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Address book's search functionality has stopped on several occasions and coincides with crashing Address book. Then the address book became corrupted. I had to rebuild it from vcf backups following the Apple knowledge base article here:


Sync Services: Advanced troubleshooting for contact and calendar syncing




The console gave me an idea that certain contact cards caused the exception error. My first question relates to reading the contact id and finding the contact card where the scenario occurred. Here is an example.


CoreData could not fulfill a fault for '0x7fbf03ef77f0 <x-coredata://44178F8F-CF28-4FD9-B405-32EA4521715A/ABCDContactIndex/p1113>'


How do I read '0x7fbf03ef77f0’? Or 44178F8F-CF28-4FD9-B405-32EA4521715A? Or find the data in my ~/Library/Application Support/Address book folder? Each time the situation occurs it may return a different contact ID.


My address book uses iCloud for iPhone syncing. Apparently, iCloud syncing is correlated with these scenarios. 


Troubleshooting and rebuilding my address book took 2 days. After the address book rebuild, the situation happened again, yet address book is more stable.  Please let me know any advice that could help me deal with the scenario better. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)