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    Most here dont advocate" turning off everything". However if you are not using BT for example, there is no reason to have it on just because you can. As for location services, again there is no need for most folks to have every app using location so just turning on the ones you actually need will help with unnecessary battery usage. Sure you have the option and right to turn on every feature the iP has but doing so comes at a cost. All people dont use their phones the same way. Apple has lots of features to accomodate all types of users but not everyone needs every feature. There are some great tips available to make your device run more efficiently and without "dumbing it down". But if you prefer having all features running full on thats ok too but again it comes at a cost. Just really depends on whats more important to you really, features on that you dont use or need or more battery between charges.


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    Of course you're right. I do have location on selectively, and other settings are set with battery usage in mind. Generally try to remember to turn BT off when not in the car or using the BT headset.

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    Sure. But this thread wouldn't be 135 pages long if this was just about best practices.


    Many users have been succesfully using an iPhone with iOS < 6.0.x and have faced TREMENDOUS battery leakage after upgrading to iOS 6.0.x or higher, with the exact same services enabled/disabled.


    Bottom line: this thread is about, "ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL", the battery is leaking like crazy.


    I'm thinking about moving to a non-Apple phone, this is a non-funny joke.

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    I understand and yes you are correct. My response was regarding the comment about refusing to turn things off. I agree that some are having abnormal battery usage. I cant say that I do though. Been fine for me every since 5.0.1.  (5.0 was bad though)  Seems 6.1 has maybe made mine a bit better actually. And this is on a 14.5 month old device so the battery has some age on it now too. So if I had brand new battery I would guess it would be WAY better than it was on iOS 5 when I unboxed it. Too bad for those being effected though.

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    I have been fighting the same issue - phone drains 1% every 5 minutes since the 'upgrade'. I have tried numerous things to get it fixed.


    I stopped at The Apple Store and they looked at my phone. The service was great and the people were very knowledgeable. They wiped my phone and did a restore at the store.


    Now my battery is draining even faster than it was before. I can sit and watch the percentage drop every few minutes.  My phone is now a glorified paperweight.  Ever since the new OS was applied the battery is worthless.


    The Apple Store told me the battery is fine, but for &80 they would replace it.


    So now I have a choice -


    1. Upgrade my iPhone after just over a year because of this software upgrade killing my battery.

    2. Going Droid

    3. going back to a standard phone and saving $30 a month


    I wsa really thinking about upgrading my Dell and going Appl, but not anymore.  Software upgrades should not cause these issues. They are happening to too many people and the issue does not seem to be easily fixed. I am very disappointed and wish I would have chosen a more stable phone.

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    I just installed 6.1.1 on my 4S and wish I hadn't.  Two days ago I had no problem with 3G connection, now I'm one bar or less.  I thought 6.1.1 was supposed to FIX this problem from the previous version but its made things worse.  Think some folks need to go back to the drawing board on this one, or provide a simpler service for downgrading your phone to a previous version.  Two lessons I've learned from this company - never be the first to buy their products, and NEVER upgrade if things are working fine for you.

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    It would be the best if we can downgrade back to 5.1.1!

    On this release of iOS there was no problem, everything worked fine.

    We are the customers, we pay for the service, not the apple.

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    In the same boat upgraded to iOS 6.1.1 and no change on the battery drain which is still high, but now I'm seeing problems with the Auto-Brightness also. The brightness is jumping from full brightness to lowest. I should have waited.

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    Don Louv's solution seems to work for me, mainly the bit about not doing anything with meeting invites from the phone. I rebooted (I didn't do anything else), and since then, the phone has been sitting at 100% for the past hour. I'm not doing anything with it, but before it would have burned through at least 10% in that time, so this seems a definite improvement.


    According to Microsoft, they are looking into this with Apple. They say: "To work around this issue, do not process Calendar items such as meeting requests on iOS 6.1 devices. Also, immediately restart the iOS 6.1 device."


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    First off - I have been a devoted Apple fan for 9 years and have continually "converted" friends and family to Apple because their products (under Steve Jobs) have been amazing.  I own a Hollywood Post Production facility and am VERY tech savvy with Apple products.  With that said...


    WHAT THE F&#% APPLE?!!!!!!


    I updated to IOS 6.x on my iphone 4 and the battery drains completely in less than 4 hours!  Went to the Apple store and talked with "Genius".  Did the restore thing etc and it is just as bad.  I was elligible for an upgrade from ATT so I just spent $200 to upgrade to iPhone 5. 




    The problem is with the PHONE SERVICES!   FIX THE FU$^@&* PROBLEM APPLE!!!!!!





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    hi everybody,

    i'm not happy to be part of this post. of course not for all of you guys, but for the battery drain of my iphone 4s 32gb that i would have never experienced. i upgraded it to os 6 and since then it is a nightmare. with os 5 usually my charge lasted the whole day and in the evening i used to have 30-40% of charge remaining, depending of the daily usage. now after charging the phone the whole night, after lunch i need to charge it again as it's 10%.

    what i did? i just texted a little with imessage a whatsapp and one fast phonecall.

    what i can do? does someone fixed the issue or know if there will be an update that would fix?

    it's shocking as i bought my iphone on february 2012 and i have a 30 month contract with the phone company. it's obvious to think that as after 12 month this is the situation, i would need to buy another phone before the end of the contact and even i will pay the fines of the case..

    thank you for letting me know

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    I had the problem about six months ago. My phone lasts a 2 to 3 days now. Have been watching this chain since. I think the most effective (but dones not always work). is to: restore as a new phone, then drain below 20% (or 0% to be safe), then charge fully plus a couple hours. This worked for me, and many people. Just not everyone. JD

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    SOLVED the problem of battery drain with my 4S.. basically deleted Exchange Server, Backed up iphone locally, restored iphone, restore from backup. Before this my iphone lost all of its power in half a day - after doing this I now have 80% of power at the end of a day - which is much better than before. The hint that it may well have been due to an Exchange Server problem seems to have worked.

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    thank you jdflood and terencefish!

    i'll try to do this..

    terence when you say i deleted exchange servers do you mean the microsoft exchange server for mails?

    thank you!

  • Terencefish Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I deleted Exchange server for mail in settings... then did the backup local, restore iphone, then restore backup and then maunally put exchange back in via settings. Hope that helps.