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    Interesting point. I have a personal Galaxy s3 and manage a fleet of 4s', also have experience with HTC, ZTE and other smartphones . The Samsung has a similar battery life to the iPhone 4s when you turn all of the features on on both. The one thing that's most annoying about the iPhone is that taking a picture causes the battery to go from 40% to flat within a few seconds. We suspect iCloud syncing or maybe Dropbox so we have a trial running with syncing turned off.

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    Apple Battery problem FIXED !!!


    Finally, i thought this day would never come. I charged my phone just one time in the day.

    Again, i am proud owner of an Iphone (atleast for now).

    Well, if you dont know the reason for my happiness, its because my phone battery didnt die on the same day i charged it.


    Ok now, i am not exactly sure how this worked but am glad that sick problem is gone after so many troublesome months.

    This is what i did:

    First i tried removing all my apps.. (No luck)

    Then if reset all settings to factory default...

    Since that didnt work, i set up my phone as new. It installed 6.1.2 again. Then i disabled all necessary connections, didnt setup icloud and no exchange account.. Still no luck...

    Next i setup my phone as new. This time i downloaded 6.1.3. Still no luck.

    No icloud, no exchange accounts no apps, all possible connections dissabled still NO USE !!!


    Then Finally i disabled 3G and VOILA !!! i have a phone again in my hand.


    Well earlier i used to just disable celluar data, but i noticed that ever since i activated 3G on my connection, i have been experiencing certain network issues and also the network is just at half strength at my house where i always used to have full signal strength. Now with 3G disabled the drain is normal.


    I guess the issue with the exchange server was something similar, it was constantly trying to reconnect.


    Well, it doesnt mean i cant use 3G. I do turn it on when i need to and then turn it off.. I know its not a great solution, but after what i have been through, this sight is most welcoming !!


    I started dumping my apps back, and slowly if all is well will do the same with iCloud and exchange account.


    This is the list of things i deactivated. ( i turn on only when i need them)

    No exchange account.

    No iCloud account.

    Turn off Bluetooth

    Turn off push mail

    turn off wifi

    turn off push notifications

    turn off 3G (most important)

    turn off cellular data

    turn off location services

    turn off auto brightness (manually set the brightness 40% should do)

    Dont automatically send diagnostics & usage

    Turn on "limit Ad Tracking"



    This is my battery status after 36hrs since my last full charge..

    Usage 5 hrs (which includes 1.5 hrs of using the phone as a wifi hotspot)

    Standby 31 hrs

    battery remaining 26%


    Earlier i had to charge every 6 to 8 hrs.


    Hope this helps some of you... If it didnt, Keep trying am sure something will eventually work.

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    "Well, it doesnt mean i cant use 3G. I do turn it on when i need to and then turn it off.. I "


    That is not smart enough as a smart phone!

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    I did it as soon as I had the draining problem...




    But don't think Samsung is any better in battery life.  However, due to fansy stuff of Andriod os, (I don't mind because of that)  it also does drain battery as well.  btw, I found iphone idle time better than Samsung.


    Don't put your iphone away, just use it as wifi, still works....

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    Then why do we have these smart phones??  If we have to turn everything off that makes them smart?


    I just got a 4s because I started to get embarrassed about my cracked screen on my 4, although everything else was working fine.  Now I am watching the battery drain 10% every half hour, even with no use of apps.  Ive restored twice. No luck! I'm so upset.

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    hello, i hate/dislike to bother customer support service.. yet i myself provide customer support and resolve as much problems as i can with evey individual customer. I am new to apple i bought an iphone 4s when 5 was already out. ive had this iphone for around 2 months (after having already 3 exchanges in a total of around 4-5mnts) i use my iphone alot mainly calls due to work and direct customer support. i returned already 3 other 4s' 1st 4s battery dying at 20% & every 2 day dying wit more % 2nd update of ios 6.1.3 drainage battery approx every 2 minutes (-). 3rd iphone same 20% n automatic shut-down... on April 7, 2013 while using my iphone after close to 2 months without the update ios6.1.3 at 20% dies on me- went ahead & dialed apple n i was told that the update 6.1.3 update would fix it. well i updated (unwanting to due to the drainage of battery) result= didnot fix my iphone dying at 20% and battery dies even quicker. im tryin to preserve patience apple.


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    i think checking the prevent ipods, iphones and ipads from syncing automatically in itunes "also" did the trick for me. path itunes>edit>preferences>devices(pc software), before i was like 1% every 3mins or so (nothing turned on), now 1% every 15 mins (with bluetooth/wifi/push mail/siri/loc on), i disabled/deleted icloud though


    if the first didnt work, try

    delete all ur email accounts(inc work email), change passwords of email accounts in desktop/pc, install your email apps again and enter the new passwords

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    Re:  iPhone 4s excessive battery drain, excessive cellular data usage, frequent crashing


    I've been very frustrated with these problems and made numerous calls to AT&T and been to the Genius Bar multiple times, as well.  The phone was literally losing 1% of battery life every 5 minutes.  Also, kept getting texts from AT&T that I was using huge chunks of data, particularly occuring in the middle of the night.  I actually have very few apps, none of which would result in this amount of data use.


    The Genius Bar's only suggestion was to restore the phone ... and this they did twice in 30 days.  In both cases, it worked and normal function and battery life was restored for a day or two - then the same problem again.  I spent hours reading support threads with people having similar problems.  I finally decided to restore my phone at home back (using my MacBook Pro) to the orginial factory settings, without backing up on iTunes.  I did activate iCloud to sync with my MacBook, but I did not add in my work Exchange Account that would sync with all my work email, calendar, and contact functions.  This seemed to be a common consensus on a number of threads and was the theory of my helper at the Genius Bar.


    I've sinced charged my phone to 100% and my battery life has never been better, with no excessive cellular data usage (which I believe was contributing to the poor battery life).  I've made a few calls, answered a few emails, sent some texts, and in 5 hours, my battery life declined 1%.  Also, the phone has yet to crash.  The only thing I

    have turned off is BT, most everything else is on.  However, I don't use facebook, twitter, and many other apps that others do.  After a couple of days, I will add my Exchange Account and turn on each function one at a time, until I can see if there is one particular problem or is it just activation of the account and how the iPhone software interacts with our company's server.

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    Sure, you are correct. I just factory unlocked my 4 one last night and the battery is dieing in couple of ours. So bad.

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    i take this back still having drain problems sigh -_-

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    this is a sample battery drain history with no apps (since I deleted all) and basically nothing turned on no email accounts also, only good thing this time its not "warm/hot" as I end this post 68% 8:16. =(

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    siops ----I had the same kind of battery drain numbers as you.I also tried turning everything off like you did. Mine is back to great battery now though. For me I downgraded the firmware on my Netgear WNDR3400 router at home and now I my battery only droppes about 1% every 3 hours on standby. Yesterday I was home all day and and only had one 10 minute phone call and maybe 20 minutes of web browsing and at night I still had 89% left after 12 hours off the charger.


    The reason I suspected the router is because if I watched the WIFI icon on my Iphone 4, It kept switching back and forth between WIFI and 3G about every 10-15-20 seconds. Check your WIFI icons and see if it's holding or swithing like mine was.


    The strange thing is that my wife's same iphone 4 wasn't doing that. On mine reseting network, manually entering the home wifi SSID and password, etc, nothing worked.


    Once I downgraded the router firmware it's been perfect for going on two weeks now.


    I also read that  people were having other non phone related issues with the netgear firmware. Don't know what the actual issue was, but it's fixed and I'm happy.