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  • uselessSABOTAGE Level 4 Level 4

    I agree with you all that apple has made some poor decisions in how the music app handles our music with iTunes match on.  You should all submit feedback directly to apple they do not monitor these forums and if we have enough people providing this feedback perhaps apple will give us what we want.


  • mattee Level 1 Level 1

    Feedback sent to Apple....



    Since the iOS 6 upgrade, my iTunes match is appalling on both my iPhone 4 and iPad 3...



    - No single song download available

    - No way to quickly and easily know which song you have on your phone or in the iCloud (cloud icons in iOS 5)

    - No way to easily delete songs on the fly (swipe to delete in iOS 5)

    - When playing a song that is in iCloud, it starts playing and some user don't know if it's streaming or downloadng while playing (spinny disk thing in iOS 5)

    - Load of my album covers have disappeared (had the full set in iOS 5)

    - Running very slowly, freezes a lot and sometimes even crashes the app



    The iOS 5 iteration was SIGNIFICANTLY better in handling iTunes match... it worked exactly as I wanted it. Whilst I like the new GUI in iOS 6, functionality has been compromised... this is definately not the Apple 'It just works' ethos!

  • UNLVS Level 1 Level 1

    THis is what I posted im another thread


    I actually called apple and the guy didnt even know it streamed yet and he was their senior advisor.  It does look like it caches but if you restart your device( I have IPAD 3) it does not save.  So his answer to me was to write and write an enhancement request.  this is BS I am traveling to another country next week and I can only download full artists not a single song.  You have to turn off Itunes match to delete what is on your device.

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    Has anyone else notoced that the oh-so-useful cloud icons have gone from video's too. You need to open each individual video to see if it's local or in the cloud.


    *** Apple, give us back our clouds !!  Equal rights for clouds !!

  • Coastercub Level 1 Level 1

    I have also submited a request via feedback page. I encourage anyone with this issue (or any issue really) to submit feedback, if we don't tell them it's crap they won't even think to correct it.

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    I submitted feedback to them yesterday about this problem. It is a serious dealbreaker for me. Music is the reason I got into bed with Apple. They screwed up. I told them that I am currently downloading all my music from iCloud - all 8000 songs. If they do not fix the issue by the time my iTunes match subscription expires, I will move all of my music over to Amazon Cloud Player. If that happens, I really can't justify purchasing new Apple devices, as music is the whole reason I use Apple.

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    Just wasted more than two hours trying to figure this out with iOS6! It was only when I stumbled across this newsgroup that I figured out apple has REALLY SCREWED UP iTunes Match service. Apple has really messed up this feature and needs to take a step back and admit they screwed up. I agree with dennytron and will be seeking another cloud provider if Apple does not fix this as soon as possible.

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    Hey guys,


    You can delete individual songs (swipe to delete) in iOS6,


    iTunes Match must be turned OFF.


    I actually like it better this way in iOS6, we or people in general really shouldn't worry about the iCloud icons.


    If your phone needs more space, the songs (that have been downloaded) you least recently listened to will be deleted first to free up more space.


    (Then again you can still manually free some when you turn off iTunes Match and swipe to delete)


    I read songs that don't live locally on your phone yet gets streamed first (a la Spotify) then gets fully downloaded at a certain percentage thru the length of the song.


    I noticed this right away, it's so much faster, I like it.





  • tazz1973 Level 1 Level 1

    Why do I want the phone to fill up with stuff I don't want on there? I want free space to take pics/videos etc, not have to go delete a bunch of junk cause the phone is suddenly full. It wasn't broken... now it is. I don't want the phone deciding what songs to delete either...


    I shouldn't have to disable a feature to manage something and then re-enable them. I see no cons and only pros with keeping it the way it was. The other stuff still worked the way you describe (ie saved when you hit play).

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    You're totally entitled to your opinion, but I respectfully disagree with everything you said. I just upgraded my iPad as well, and there is only one download link available under an artist due to the somewhat ridiculous way Apple displays albums by a particular artist in the music app on the iPad. So I can either elect to download an artists entire catalogue, or go through and start "streaming" each individual song that I want stored on my device. There is no status bar that shows when a song is being downloaded, unless I click the aforementioned single download icon, which can be quite inefficient when you have an artists complete catalogue but only want a few songs or albums. Also, the lack of cloud icon would cause me to forget what I have and have not downloaded. If I want to see what is stored locally, I have to go over to the settings app and disable the show all music option. If I want to delete songs I have to disable iTunes Match then re-enable it, which takes serval minutes if it works at all. I guess the delete option does work on the iPad, however there are much bigger glaring errors here. If Apple wanted to create a streaming service, it should truly stream and not selectively cache your most recent songs and delete the ones it determines you don't want on your device. If a Mac can stream why can't an iOS device? They should give you the option to truly stream or download if you would like. They should also have a way for you to know what is and is not stored locally on your device. Lastly, a paid service that is supposed to let you manage your music how you want to should give you control over individual songs. I have submitted feedback to Apple and I encourage everyone who has had an issue to do the same. I really prefer to imagine this was some oversight and not how they intended to release it as it has taken a service that was pretty solid with huge potential and has taken it several steps backwards.

  • Dying Sun Level 1 Level 1

    Just submited some feedback as well. This is the truly the only issue I have with iOS 6 - it's ridiculous beyond comprehension.


    The download part of it doesn't bother me so much, as you can use a (temporary) Playlist to make a list of songs you want to download. But you MUST be able to selectively delete media from the device!


    What were they thinking?!

  • andyhollander Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with everyone in this thread who is frustrated. This move provides zero enhancements to the music app- one of the reasons I use the iphone instead of a device with a much larger internal hard drive is the ease of being able to transfer music on and off of it so that I can fill the remaining space with apps and photos. Hopefully they remedy this fast, because the convenience of the iphone is waning.

  • Dying Sun Level 1 Level 1

    True. I mean, that was what made iTunes Match such a brilliant idea. You have your whole music library right there. All the time. You want to hear a particular song you don't happen to have on the device? Fine, just get on a Wi-Fi network (or use the cellular) and download it in a few seconds. Then it's there (for as long as you want it). You get in your car, go jog somewhere and listen to it (without bothering about network connectivity). After some time, you're sick of it? Fine, just swipe and delete it, download some other stuff. It's brilliant and simple.


    What happens now? You want a song on your device? Tough luck. You must download the full album. Wanna delete some stuff you no longer care much about? Tough luck. You must delete ALL your music and then download EVERYTHING else again. Via Wi-Fi! Yeah, cause they won't let you pre-populate your device from iTunes either.


    That. doesn't. make. any. sense!



  • Dying Sun Level 1 Level 1

    Well, unfortunately it seems that this behaviour is by design.


    According to the user manual for iOS 6, page 60, when iTunes Match is on, there's no way to delete songs manually - the system will automatically delete the oldest and least played songs when there's lack of space.


    This is very, very sad.

  • Monty784 Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed. VERY SAD and BIG mistake. I may not renew this year now. I can't believe they removed functionality...

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