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    If you don't use carrier data for anything perhaps making sure all cell data options are disabled (not turning cell data off, just all the suboptions) in general->cellular data might help.  I'm not sure if turning cell data itself off will interfere with texts, but you can turn all other cell data options off in general->cellular for itunes, passbook, etc.

    The best advice I can think of is if you have a developer friend, to hook up instruments while your phone is acting wonky to see what is actually using up a chunk of cpu & memory.  I would sort by cpu usage and review the background processes using the most cpu to start.  I could see the locationd daemon running after turning location services off but it wasn't using any real cpu, at least on mine.  Also if you call applecare and explain the situation they may ask you to let them install a profile that will save battery logs you can email to them to review, or it may be worth asking them for the profile that lets you let them log your battery usage if you are comfortable with that.


    Since you don't have cell data, and the os is very internet based with icloud, it could be that it is trying to catch up on various synchs when you finally get home to your wifi.  I'm sure you already turned off all icloud stuff though.  I've found that just making sure I synch my phone regularily with my computer has also helped with battery issues in the past.

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    Sorry.  Just realized you already said data was off so you may not even see the "sub-options" for cell data and they shouldn't be relevant if it was turned off at the top level I'd think.

    Making sure your phone is synched regularily with your computer with all apps and OS up to date, and that you leave it charging with good wifi available once in a while for the data services to update might help.

    Aside from that, asking a developer friend to double check if something's chugging cpu or memory while this is happening, or asking applecare for the profile that let's you send battery logs to them are a couple other things I'd try.

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    I think the biggest problem with this whole mess is that it's not a single issue so no single fix. For some it's mail, for others it's exchange, and others something else entirely.


    Like I said before in another post mine is perfect now after downgrading the firmware on my netgear router.


    I can't say why this worked because my wife's iphone which is the exact same model and with the same 6.1.3 software and settings was fine. Mine however kept switching between wifi and 3G every 10 seconds or less. When I was home all day, the battery would drain from 100% to 20% in less than a day.


    Now mine, just like my wife's can go an entire day and evening on standby and stay above 90%. With a couple of calls and 20 minutes of app or web use It still stays above 80% after a whole day.

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    Yeah, it could be an interaction with the router.  Also siop's deduction that it could be the cell service could be spot on here.

    Seeing if there is a difference with or without 3G may help, since the signal could be better on one, reducing the "poor cell signal boost" that eats extra battery in some areas.

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    after two days it seems like i've solved my Iphone 5 battery drainage issue:


    Drain battery to complete shut off


    recharge to 100% fully


    Keep charger connected


    Perform Hard Reset and then disconnect charger.




    it seems it is more battery indicator % calibration problem and not the battery or proccess itself.




    Please test and report back.

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    6.1.4 is out. Only for iPhone 5

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    REALLY- well stuff the Ipad users.. Let them all die with the battery drain issues. Apple = lost market share = Customer need more than 4 hours battery life on Apple ipad and iPhone. Other companies are rapidly advancing while Apple count there money WE GAVE TO THEM!. BATTERY LIFE IS A BIG ISSUE APPLE IX IT! They will START SACKING STAFF DUE TO LOSS SALES..Do me a favour -  PLEASE SACK YOUR SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS FIRST.. THEY ARE USELESS !



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    You need to upgrade the firmware. In one of the earlier iOS 6 releases, the battery draining problem was a common issue. You can update firmware over the air, or by download direct IPSW links and doing it manually. (source Some people have already commented above and I can confirm the new iOS 6.1.4 that came out today is only for the iPhone 5. But, that doesn't matter. There was a fix for this if you update to iOS 6.1.3 you should be fine. Go to the settings app and then>software>update.

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    It was just a speakerphone profile adjustment.  I have an ipad 2 and it did not experience the same battery drain as iphone 4 did at first with ios6.  I really think in the end it just needed all apps updated, to be synched with my computer more regularily, a hard reset and I needed to be more aware of what features and apps I used and what used up background data.  I also changed carriers because I was sick of poor cell service anyway.  The biggest tripper for me was itunes U giving real poor indication of downloads that were just hanging and then they would start burning through my data plan and battery randomly.  Turns out the pending downloads were listed in iTunes, not iTunes U, and for some reason they did not use my wifi and kicked off when I left the house to start later, though I thought i had itunes cell turned off.  I think there was a bug for a while where it was not listening to the setting to not use cell data for itunes at all, and there was no other itunes u specific setting for cell data.  Airplane mode was an emergency band aid until I figured out what was doing it.

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    Definately.  I think there is an issue when the OS and Apps are not both updated to the same OS.  If you update apps but not OS, and vice versa, I think there will be extra issues.  Best to keep both up to date at this point.

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    just an update on my situation.  about a day or two after i made my last post (about turning off auto-correct), i started experiencing battery drain again.  tried troubleshooting some more, to no avail.  could not pinpoint any specific issue.  so i thought, "well screw it.  5 more months till my contract is up and i can get an HTC One, I'll just keep a charger in my backpack and get used to charging (at least) once a day."  turned auto-correct back on, and went about my merry business, but left icloud unsynced. 


    lately, i've been noticing a resurgence in battery life though.  for instance, just prior to charging tonight, i clocked 6hrs and some change usage, with 1d and some change standby.  this is the highest i can remember in recent memory, and i haven't done anything other than update some apps.  heartened by this last usage cycle, i turned icloud back on today, and will see if the improved battery cycle persists.

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    I have owned my iphone for 2 weeks now and until this past monday the battery life has been pretty good, about a day and a half of moderate usage and left unplugged overnight, to then be charged the following morning - my last phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) would have died during the night. 



    this week, I am not sure why but the battery has been draining ALOT faster from full charge compared to this time last week.  the only difference is that I now have a Aluminum case on the back of my iphone, which does impact signal reception as far as the signal indicator goes, and my phone has ghost armor body wrapping and screen protection  (blue carbon fiber) on it.

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    It's not about a iOS problem or application error,  this is about use 3G


    When you turn on 3G loads data consumes more energy,  3g was designed as well,



    Searching about 3g and EDGE seems clear.


    Best regards.

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    As a test I grabbed my old iPod Touch 4g, downloaded a bunch of apps on it, load all the apps and left it on stand by for the rest of the day, while I took my iPhone 4s, did nothing else but whatsapp and texting and the battery drained like there's no tomorrow.


    The iPod touch 4g barely used any battery at all, while I had to charge my iPhone twice on the same day!


    This all seems very weird and I don't know the source of the battery drain unfortunately.



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    I have been using Apple iPhone 4S since the past one week and after doing full charge in the morning my battery stays only for half a day. By noon its 30% and ultimately it drains. My usage is normal. In the fear of battery drainage i dont even play games, nor surf youtube which i used to do earler when i was using a blackberry.



    Please suggest me how to get rid of this super fast battery drainage in my phone.