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    You're absolutely correct that this is only affecting a minority, but for those people it is a serious issue and it happened when iOS 6 came out. As I said, my 4S is now stable after a clean install and as long as I don't use background or geofence location services so its clear there are still major defects apple has failed to address over an extended period of time. Why don't you try a geolocated reminder and let us know if it works for you without killing the battery?


    To answer your question, my 4S is only a few months old. I took my last one in after it had dreadful battery life following the 6.0 upgrade and they gave me a new one. It was on 5.1.1 and working great until I upgraded to 6.0 at which point all the issues came back. On a 3 day old phone. If that doesn't confirm that iOS 6 has defects, even if it works for many people I don't know what you think does!


    Oh and as an aside my wife's iPhone 5 has a brilliant battery life. Absolutely stunning. But she doesn't use location services at all. She's on 6.0.1 and I'm so fed up with how Apple has handle the 6.x upgrades she will not upgrade again for the foreseeable as its working now but we have totally lost all confidence in Apple after this dreadful mess.

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    sbailey4 wrote:


    Well actually it does work on iPhone. Maybe not yours though but its a known proven solution. It would seem that for folks who have restored and reset and all the other stuff and still cant get their device to work most likely have an app or two causing the issue or in a poos cellular signal area causing the issue. Only way to know is a restore via iTunes then not restoring any backup. Perhaps just setting up the basics contacts, email, etc and see how it goes. If the device works then you know there is an app that creating problems. Install one or two and see. Basically any that use locations or network you need to look for. WhatsAPP or Facebook stuff like that are more likely the ones.


    Anyway the point is either you have a defective device OR an app thats not playing nice and you need to determine which it is. Sometimes restoring iOS and restoring a backup works just fine. Other times it just puts you right back where you were because of some app you put back that is misbehaving.


    The general statements here that "iOS ver x is causing battery drain" is just not the case as there are millions that are not having any issues with the same iOS. Plus you can find those statements in every single iOS version that has ever come out.


    Janet108 wrote:


    didya READ all the pages Pizza? all 144 of them?? Your suggestions have been suggested already, I've DONE all that, on BOTH phones, and BOTH phones are still a POS. I've been having this problem for months now, trust me, your 'solution' does not work. May work on a touch, certainly doesn't work on an actual iphone.

    I've done all that. I've restored and reset a few times now, turned off a bunch of things, etc... I doubt it's a poor signal as i live in a city of a million plus people, towers all over and I doubt it's an app because even after the restores, the battery was draining fast before any apps were added back. Note, this is happening on two different iphones, with different apps on it (mine and my sons). Both phones were perfect until we updated to 6. Apple has looked at both phones and said batteries are fine and had no idea what was going on (even as they watched the battery percentages drop before their eyes). I guess some of these solutions posted here have worked for some people but certainly not for all, if it was just my phone, I'd be inclined to agree it's an app or something, but two phones did exactly the same thing after updating, in my mind, it's the updates causing the problem as both phones could go for days without charging before the updates.


    I have not done the newest update, refuse to as I've read some people's phones are worse after the latest one. Apple really messed up this time and I can see a lot of people turfing their crap apple products and going for something different (and with better customer service!)

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    I understand what you are saying. But if the 6.1.2 is working for some how can it be the iOS. A majority is running 6.1.2 with out a problem.

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    Software bugs often only affect some users as they are triggered by particular combinations of usage and data for that user. However that doesn't change the fact they're still software bugs! 


    The simple fact is that people - probably a minority I accept - saw a huge battery hit the moment they moved to iOS 6.x so it's a defect in iOS 6.x plain and simple. Thankfully it seems most people don't have the combination of usage that triggers the defect and I also suspect it's actually several defects - we know exchange calendars is one cause that's fixed in 6.1.2 but it's equally clear there are other defects with the same battery killing results that Apple have failed to fix for 6 months.


    Combine that with their silence on the matter and unwillingness to allow any downgrades and you have a perfect recipe for disgruntled customers who will never use them again. The game for Apple seems to be that they have so many customers they don't care at all about the minority who are having problems and for me that policy means they're history as far as I'm concerned.

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    Yes. It started with the exchange which I don't use. I log into my Google account seperately.

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    And maybe the the problem lies with the Exchange Admin and not the software or hardware on the iPhones.

