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  • tsalemme Level 1 (0 points)

    doesn't look like you have an issue

  • Johnny Gambo Level 1 (0 points)

    I wish I had anything like that from my battery.


    Just got my 4s a week ago. First iPhone and seriously underwhelmed . I have had to constantly search for any help to improve battery life. I have virtually everything switched off and still if I dare to use it for texting etc I can watch the battery drain in front of my eyes about 1% every minute or two of activity and it drains fast just in standby.


    My phone was set up as new a week ago so don't believe doing that again will fix it. I've done the power off tip with holding the home button, all locations,wifi,mail,apps etc off and still useless .


    It's like having a phone from the 90's just about call and text on it but have to limit it, what is the point. I have seriously considered selling it and going back to my Motorola android.


    Will contacting Apple support direct help or are we all just waiting for a software fix?

  • tfezatte Level 1 (0 points)

    41 app updates on my wifes phone this morning. I'm sticking to my guns that Apple made changes in the IOS that the developers weren't told about enough in advance. Make sure your app updates are done and see if that helps.

  • tsalemme Level 1 (0 points)

    yes, my apps are up to date. Does not seem to make a difference

  • Johnny Gambo Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, all are up to date only installed over the last few days, just checked again though and definitely up to date. I have even deleted some . I double click the home screen as well to close everything I have got all push notifications off and manually collect mail.


    Even deleted the hotmail account to see if that helped but no, same drain.


    Thanks anyway

  • tfezatte Level 1 (0 points)

    If VPN is on, turn it off

  • Johnny Gambo Level 1 (0 points)

    Already is off as is time setting, auto brightness on, locations,wifi, even iCloud all turned off . Everything apart from find my iPhone and message notifications is off.


    I have had to but 2 extra chargers so I have got in at home in the car and at work !!


    My android I could surf the web loads , play games, text,call and still struggle to use the battery in a day, my iPhone is needing 1 full charge and a top up at least every day, even when switching off at night and that is with minimal use of a few texts only !


    Really disappointed and wish I hadn't changed my phone, no point if you can't use it and always worried about having no battery.

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    I played around with a lot of the suggestions on the thread. Nothing worked for me. Battery still draining like crazy. As a first time iPhone user I do feel disappointed. My wifes 4S does a lot better with her battery.


    I'm not too sure if I should wait or return the phone. I've had it only since Saturday.

  • waffles621 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'ld take it back and if possible get one like a Samsung Galaxy II or III. My son has the III and loves it.

  • devizesD Level 1 (0 points)

    I think that is the only option for me. This is my 4th iphone in 10 days (3x3gs 1x4s) The 4s was supposed to solve all my problems. How on earth a £450 phone should need to be twiddled with to maintain battery life is beyond me.

    One other note. Someone mentioned to me it "could" be something to do with Tmobile/EE and the phone struggling with the signal and searching. Also if 4g is being installed/ tested on local transmitters the phone will be responding to this.

    Back to the Genius bar in Bath uk, the 5th visit.

    Am returning to Sagem phones (joke)

  • alan120481 Level 1 (0 points)

    Me and my partner both have a 4s each, my battery life is really bad even with as much as poss turned off ill take it of charge at 7am and its flat by 11am and im lucky if it lasts even that long,

    it spends it life on charge plugged into my works pc,

    I have tried everything hard resets end anything listed here to no avail,

    I must say apple have lost 2 customers when renewall time comes,

    worst part is I have had mine since the 4s was launched and 60% of time having it has had problems.

    and my partners is not even a year old and now since the update the camera does not work/ it freezes/ apps dont work ect ect ect


    rant over lol

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    Prior to mid-December I hade excellent battery life: never less than 24 hours combined usage and standby.  Then overnight it dropped to 8-10 hours maximum.  Through these forums I found that something was wrong other than the battery where my usage and standby time was always the same (or within a few minutes of each other).


    Something was causing the phone to work all the time. I tried pretty much every solution offered up on this forum and others: soft reset, hard reset, full reset with setup as new phone, all push settings off, all notifications off, all GPS settings off, all email apps removed, all non-apple apps removed...nothing made a difference.


    Finally I made an appointment and went to the Apple store: Trip 1: they said it was likely the settings and changed them - no change. Trip 2: they swapped the battery - no change. Trip 3: they offered up a new phone on a warranty swap - FIXED!


    Today after 8.5 hours of standby and 30 minutes of use my battery is still at 98%.  Yesterday at this time is showed 8.5 hours of standby, 8 hours of use and 20% battery life.


    If you are having the issue where your usage and standby times are the same, thus draining your battery very quickly, and your phone is still under warranty, I would recomment you just give in and go to Apple.

    Make sure you have evidence of the issue - screen shots saved and the current status showing the same times.  Make sure your have tried all of the other options suggested here and that your phone is set as such (location services off, etc.). Be sure you tell them that you have an issue with your phone usage time which is causing the battery to drain, not necessarily a problem with your battery.  Show them the current status and the previous screen shots and explain to them what you've done in attempt to resolve.



    I am so happy I can use my phone again without worry of running out of juice!  Good luck all!

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    Did ya read my posts a few pages back? I AM under warranty, I DID go to apple, they told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with my phone and that it was the update, all I could do is sit back and wait for a new one to be release (while my phone now constantly has to sit on a charger). I'm betting once it's off warranty, I'll be told something is wrong with it and have to pay to get it fixed.  One should NOT have to go thru all these hoops, taking screenshots, providing 'evidence' in order to get a phone replaced on warranty (which we all know are NOT new phones, but refurbished ones). Do you also suggest we print off all 120+ pages of this thread and take it in with us as well to argue with some snotty 20 something year old that there IS an issue?? I think not.


    I saw on the news last night that Apple's stock is slipping. I laughed at that and thought no wonder, with their crappy updates and crappy customer service, no doubt a lot of people are switching over to droids, as I will be soon enough here.


    Sorry flynny, I don't mean to discount your experiences at the apple store, obviously you had a good one, others, including myself, have not been so lucky, and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend hours there AGAIN arguing with them that there's an issue. Just not worth my time, going to ditch both our iphones and go elswhere, never to spend another dime on ANY apple product again. Ever. I have two phones here that cost me a pretty penny and are nothing but glorified paperweights tied to a cable now...

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    I went to Apple got a brand new phone and still have the problem

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    That's because it IS the updates. The 'manager' I spoke to said that herself. Said that she's been telling people if they're still on ios 5, to NOT update. I guess there's a new update being "tested" (which is a bit of a joke, if the last updates were "tested", we'd not be having issues) but that she had no idea when it was going to be released and if it even addresses the battery issues.