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Simply want to add my son's phone to the find my iPhone app

iPhone 4S
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    Hi Samismom22,

         You are not able to add the phone to your Find My iPhone account unless it is using your apple ID. However apple do have an App called Find My Friends. Its easy to set up and you can add your sons phone to that.


    Hope This Helps



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    He would need to be signed into your icloud account on his iphone and find my iphone would need to be set up on his iphone

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    Then does he always have to be signed into my account to make it work.  That makes no sense????

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    And thanks we did get Find my Friends

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    Sorry must be my explaining.


    If you used the Find My iPhone app you would need it set up on your sons iPhone and you would need to know his password to see where he is.


    On the other hand you can download Find My Friends (Made By Apple) on your sons phone and your phone. You add your son as a friend and can check where his is.


    Is that a better explanation?

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    It would have to be set up using your account.  If he deletes your account, then it would no longer be connected to your Find My Iphone whicj is part of your account.


    It makes perfect sense.  Find my iphone is a feature of icloud.  In order for an iphone to be found by your icloud account, it must be on your icloud account.


    You can set it up for his icloud account and then use find my iphone unser his icloud account to find him.


    Find my iphone is tied to the icloud account.

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    With the feature activated on his phone and you using his login id you can use it. Pretty much what was stated below.

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    ICloud account is seperate from iTunes account, if that is your worry.  The phone would be logged into icloud but he would not be able to purchase stuff unless you give him the password.


    You may want to research the many shortcomings of find my phone.  Works if he left it in his bedroom.  Doesn't work if he leaves it in the classroom and someone finds it and wants it.  Find my iPhone can be disables by simply turning the phone off or removing the sim card.  Search this forum for the many lost iPhone posts.

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    Thanks, I think I have a much better picture of how it works.  This is my first time using this forum.  I will be back, everyone is so helpful!

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    before this Find My iPhone app can add devices.

    I really did when this is an old version. Before I

    have my iPod touch 4th, iPad Mini, and the iPhone 4S,

    and its all connected. Then now I had my iPhone 5S and

    I cannot add my 5S unit, then i'm trying to add until I

    turned off my Find My iPhone on the iCloud from my

    iPod 4th, then it's gone from the list on Find My iPhone.

    So now it's non sense.