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    I understand but sometimes during an upgrade settings or apps or email accounts get hung up during the update process itself, seems to be worse when using over the air (OTA) instead of iTunes.So the process  of updating causes it more so that the actual version is what I am saying . So again I ask have you tried it without installing any apps back? That is the only way you will know if there is some 3rd party app causing your issue. Also if the iPhone is factory fresh and still behaves this way I cannot see how Apple could refuse a replacement if they see it happening.  Gmail can use exchange as well if setup that way so if yours is it could be the the root cause. I guess you have a few options. Upgrade to 6.1.2 and see if it solves it. Restore as mentioned leaving it as default to determine if the device or app is at fault, or leave it as is and live with it. At this moment there is not a lot else for you to do. Good luck with whatever you decide. I hope it works out.

    Janet108 wrote:


    if you read back a few dozen pages, I posted about my apple store experience. No, they didn't offer a replacement. I did go to Apple, phone is still under warranty (just for another couple days, almost a year old) and they refused to even replace it under warranty. When I went to apple, I did have some apps put back on by then and the guy watched it drain about 5% in the few minutes he had my phone in his hand, doing basically nothing with it.  weird thing is that some days it does not too bad (still not as good as before all these updates), but other days it dies with barely any use (and yes, I do turn of the apps, it's become a habit now). Son's phone is the same way. I'm currently on 6.0.1 and I hesitate to update simply because I don't want it to get worse and I've not heard many good things about the latest update, not just here, but other places online.


    Now I'm no techie, I'm not entirely sure what this 'exchange' thing is, but the only email I have on my phone is gmail. My son doesn't even have his email on his phone (he doesn't use email, he prefers text and messaging people on fb, teenagers...) and his phone is the same as mine in regards to losing battery. So that says to me it's something in the updates, because again, we had zero issues with either phone before the update and I've done most everything mentioned here, to both phones, to no avail.

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    Well if that was directed at me as well Im sorry. But the point is that iOS 6.1.2 CAN and DOES work for most folks so coming here and saying "APPLE need to fix this!!!!" Is doing no good either. Those of us who dont have the issue are simply confirming that iOS 6.1.2 is ok to update to in most cases. Also speaking for myself and a handful of others we are here to offer suggestions and assistance for those coming here looking for it. So sir I will not say off the forum. If you want, you can simply ignore my posts thats certainly ok. If this was not directed at me then sorry I responded. I just posted that mine was working earlier in another reply offering a recommendation to another user so assumed maybe you were directing that toward me as well.


    BTW others have come here and asked specifically if iOS 6.1.2 has helped ther battery so posting a yes or no is a valid answer and lets others know that its a possible solution.

    Papasin73 wrote:


    It's the people that come on here and battery is better on 6.1.2.  The people that have better battery, can you let us in on how you have better battery and what you did??? If not, stay off the forum....please. We don't want to hear that. I know I don't! Pretty sure is not a valid answer.

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    I followed what seems to work for some people last night - 

    1. Do the IOS update (the one that is the latest, or if you already did or have it downloaded, then proceed to step 2) 
    3. Use it until it dies (automatically shuts off) 
    4. Plug into Charge 
    5. Leave it 1.5 hours or longer after it reaches 100% --> Undisturbed (preferably overnight) 



    I have to wait a few days to see what happens, but so far the battery is still draining pretty bad - 10% an hour while the phone is idle. I am not sure if that is normal for those who follow this procedure.


    One thing I haven't seen mentioned (I may have missed it). For PC users, I was told by Apple to disable AntiVirus when doing the install/update.


    Not sure what to try next besides go buy a new phone or cancel my plan. I have spent too much time trying to fix a phone, it is getting to the point of not being worth my time.


    I could kick myself for doing the update to OS6, should have left the phone alone.  I am ready to go chuck it in the lake.

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    I've seen no difference following all the fixes. Battery drains horribly on my 4s phone and never had a problem till this upgrade. Seriously frustrated that apple seem to be so slow to react to their customers. Will not be getting an iPhone again after this experience.....

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    It's not about third software,  it's clear that iOS 6.0.1 works perfect.  

    But after iOS 6.1 something is wrong about 3G connectios and drains battery fast.


    I did the following test


    1.  Turn off cell data 3G and turn on wi-fi

    2.  Charge battery to 100% ,  and make video calls, youtube, twitter and iPhone remains in 100% 4 hours!  Only with wi-fi

    3.  After 4 hours i get 99%.


    We need a solution soon



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    Turn off iPhone, reset new, hold your breath and count to ten, spin around 3 times, drink some coffee, rub your belly and pat your head. None of these stupid things work!!! You just install through iTunes and that's it!! If it works great!! If it doesn't's the firmware!!! Omg!! Why does everyone think that you have to install it in some weird way!? You have a weird way to fill up your gas tank? No! None of them work!! I'm telling you the truth!

