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    Well actually it does work on iPhone. Maybe not yours though but its a known proven solution. It would seem that for folks who have restored and reset and all the other stuff and still cant get their device to work most likely have an app or two causing the issue or in a poos cellular signal area causing the issue. Only way to know is a restore via iTunes then not restoring any backup. Perhaps just setting up the basics contacts, email, etc and see how it goes. If the device works then you know there is an app that creating problems. Install one or two and see. Basically any that use locations or network you need to look for. WhatsAPP or Facebook stuff like that are more likely the ones.


    Anyway the point is either you have a defective device OR an app thats not playing nice and you need to determine which it is. Sometimes restoring iOS and restoring a backup works just fine. Other times it just puts you right back where you were because of some app you put back that is misbehaving.


    The general statements here that "iOS ver x is causing battery drain" is just not the case as there are millions that are not having any issues with the same iOS. Plus you can find those statements in every single iOS version that has ever come out.


    Janet108 wrote:


    didya READ all the pages Pizza? all 144 of them?? Your suggestions have been suggested already, I've DONE all that, on BOTH phones, and BOTH phones are still a POS. I've been having this problem for months now, trust me, your 'solution' does not work. May work on a touch, certainly doesn't work on an actual iphone.

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    You are somewhat misinformed my friend. A li-ion battery and the devices that charge them have circuitry to prevent over charging them. Not the same as the oldschool NI-CAD or Ni-MH batteries. You  can leave your iPhone on the charger 24x7 if you want with damaging it. and the 1.5 or more hrs past when it reports 100% is needed for a full charge. But you are correct on the full cycles once in a while. Again Li-ion technology battery does not really like to be in a severly discharged state. Unlike the NI-CADs they prefer to be at or near full most of the time.

    mattzulu wrote:


    Pizza while I appreciate your suggestion, and the intent, I must advise you with this battery once you've reached 100% -any time longer on the charger than let's say one hour is actually bad for long term battery life.  Full cycle charges however, are beneficial. A full cycle charge is when you allow your phone to drop below 20% and then charge your phone to 100% without interruption. Allowing a maximum of 1 hour past 100% on the charger.


    And yes my battery life is still terrible post the most recent update. Apple needs to handle this.

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    Thank you for posting. Further shows that iOS itself it not the entire issue here. Your reset fixed you and your husband never has any issue. Yet you both use the same iOS that everyone else does. Its more of a conflict with some app or configuration. The $10,000 question is which ones. FB and WhatsApp seems to have come up numerous times in the past. But who knows. trial and error only way to know

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    sunking101 - I was told by the Apple Store to put a new battery in.  I also called Apple Tech Support and was told to put a new battery in.  They didn't believe me that it happened with the install of the new OS.  I was told that I was the first person who called in to complain about battery life after the upgrade.


    I am at 431 for a cycle count which some have said is pretty good for a battery. Sometimes I miss the days before cell phones, they were a lot easier. A quarter in the pocket and bike riding all day with no worries of batteries.

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    Wow thats sad. So you are the first person EVER to complain about poor battery life and the guy next to you was the only one EVER to have WIFI issues. Its sad that they play that game rather than just acknowledge and offer some assistance. Its ok not to be perfect so dont have to pretend otherwise.  Hope you get it worked out whatever you end up doing.

    TimK1964 wrote:


    Just got back from Verizon and talked with Apple -


    Woke up at 8:30 with 100% charge. 3 quick phonecalls and I am at 33%


    From Verizon - I can upgrade my phone to fix the issue. They seem to thing 6.1.3 is being released soon.


    Called Apple. The tech told me I am the first person she has ever talked to with this issue. I explained everything that I have done. They don't want to lose me as a customer. Their answer -


    Spend $80 on a new battery

    Got to The Apple Store and buy a new phone for $700


    I told her someone from Apple needs to look at this post as well as the others.


