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    The most effective is to reset as new and drain battery to below 20% and charge for a long time... say 10 hours. When this happened to me, I did this and now my phone lasts two days, with activities. JD

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    Thanks... does this mean reset all setting to new???  even today that i am not using 3G and minimal usage of phone my battery is draining rapidly even in the stand by mode i see that battery is going down by 1% in a minute. its really shocking. i am scared to use my phone as i fear it would go dead before i get home. i have the latest updated ioS 6.1.3 software.


    Please help.

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    Rashmi, Do you use Wifi?


    Sit and watch your phones wifi and 3g icons. If it keeps switching back and forth every 15 seconds or less then that's your problem.


    Mine was draining as fast as yours and now lasts for days. I have no idea why mine was switching back and forth because my wife's exact same phone was fine. at first rebooting my router would fix it, but only for a little while. I ended up downgrading the firmware on my Netgear router and my phone has had great battery life ever since.



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    Hi Ray, thanks for replying but I don't use wifi as in have put it off and my location services are also off. I have stopped using  3G and now using 2g :(. It's a new phone n this prob. I feel so disheartened . I had full charge today morning and now my phone is almost dead with 15% charge left. Kindly guide me

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    Yes it does, reset as new, drain less than 20% and fully charge, a few hours past 100%. There are some variants of this, see earlier in string. But this worked for me and many others. Seldom does draining come directly from having one function doing something. My 4S is back to two days per charge pretty much no matter how I use it and what I  have on. I suspect the draining problem comes from some app creating a continuous loop in the background, maybe turning on some function... but you can't see it. The battery gets hot and drains at a rediculous rate. BTW, I had a android that did the same thing before I got my 4S, so the problem can happen on other platforms. JD

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    Actually you can try the settings>reset>reset all settings. Select "set up as new" when it reboots. Then the battery drain and recharge. Let it drain until it cuts off then recharge for at least 1.5 hrs after it says 100%. That is a lot simplier and less destructive than full on restore.  It will keep your apps and data just need to set your settings back like you want.  Then do the full restore as JD stated IF that does not help.

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    Hi ,


    i have reset all settings. Now the battery drain is like super fast. Did you mean that i should wait for the battery to discharge completely and then charge it full and 1.5 hrs more when it completes 100%???





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    As in Delete the Facebook App or is there something else?

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    This issue is a crying shame! 600,000 views and 2,400 posts, the vast majority of which have this problem. Shame on you, Apple.

    My battery was dying very quickly too. 12 minutes on you tube, and the battery went from 100% to 82%. 1% per minute! I think I found a way to fix this. I rebooted my phone (power and home buttons pressed until the Apple logo goes out) 2 or 3 times. Each time, I reset every setting (Settings/general/reset > Erase all content and settings), and every time it booted up, I took it through the set up as a new phone, not restoring from backups. To make sure everything was working, I set up my usual email or other activity, then rebooted and restored erased all content.

    When I got home, I did the same, again, more than once, but connected to my iMac. I have not configured my less-commonly used emails, activated iCloud, fiddled with settings like sounds, etc, nor let the kids play on it yet.It is now running much cooler than it was, and the battery is not dying before my eyes. I have NOT restored from any backups and not sure I will.


    Apple needs to include this type of instructions when a change like iOS changes cause so many issues. I am sure a few steps of what I did were not necessary, but at least it worked (for me).

    Good luck everyone!


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    After adding 2 unimportant email accounts, setting up icloud and other options, my battery drain seems to have greatly increased. I have deleted my icloud account (rather than just turn it off), and along with it went 4 calendars that icloud duplicated. Let's see what happens now.


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    hi, after doing all of the suggested solutions in this thread and no improvement happend, I am resigned to my fate.

    I then decided to look at my SIM card which is a cut out of the original size. I took it out, cleaned the contact points and see to it that it is seated firmly on the SIM tray.


    my battery went from this: IMG_1744.PNG

    to this:



    I merely have to clean the contacts of the SIM. I hope this work for you guys.

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    We have the same problem here. my phone was fully charged at night, when I woke up, the battery is almost 60%. I tried all the suggestions here and in other forums (full reset, home/power button trick, etc) but no luck at all...somehow, the only thing that I can do is setting the phone in airlplane mode (this works temporarily) when it is not in use but it will still be drained.

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    Just noticed that when my phone is near a speaker, theres a constant flickering sound (static) every 5 seconds, i discovered this is so when 3g is disabled, when I enable 3g the popping sound is gone. Might be the one causing drain? I have always disabled 3g til now. Anyone experiencing this also?

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    I was having my battery drain on my iphone 5 and I fixed it for myself.


    I compiled two pages with lots of possible solutions collected from these forums and others. The problem is that the battery drain is caused by tons of different things for different people. So scan through these and see if you've tried them all:




    Hope those are helpful! Note: the 6.1.2 battery solutions have been working for all of the ios 6 versions. Best of luck! And don't give up!!

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    >< sad blogs are blocked by our cos server any other way that I can see your compilation?