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  • Rory Level 1 Level 1



    It may have worked for YOU, yet many of us have done this multiple times, including other things to no avail.


    please see a couple of posts up that apple REPLACED my phone completely - yet I am on 6.1 on the 'new' phone - I am *NOT* planning on updating for a while as 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 appear to be the culprit for THOUSANDS of users....


    doing a 'reset' did nothing....


    Even a DFU and reinstalling as a new phone did nothing.


    this is a big problem....

  • mattzulu Level 1 Level 1

    Pizza while I appreciate your suggestion, and the intent, I must advise you with this battery once you've reached 100% -any time longer on the charger than let's say one hour is actually bad for long term battery life.  Full cycle charges however, are beneficial. A full cycle charge is when you allow your phone to drop below 20% and then charge your phone to 100% without interruption. Allowing a maximum of 1 hour past 100% on the charger.


    And yes my battery life is still terrible post the most recent update. Apple needs to handle this.

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    I've done all about this topic,   restore, reset all settings,  battery calibration,   delete hotmail accounts (I don't use Exchange) and the situation getting worse!


    Before update iOS 6.1.1 I got until 9 hours in use and 15 in standby,  now my iPhone has 33% and 4 hours in use!  


    PLEASE APPLE,  do something!!


    What's is going on?


    It's too difficult fix a software bug?   Do you need help?  Open the **** problem to the community,   maybe we can fix it, 


    My Ipad has iOS 5, and it lasts until one week!,   and my son plays every day!!!


    This issue and his answer not seem to be a real customer service of a  big corporation photo1.PNG

  • annafromcapon bridge Level 1 Level 1



    This did help my iphone 4 with the battery drain issue.  After I did this, my usage time and my stand by times were no longer exactly the same.  At the same time, however, I turned off the "Do Not Disturb" function.  Something was continually running in the background even when the phone was in stand by.  Now I can go a day and a half without charging (depending on my usage) instead of half a day.  Interestingly, my husband's iphone 4S never had the problem after updating to IOS6 or any of the other subsequent IOS updates.

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    After the most recent update (iOS 6.1.2) its happening to me too! My phone would be warm or hot to the touch both when charging or not sometimes. The battery drains as fast as the other posts I've read. Use to charge my phone every 2 - 1.5 days if it needed it, not I have to do it every 3-4 hours or less depending on usage. I don't use my phone heavily, I'd say light to moderate depending on the work day. I really want this resolved, and have never had a problem with my phone before. My phone is 8 months old and a 4S.

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    Just got back from Verizon and talked with Apple -


    Woke up at 8:30 with 100% charge. 3 quick phonecalls and I am at 33%


    From Verizon - I can upgrade my phone to fix the issue. They seem to thing 6.1.3 is being released soon.


    Called Apple. The tech told me I am the first person she has ever talked to with this issue. I explained everything that I have done. They don't want to lose me as a customer. Their answer -


    Spend $80 on a new battery

    Got to The Apple Store and buy a new phone for $700


    I told her someone from Apple needs to look at this post as well as the others.


    I would encourage everyone who is having this issue to call Apple. They don't seem to read the posts, but if they get enough phone calls maybe we will get some response.


    My next step - I will jailbreak my iPhone since i is worthless. I will run BatteryDetective and see what is draining the phone.


    We are on our own folks. Apples solution is spend more money for a new device.


    If I get nowhere with jailbreaking my next best option is to trade my phone in to Verizon for $100 and upgrade to the iPhone 5. At least I get $100 credit that way.

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    I am trying to post here again, and now there is a message that states "You have included content in your post that is not permitted"....




    No bad words, nothing - just information....


    what gives here?

