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  • Rosember Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your efforts, Leonie, but this is another update catastrophe for Aperture users. Of course, I have backups etc. But with every single one of the last three updates I had terrible issues and had to reinstall my >500 GB of data at least once (takes about half a day). How the heck does Apple test these updates (if at all)?


  • Ex1a Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Removing did work for me but after i try to load my iPhoto Library into Aperture the program just says "Opening iPhoto Library" and nothing happen any ideas?

  • dosers Level 2 Level 2 (390 points)

    I too use iPhoto and Aperture, and they share a library. Deleting the plist does NOT work for me. iPhoto can opne the lib fine, but when I try to open with Aperture, I get the crash (exact samel log as above, with facebook).

    Then I re-open with iPhoto which now has to repair the library.

    I wonder - is it getting the facebook plugin info from somewhere else? iPhoto is still logged in (but successfull), and it's in my system prefs as well....


    And, it DOES look like Apple has pulled the update.... ?!

  • dosers Level 2 Level 2 (390 points)

    If you share one lib for iPhoto and Aperture, the plist delete for aperture alone doesn't seem to do it, as it regenerates and crashed the same way. Very frustrating.

    iPhoto opens just fine (with FB logged in)...


    I wonder if the FB enable is global since you can now put in in 'mail, contacts and calenders' in sys preferences. Aperture seems to grab is again every time it starts up and keeps crashing (then iPhoto has to 'repair; the lib). Or is it taking the setting from iPhoto, since the library is shared?




  • William Lloyd Level 7 Level 7 (21,020 points)

    How did you install Aperture originally?  I'd try what Clem recommended in the other thread:


    1) Delete Aperture from your /Applications folder

    2) If you bought Aperture 3 on DVD, then install from DVD and then run Software Update to update to 3.4

    2a) If you bought Aperture 3 via the Mac App Store, then just re-download Aperture from the Mac App Store

  • dosers Level 2 Level 2 (390 points)

    do you still have FB integration enabled in iPhoto, and / or in system preferences (10.8.2)?

    For some reason Aperture keeps crashing with the same log entries (FB plugin) even though I have deleted the plist and looking at it, it doesn't have a FB entry anymore (only Photostream and mobileme)....

  • Ivor Janci1 Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    Within Aperture Preferences, I was able to set up access to my Flickr account via Aperture 3.4. But when I tried to set up the Facebook connection then Aperture crashed on me. I, also, had to remove two plug-ins (Amber and Noise Ninja) because they were also causing crashes, though I don't think they're related to or causing the Facebook connection crashes.


    I'll await a minor update to Aperture 3.4 that'll fix the problem with the Facebook intergration.



  • dosers Level 2 Level 2 (390 points)


    I have bought the DVD, so I guess uninstall and update will be my next step.

    Just odd - the plist delete should have addressed this I would habe thought...




  • megalaser Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    OK I deleted the plist file and Aperture opened OK (I won't use the FB export until they fix this), it updated the library again but now Aperture is 'Processing' (with the spinning wheel and also using 5GB of RAM and running very slowly) and my albums are not showing the number of photos in them. Has anyone experienced this please?

  • Daniel Scott1 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)



    or go to the finder, click the GO menu while pressing the option key. Select the Library item, and from there navigate to the Preferences folder and that is where you'll find the

  • megalaser Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    REALLY wish I had not upgraded, what garbage, Aperture was fine before now all I get is the spinning wheel, Aperture running slower and slower and 'Processing' . . . .' constantly displayed.

  • joedec Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    They are rebuilding the previews. I went to dinner, came back, they're done.


    ... Jeff

  • soltmann Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    OK – for sure the problem is related to Facebook being enabled on a photo library. I share my photo library between iPhoto and Aperture. I suspect using a photo library with Aperture only and Facebook enabled would also cause the problem.


    This problem exhibits itself when Aperture crashes after converting a photo database to the latest edition. Trashing the file does not solve the problem by itself. A never ending "opening photo libary" message occurs after the file is removed.


    To resolve the issue the photo library must not have Facebook account(s) enabled. Here's the fix...


    1. Disable Facebook in System Preferences – there are 2 locations in Sys Pref to remove Facebook: Mail, Contacts & Calendars and Security & Privacy.


    2. Open your photo library in iPhoto. Go to Preferences : Accounts. Delete Facebook account(s). This will not delete your pictures on Facebook, it will only remove the connection. When Apple has updated Aperture to fix this problem you can re-establish the link.


    3. Quit iPhoto.


    4. In the Finder hold down the Option key, select Go from the Finder menu at the top of the window and select Library. Go to Preferences in Library and move to the trash. Alternatively you could open the plist in Text Edit and edit the plugin settings. A prior post in this chain provided those details.


    5. Start Aperture and open up the the shared photo library. All should be good.

  • JungleNYC Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow. I had this exact same problem… I started copying over my 355G library backup (made last night, thank god), but I decided to try to delete the .plst file.


    It worked. Or seems to.


    HOWEVER, my first launch of Aperture 3.4 crashed during the "library upgrade" process. And I'm totally scared that somewhere, in my thousands of photos, there's some glitches. Or something.


    Is there any way to check????



  • pockl Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Soltmann and others,


    Surely Apple does not assume we will fix this on our own by deleting certain files.  I imagine Apple will fix this with a quick update, correct?  I cannot believe this update was released.  Pretty much a pain in the arse.

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