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    It's funny how they all have a solution to the problem. Some says that this work for them, they say you have to do this. When it was already said what to do to correct the problem by Apple. But they think that there ideal is better. And who knows if there is really a problem it can be there imagination, or trying to get something for free. Bottom line is the 6.1.2 software update is to correct the exchange and battery drain problem.

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    The battery drain issue is real. 6.1.2 DID NOT fix the battery. I wish it did. Apple has to realize this and come out with another fix. Something is draining our batteries! We are desperate for ANY solution. Us Apple fans are upset and Apple thinks 6.1.2 fixed the problem, for my ipad mini on 6.1.2 is worse! My ipad 2 and iPod touch is on 6.0.1 with no battery issues. This whole thing is bigger than the stupid JB! I'm not a fan of JB. I have no need for it, I do have a need for my freaking battery to last longer!!!


    Apple, if your reading this? Please fix this battery drain problem. That's all I'm asking.

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    This is just me doing my due-diligence here:  Reporting that as of today (and who knows what might happen tomoorow?)  the iOS6.1.2 update appears to have corrected my battery draining issue.  No fancy-schmancy removals and reinstalls, no feature-crippling, no secret handshake on-off/charge-discharge magic.  Just said "yes" to the "Install Now" button and all now seems to be well.


    I'm back to leaving location services running, and talking and texting as necessary, and still having a comfortable +/- 24hrs of battery life on my (now!) very cool-running iPhone4  (NOT 4s).  Before 6.1.2, my phone stayed noticable warm all the time, and during telephone use it would heat up to the point of becoming uncomfortable to hold in you hand... and even with location services turned completely off and not using the phone for calls at all, the battery was dead or very nearly so within 8 hours.


    I'm very glad Apple fixed this.


    I am STILL very ****** that the punks in my community Apple Store treated me like I was an idiot when I went in there to ask their advice... telling me there were no "known issues" with battery drain, when Apple's own hosted support forum had a thread with over 140 PAGES of complaints.  For the record, Apple has always been more than fair with me; very supportive and very professional.  I don't know WHAT the **** happened this time... but it had better not EVER happen again.  Facebook is a powerful sales damaging tool, and if I can persuade even ONE potential MacBook customer to buy a PC instead, then at least I'll know that I've done my part to keep them honest.


    Good luck to the rest of you guys!  Sorry 6.1.2 didn't work for you like it did for me.


    Skip Hall

    Homeworks Video Productions

    Suffolk, Virginia

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    Chance from push to fetch options in  hotmails accounts.


    Note: It's not only the drain battery problem but there's a problem with push options with and excesive consume of data traffic with extra cost from the cell plans.


    I strongly recommend to chace from "Push" to "Fetch" options while Apple Team fix this problem in order to avoid extra cost!.


    The proble it's bigger with the iphone 4S (excesive data tranfers even in standby mode)


    In iphone 5 this problem is minor, but it exits.

  • Ricardo M Level 1 Level 1




    Chance from push to fetch options in  hotmails accounts.


    Note: It's not only the drain battery problem but there's a problem with push options with and excesive consume of data traffic with extra cost from the cell plans.


    I strongly recommend to chace from "Push" to "Fetch" options while Apple Team fix this problem in order to avoid extra cost!.


    The proble it's bigger with the iphone 4S (excesive data tranfers even in standby mode)


    In iphone 5 this problem is minor, but it exits.

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    I am currently an owner of an iPod Touch 4th generation, running IOS 6.1.2. I will be glad to help solve your problem with your iPod/iPad/or iPhone.



    1. Update your iPod/iPad/or iPhone to the latest IOS. If you already updated to the latest IOS, please proceed to step 2.
    2. Reset all Settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings
    3. Wait for the iPod/iPad/or iPhone to restart
    4. Once the iPod/iPad/or iPhone has restarted, all the settings have been changed. You may change them back to your personal preference.
    5. Use your  iPod/iPad/or iPhone until the battery dies (until the device turns itself off)
    6. Plug your  iPod/iPad/or iPhone into charge. The trick here, is to leave it 1.5 hours or longer after it reaches 100% --> undisturbed (preferably overnight)
    7. After leaving it 1.5 hours or longer on the charger, you may unplug, and start using. Give it a few days for the battery to Calibrate.



    Apple Support Link:



    Hope that helps!

    If none of the above solutions work, could you please reply back as soon as possible, as I will try to find another solution to your problem.




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    Restore it and do not restore any backups or apps. If the device works then you know there is some app creating your issue. That should help determine what is running out of control killing your battery.

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    Not gonna work....I did that myself and it does nothing!! Try turning off calendar app in the Apple mail app. Settings, mail, accounts, click on it, gmail? Hotmail? Yahoo? And turn off calendar. This may help, don't know if any here has tried that. Something with that calendar and mail app don't mix?

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    people, there is no solution until next updae ios 6.1.3. while you can use you device without 3g and the duration will be longer. with 3G activated battery duration is less than never.

    i hope in this week ios 6.1.3 will be updated.

    all folks no work...