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    I read a post yesterday suggesting that we reset and clean all the apps off and add them in a few at a time to see if its an app issue....that maybe an app hasn't updated for the new iOS. That got me thinking. I have a feeling its an issue with the iphone not playing well with Google. My husband & I are iphone, macbook & gmail users. We use the Google Calendar because iCal *****. And, getting all the programs to play nicely together just doesn't happen. Anyway, I also use the Week Cal app because I need a week calendar for scheduling patients, and the iphone calendar *****. In the last few months I've been having more and more problems with the calendar. But I think its a google issue, not an apple issue. Then with the latest iOS updates the battery drain issue became a big problem. Other people have posted that they suspect its an exchange issue. I followed different post that suggested eliminating the exchange account and adding it back as a gmail account. I did that and I think the battery life issue is 25% better. I have noticed other screwy things happening to my calendar since the .1 and .2 updates. So, my gut tells me its a google issue...that it has something to do with apple and google working (or not working) together. And, just to let others know, I've never had the overheating issue. Why can't all these companies play nice together? Its so frustrating.

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    Apple has said that the problem is with the Exchange Admin. Aol, Microsoft, Google. Aol is the one who discovered the problem and advised all there employees to stop using the Exchange because of battery drainage.

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    So if Apple saw it happening they did not offer a replacement? Did you ask for one? Just so I understand, you restored back to default, did not install a backup or any apps and the phone in its factory state was draining before your eyes?  If thats the case I would go back to Apple with the device in that condition and demand a replacement.


    And BTW there is no reason not to apply 6.1.2. Especially if you already have such an issue. Apple will require that anyway before they will offer any other options. I have 2 devices on 6.1.2 and battery life is superb on both. One is 15 months old and battery is better now than it was out of box with the older iOS versions.

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    I read it that way too - an exchange admin issue. But it's not - it's an iOS 6 issue that Apple seems to have fixed with 6.1.2


    But that still leaves other serious issues.


    There's no getting away from the fact this is an Apple issue. Google Latitude worked perfectly for me under 5.1.1 and now kills my battery under 6.x


    That means Apple broke something in 6.x. Period. End of. It's not Google's fault nor Microsoft's, and God knows I'm no fan of either - I'm an Apple fanboi through and through. But they've let us down badly with this and for the first time ever I'm thinking of going elsewhere.


    And that's from a guy who's bought four iPhones, three iPods, two Apple TVs, two Mac Minis, an AirPort Extreme and a MacBook over the years and who never uses a PC at home......


    Anyone mentioning a partridge or a pear tree will be officially killed :)

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    if you read back a few dozen pages, I posted about my apple store experience. No, they didn't offer a replacement. I did go to Apple, phone is still under warranty (just for another couple days, almost a year old) and they refused to even replace it under warranty. When I went to apple, I did have some apps put back on by then and the guy watched it drain about 5% in the few minutes he had my phone in his hand, doing basically nothing with it.  weird thing is that some days it does not too bad (still not as good as before all these updates), but other days it dies with barely any use (and yes, I do turn of the apps, it's become a habit now). Son's phone is the same way. I'm currently on 6.0.1 and I hesitate to update simply because I don't want it to get worse and I've not heard many good things about the latest update, not just here, but other places online.


    Now I'm no techie, I'm not entirely sure what this 'exchange' thing is, but the only email I have on my phone is gmail. My son doesn't even have his email on his phone (he doesn't use email, he prefers text and messaging people on fb, teenagers...) and his phone is the same as mine in regards to losing battery. So that says to me it's something in the updates, because again, we had zero issues with either phone before the update and I've done most everything mentioned here, to both phones, to no avail.

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    It's the people that come on here and battery is better on 6.1.2.  The people that have better battery, can you let us in on how you have better battery and what you did??? If not, stay off the forum....please. We don't want to hear that. I know I don't! Pretty sure is not a valid answer.

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    Everyone has to call Apple or Apple won't know. We won't see another battery fix for awhile, unless Apple knows that this new update didn't work. I'm right with you guys that own a iPhone 4S or any other idevice that's being affected from this new update. Call call call....or we won't get our point across. I know I'm fed up! I have way to many Apple products, I love Apple I just wish this one thing will go away!! No fun having to plug your Apple product in every freaking day!!

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    How about two turtle doves?

    AVRHack wrote:



    And that's from a guy who's bought four iPhones, three iPods, two Apple TVs, two Mac Minis, an AirPort Extreme and a MacBook over the years and who never uses a PC at home......


    Anyone mentioning a partridge or a pear tree will be officially killed

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    Ever since I updated to 6.1.2, I've been experience the same battery drain problem. As well as my phone reseting itself every 10 minutes. It even resets itself in the  middle of phone calls. I had no problems with my iphone until now and I'm just flat out frusterated. Terrible updated. If it's not broke, don't fix it!