    I would encourage everyone who is having this issue to call Apple. They don't seem to read the posts, but if they get enough phone calls maybe we will get some response.


    My next step - I will jailbreak my iPhone since i is worthless. I will run BatteryDetective and see what is draining the phone.


    We are on our own folks. Apples solution is spend more money for a new device.


    If I get nowhere with jailbreaking my next best option is to trade my phone in to Verizon for $100 and upgrade to the iPhone 5. At least I get $100 credit that way.

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    Awesome! Glad you got it working. The 20% thing is ok but really the let it die totally is what helps with the calibration process. Anyway I appreciate you posting back with your results and glad you got it working now. Take care!

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    Well first step, delete all email accounts. reboot then add them back. If no help settings>reset>reset network settings. The usage and standby being the  exact same is indicative to a hung up email acct or some network process continuously running

    mhg8 wrote:




    I have the same problem as you, but mig bigget frustation is, that my standby time and my usage time is equal. If my phone can last lets say 11 hours, my phone says that usage time is maybe 10 hours and 45 minutes, while my standby says 11 hours. And i maybe used my phone for a total of 30 minutes. That the most frustating thing. So i restored iPhone from new but didn't help, I know we all have this problem, but can anyone solve this?

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    Yeah you gcan get them online for really cheap. Not hard to install just get ehr pentelope tool (whatever they call it) that removes the two screws at the bottom and slide the back cover up to expose the battery. There are videos showing you exactly how to accomplish this. I am not suggesting this particular site and have no knowledge of their quality but there is information and videos here to show you how to do it.

  ernal&at=internal&keyword=Iphone%20Battery%20Replacement&utm_source=google&utm_m edium=cpc&utm_campaign=iphone&utm_term=Iphone%20Battery%20Replacement&utm_conten t=internal&gclid=CPrH5N6hy7UCFQapnQodHHUASw#iphone

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    TimK1964- Batteries of that age certainly can go for no reason.  However, as I mentioned before, the calibration algorithm 1) seems to be considerably slower on the 4S than on the 4, and 2) is critical for any battery that isn't in "like new" condition.


    The charge IC contains a default charge/discharge gauge profile, and only through the calibration process does it adjust these parameters to reflect the "true" capacity at any one time, for your aging battery.


    That the battery capacity seemed "abysmal" after the upgrade (when the battery gauge calibration was defaulted) I suspect it's the battery gauge and not so much the battery that has changed (although your battery failing at the same time as the upgrade is certainly possible, even if unlikely).


    I would do as Pizza and sbaily suggest and do a DFU restore to default 6.1.2, setup as new (don’t restore from backup, etc), do the calibration procedure (literally run it for a day, then let it run down overnight).


    Charge it fully the next morning.  Then do it one more time., then use it normally for a few days, allowing the calibration fine-tuning to set, and see what the result is.  If it's still abysmal, your battery may have in fact failed.  The only other alternative, is the proposed theory that, because of the signal strength in your area, combined with some theorized bug in 6.1.2, is causing the radios to be over-used, causing battery exhaustion.


    Take your pick on which one you believe.  Unfortunately only time will tell.

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    Another satisfied customer !




    Glad to hear it resolved everything for you !

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    Here is a better link to watch

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    Well somebody is editing my messages (always says edited by host) when they don't like what I say about Apple lol

    I'm just assuming it's someone at Apple lol


    Based on your responses I see before they are edited, I am quite positive it is the abusive nature of your complaints.

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    I'm having the same problem only I have not upgraded to ios 6 at all.  I'm still running ios 5 and the battery drain just started on me yesterday.  It was dead in less than 3 hours today.  I have not downloaded any new apps in about a month and it is being completely stupid I'm currently chatting with apple support

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    try the reset all settings posted several times, That works for iOS 5 too.

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    tried that first... didn't work at all.  talked to apple care, they had me back everything up and try updating to ios 6 to see if that solves the problem if not i have to take my phone to an apple store and they will replace the battery