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    I have a iPhone 4s running iOS 6.1.2. I keep it on WiFi all of the time and only use the cellular connection when I have to. When at home, I have normal battery usage where I may be down to 70% at most by the end of the night. However when I go to the office, the battery drains down to the point where I have to recharge it by the afternoon. The cellular connection appears to be good (5 bars) at the office so it should not be constantly trying to make a connection. The only difference I can think of is the WiFi activity is very high in the office and not as high at home. Has anyone else noticed this issue?

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    18 hours is fantastic!

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    After doing 3 resets in a row and set up my ipad mini the battery is looking way better! 3 days standby, 5:57 min used battery % is at 67%!! Set up email, messages turned on, browsing Internet like crazy! Plus playing real racing 3 for 2/12 hours straight!


    I did the three reset as new in a row back to back with 10% left, after the third one I charged it for 12 hours. Put all my apps back on from the App Store NOT from back up. I have had battery issues for months!! Fingers crossed this may have worked! I did this with no phone support, I just came up with it. I don't know why the battery is better? But I'm not complaining. I still think Apple should compensate me for the **** I've gone through. I'll call Apple and take of that after I see if my battery is still the same next week. I can leave it on over night and no battery drain.


    Gonna try this with my iPod touch now.

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    Hi everyone. I posted on this forum about 2 or 3 weeks ago because my battery life was only lasting around 6 hours a day and I didn't think it was good enough, but I believe I've now fixed my battery issue.


    I accidentally put my phone in DFU mode and left it in DFU mode for about half an hour because it strangely would not restart. Once the phone had restarted, I charged it for about 15 hours. The following day, my battery lasted around 8 hours and I was happy with this even though it's still not long.


    For the next 4 days, I let my battery completely drain every night and then charged it as I slept (for about 9 hours).


    Now my battery is easily lasting 12 hours a day, and there have been a few times where it has lasted over 24 hours.


    Like others have said, I think the key is to let the battery drain and recharge it lots of times. I had to to this 4 times but you might have to do it 10 - it depends with each phone...


    Good luck anyway!


    (sorry if none of that made sense, I'm knackered typing this)

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    Sounds good. Hope it keeps improving. Mine lasts two days sometimes more after I did the Reset as New and did a couple full drains and recharges. JD

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    I backed up my phone to my macbook air and then rest all.  like a new phone.  went through the set ups and noticed significantly better battery performance and so far no heating issues.  I've begun to add apps back that were mine in the icloud and still seems better, maybe not as good as before 6.1.1 but definitely better. 


    I had had multiple accounts including exchange and now only have iCloud and Gmail. 


    Whatever, it seems better.  kinda weak to have to blow up your phone and start over but better's better.

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    Even though half my post never make it in the forum. The reset from iTunes three times, let battery has worked on my 4th gen iPod touch. 71% left. Usage 6:57/ standby 19 hours and 43 min. So I think that has worked great for my ipad mini and itouch, I may just update my ipad 2? Not sure yet. Do the reset from iTunes with about 10% remaining. Reset, set up, reset, set up, reset, set up, charge battery for 10 to 12 hours. This battery problem was h e double hockey sticks. But I did this on my own!! And it worked!!

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    Come on Apple...step up to this problem and either provide a fix or allow us a backout to the prior version. I refuse to adhere to all the suggestions in this thread, such as disabling and turning off features that I depend upon, and are the reason I bought this phone in the 1st place. Prior to Monday, I used to run my 4s the entire day till heading to bed - and that is with a Morphie Juice pak doubling my battery life. Since Monday, my phone runs hot, and I completely exhaust both batteries at full charge in the am to zero charge by 2pm. Then I use my wife's Droid for the rest of the day...which by the way rolls thru two days typically without need for recharge. For those of us who depend upon our smartphones for work and play, do us all a favor and speed the release of a fix, and try doing a better job on your testing and QA before releasing future code.

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    I'm glad your post didn't get edited. I post anything remotely close to it post I get an email saying it was edited. Anyways, you are 100% right. Turn this and that off! Why did I buy it than? For kicks! You can't keep or turn anything on or your battery goes dead. My battery was working great! But I can't turn nothing on because of the battery or bug that's in the firmware.

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    Hi, I tried all your suggestions but the problem you have any other suggestions? I'm really desprate.

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    I had the same problem with my battery dying and found an answer here.  This is what I did in December and it helped   And is still working fine.  Hope it helps someone else.


    Go to settings>General>About & scroll down to Advertising>turn ON Limit Ad Tracking.


    Go back to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>scroll down to Systems Services>turn OFF Location-Based iAds

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    The iOS 6.1.3 is OTA now. It was just release today.

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    Are you guys going to install the update?

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    There is no reason not to.

    I am pushing from me or Apple to just add a **** simple battery/data grip to fix these stupid issues that seem random but are just bad programming.  Problem from my gut is sometimes it's badly programmed Apple apps and APIs give you no direct log or control of those.  Most often I think it's a rogue lazy developer that didn't test or keep up with the latest OS, though there are crazy developer tools to test virtually and on devices...

    I see nothing in this latest update that makes any difference for now.

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    I downloaded the new software, still the problem with the battery and the overheating of the mobile persist, the new software doesnt even say it that it will fiz that battery bug, so i didn't expect it too..@Dojemi, I did what you suggested but still...


    Do you think if I take it back to the store, they might be able help me??