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    Hey TimK1964 and everyone else on here. Us iPhone 5 owners are experiencing the same battery drain as the 4s owners. Upgrading your phone to the iPhone 5 is not going to help. Apple needs to fix the issues with the IOS 6.x.x It has been like this for me since Day 1 of getting this phone and every replacement (now on 4th) I have ever gotten. Nothing on any of the forums I've tried has fixed the issue. I think it has to do with how good or bad your cell signal is. If you are at work and your signal level is 2 bars (LTE or 4g or 3g) you will only get half of what apple advertises on usage. Right now my phone only get's 4.5 hours of use on a single charge. This was first documented on this web site link:




    Yeah they say UP TO 8 hours but that is not even remotely obtainable lol


    <Edited By Host>

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    I updated my iPhone 4s to 6.1.2. Battery still draining. Everything still set to OFF. Battery life still unacceptable. I agree that apple must not look at their discussion pages. I have seen reference to these discussions elsewhere however, so I do not see them as pointless, but I feel it's time to speak to someone from apple. WHAT CONTACT NUMBER SHOULD I USE FOR APPLE? THAT I WILL NOT BE CHARGED A SUPPORT FEE FOR? Thank you.

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    I don't think a lawsuit is needed yet, though I'm as upset as you. I've had my 4S for 8 months now and could go almost 2 days without charging on normal usage. I still think its the update. I did go to the Apple battery page to conserve what battery I do have for now and it seemed to help some. My battery has stayed at 66% for almost an hour now.


    Though its not a total fix it did help for now til they bring out a new update to solve this.

  • TimK1964 Level 1 Level 1

    I called 1-800-694-7466   The woman I spoke with was very nice to deal with, but as I stated she had never heard of the issue before and wsa unable to offer any help except an $80 battery or a $700 upgrade.


    I was able to get some information today.  My phone has had 431 cycles and when the phone says it has 100% charge, another App says it is at 82%.  I am going to see if I can get both to say 100%.


    I also know that this forum is being monitored.  I made mention of something and my post was deleted, so on the good side someone is seeing all of our frustration.


    I have enjoyed my iPhone and really like everything about it, except this battery issue. Hopefully Apple will admit something is going on. Being ackowledged goes a long way with aproblem like this.


    I agree, no lawsuot needed, just more people standing up and voicing their problem so we are heard.

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    Nobody from Apple reads these forum, this a user to user forum.


    You post was deleted because it is against the forum term of use to talk or provide help for jailbreaking iphones.

  • TimK1964 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks. I had high hopes!

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    sbayley4 and tungsten2k


    I wanted to reply once I had tested the suggested solutions.


    I admit here that I do not know much about iPhones and you were right, the problem was mine. I never take a recommendation as an offense.


    So, overnight, once I could live for a while with a phone blackout and on purpose I left my battery drain down to 20%, I did the DFU reset, set my iPhone 4S as new in iTunes and reloaded iOS 6.1.2.


    Before restoring the last backup, I let the phone in stand-by for a while, so I noticed it was not getting warmer as before and the baterry drain rate seemed to be "normal". I let the phone get a full charge and this morning it worked fine, no extreme battery drain


    Then I restored the last backup with iTunes. All apps, contacts, etc back to the phone. The last thing that was pending was the updating of apps that were showing in the App Store icon in the iPhone. I waited to see if the restore produced battery drain but it didn't in an hour (long enough according to the previous status when the rate was extreme). Then I updated all my apps at once (not clever, but I took my chances on it).


    It works.


    Thanks guys.

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    I am on an iPhone 4S.  Never ever had an issue with it, even in the previous installations of IOS (I removed exchange connections from my device early in the year so I never experienced the exchange battery drain issue).  With 6.1.2 I can tell you that even with my phone on standby my battery time is significantly less now.  This is the first time I've had battery issues and it is very noticeable to say the least.  I'm not even through my work day yet (with little to no interaction on my device) and I'm at 38%.  That's almost 10% per hour with the device inactive.  This is ridiculous, please post an update and fix this issue as soon as possible or give the users an option to roll back to a previous install of IOS if you can't make it "just work" like apple products are (supposedly) supposed to do.


    36% battery

    Usage 3 hour(s), 48 minute(s)

    Standby 9 hour(s), 48 minute(s)