every time my usage and standby time becomes 0. Its a temporary fix for and I hope works for you guys also...



    Mark Ris.


    P.S. Sorry for Bad english i am learning....