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    Easy to fix. Go into settings, turn iTunes Match off. You'll keep all your playlists and the music on your phone, but that will re-enable the ability to swipe and delete. Unnecessary change, but fixable.

  • cypressdrive Level 1 (5 points)

    Seriously?  Once you turn Match back on it kills your library.

  • cypressdrive Level 1 (5 points)

    My complaint to Apple was ...


    I can't delete a song unless I turn off iTunes Match.  Once I turn Match back on it deletes the library on my phone.  Do you guys intentionally plan this crap or is it just lousy testing procedures?  This is a really serious bug, not a feature.  I want to control my library, not allow Match to do it.  My phone, my decisions, not yours.  Fix it.


    Thanks for everyone who puts a bug report in.

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    That didn't work for me. Switching off itunes Match removed the entire library which had been downloaded not streamed from my iPad but left some songs on my iPhone

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    The same thing happened to me. I turned off iTunes Match, and when I turned it back on, it deleted about 2,000 songs previously downloaded to my phone over time when using IOS 5.0. I then tried to sync with iTunes via hard wire but it would only copy to my phone a fraction of my music.  I was then forced to download all my music via wifi, at which point I turned off iTunes Match for good and canceled my recurring subscription. Now, I'm still going through my music list on my phone a manually deleting the ones I don't want (which before I could easily identify with the cloud icon.


    This is absolutely miserable. It is like Apple is intentionally trying to destroy their product and give market share to its competitors. How did any sane group of people with even minimal common sense make the decision to destroy functionality under the guise of improving its product?


    I don't get it. I also don't understand why the media is so focused on maps that they ignore this issue.

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    I just ran into this "feature."  I was listening to an album, and a couple of songs were skipped.  I thought that random play may have been on, but it wasn't.  When I pressed the track I wanted to listen to, it jumped forward two tracks.  Okay, maybe a bad download.  Let me delete it and download the track again.  Lo and behold, the swipe to delete function is gone.  I searched and found this thread.  Not quite sure what Apple is thinking with removing the option to manually delete music.  It didn't simplify anything for me; I couldn't listen to the track I wanted to hear!


    I turned off iTunes Match, deleted the song, then reenabled it.  The tracks I had downloaded previously still seem to be there, and I was able to successfully play the track that kept skipping before.  Apple needs to reenable that functionality.

  • Michel Goldberg Level 1 (5 points)

    In fact, on each list with imported songs you have a "modify" button that you may use to suprress  a tune ou reorder the songs.

    No ?

  • cravier Level 1 (0 points)

    No, unfortunately you only remove the song from the playlist (not from the device).


    If you try this you will see the playlist modified on all your other devices (even iTunes on computer(s)).


    Furthermore, when losing connection you will still be able to listen to it in the artist (or albl, or genres...) view.

  • Michel Goldberg Level 1 (5 points)

    OK : you are perfectly right !

    I hope that it is something that will be discrely corrected in an future update (as it was not possible to suprress à photo from photo streaming before iOs 6).

    Don't you think ?

    Think you and congratulations anyway.

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    Update to 6.01 didn't help.

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    I have the same issue. I have these 4 songs on my iPad that won't play and I can't delete!  I think they were bad or incomplete file downloads that I bought on the iPad.  If I resync this album from iTunes on my Mac, then I have duplicate songs, but the ones I can't play or delete show the download progress circle as empty instead of the song duration.

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    I am having the same problem.  I have unchecked almost all of my music in iTunes and it still won't delete it from the phone.  I can't use my apps because it has installed so much music it has rendered the phone nearly useless. I have spent over an hour on this today as well and am quite frustrated they did this.  I am very sorry I upgraded the IOS.

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    APPLE THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE!!! I cant believe how much apple has changed in the last year. It seems to me that they have turned their backs on the origional customers that got them where they are and are chasing the dollar! Jobs would be turning in his grave(rip). sort it out apple or im gone!

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    Yes, it's very distressing to me. It appears that the new "model" implemented in ios6 is cloud based streaming of all music. It is very forward thinking, in that sometime in the not too distant future we will all have continuous access to high speed networks with unlimited data. Unfortunately, at least in the US, this is not common nor will it be for some time to come.


    In the meantime, unless the song level add/delete functionality from ios5 is restored, managing and storing music physically on ios devices is best done via a master library on iTunes computers. iTunes Match cannot now readily serve as that master library.  As I told the Apple tech, this seems like a big step backward in cloud computing. 


    To delete/add songs on the iOS device, a strategy that I am now using is to manage playlists on the iTunes master library on my Mac and load the playlists from the computer.  If needed, you can start fresh by deleting all music on your device before you sync. Go to Settings, General, Usage, then select Music under Storage.  Then use the Edit button to delete All Music.


    As far as I know, music physically on your device will not be deleted if you turn on iTunes Match, as long as it is in your Match library.  It will remove any playlists not in your Match library.

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    Almost 2 months now living with this misery, still no fix in sight.

    iTunes Match in iOS 6 is a huge disappointment.

    If 6.1 won't change anything then i don't see any value in renewing this... "service".

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