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  • Mike75565466645 Level 1 Level 1

    just want to add my name to the list of those in the UK who think the Apple maps are a massive backward step


    want my google maps back

  • Louis XIV Level 1 Level 1

    Total disaster. I use the Google maps for emergency response. The new mapping system *****. If more people knew about this, the sales would be a disaster also. I won't be updating my phone anytime soon.



  • philipfromeast lansing Level 1 Level 1

    Apple really, really miscalculated (pun intended) with this Map App.


    Here's why.


    The fully integrated mapping feature on the iPhone (and all modern smart phones for that matter) is arguably THE killer feature of these devices.


    Apple made the strategic blunder of assuming that making the iPhone more social (i.e. full twitter and facebook integration) was the way of the future and would be more important the mapping. But, they are dead wrong on that.


    Maps are the most essential feature (aside from communication) that the iPhone has. They not only help you navigate your environment in the most technical sense of the word, but also give you loads of information ABOUT where you are, and where to find important things. And, the whole App ecosystem integrated this mapping feature, which has now been set back 2-3 years by transitioning to Apples proprietary mapping feature.


    Now, I don't blame Apple for wanting to get out from under being forced to use Google Maps. BUT -- their execution of it was completely wrong. They should not have transitioned to it unless and until they were at least on par with the ios 5 version of Google maps. That means, you have to have Street View -- which is sorely missing here.


    But, even without street view -- you still have to have ACCURATE MAPS THAT RENDER CORRECTLY! I think people could live wth (but grumble about) losing things like street view so long as the dang Apple maps were ACCURATE and up to date.


    Obviously, they're not. And that's a serious problem. The GPS in my car is better than these maps are, frankly. Apple should have spent the money to integrate professional GPS navigation functionality instead of chesap Tom Tom junk.


    Shame on you Apple. You have to do better with iOS 6.1 or you are going to have serious problems.

  • Geo82 Level 1 Level 1

    The more I use Apple Maps the worse it gets. It's absolute dog ****!!



    Good God Apple what have you done? I used Google maps every day. It's essential for me. Going to have to leave Apple. Sickening!!


    Up Yours Cook!!

  • flintso Level 1 Level 1

    Whatever the reason was, the Apple map on IOS 6 really *****!!

  • terrytrunce Level 1 Level 1

    "Apple's maps app get the name of a street that's near me right that Google maps gets wrong."


    Congratulations - I guess you got the Willy Wonka golden ticket.

  • philipfromeast lansing Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list of those who think Apple and Google should kiss and make up on Google Maps.


    Apple should switch back to Google maps in their next iOS upgrade -- and Google shouldn't hold back and should let Apple (for a price, obviously) get the FULL functionality of Google Maps. (One of the reasons Apple, justifiably, wanted its own proprietary mapping feature was because Google was holding out on some cutting edge features for use only on Android devices. But, Apple still has to have a functioning Map App. And if it means paying Google to get that functionality for iPhones, so be it. It could eveb be part of a global antitrust settlement or something.).


    In the interim, Apple should spend the next couple of years building out its own map feature to be as good as it possibly can -- and as accurate. IF -- at some point -- It provides comprable functionality -- then offer it as a native app and let apple customers DECIDE whether they want to use Google Maps or Apple Maps as their default integrated mapping service. (They do this with the safari search engine default. You can pick Bing as your default serach engine if you want, rather than Google).


    Over time, as Apple Maps become more and more integrated, and it becomes better and better, you may be able to phase out Google Maps.


    Rethink your strategy, Apple.

  • philipfromeast lansing Level 1 Level 1

    Adding: Eventually, Google will come out with a Google Maps app for iOS 6. And, eventually, all of these apps that use mapping -- such as Around me, etc -- will build in a choice of whether to use Google Maps or Apple Maps as the default mapping application.


    But, of course, that's not a very satisfying way to deal with the issue. And, who knows if Apple would even let App developers do that? It would be a huge embarrassment for them.

  • Richie McMullen Level 1 Level 1

    I love Apple products and what they do, but OMG bring back google maps QUICKLY. I've used google maps everywhere and by god its fantastic. Apple maps is an horrific replacement. I've typed in 'to' & 'from' locations on google maps and never had an issue finding a location, no matter how remote it was. Apple maps stumbled after just a few minutes of searching.


    How to god that google release their maps app on the app store asap.

  • BenMurray Level 1 Level 1

    I agree. Apple Maps is worse that maps on the orginal iPhone. No streetview, poor resolution, place names in the wrong places. I am sure I can't uninstall ios 6, but I would if I could.

  • alkagan Level 1 Level 1

    I miss street view! And the maps are a total disappointment!

    Why would Apple do that? I am thinking of switching tomAndroid for the first time. I just hope they bring the google maps back to the app store.

  • chocobob Level 1 Level 1

    Well, i am from Germany and the apple maps in my region are crappy. A first check shows 3 towns in an area of 20 km at the wrong place with an error up to 5 km. Sorry, this is useless for navigation.




    The satellite pictures are even worse. Apple should have spent more money to buy better pictures. Google does! I will go back to 5.1.1!

  • sixty-nining-opossums Level 1 Level 1

    In (Soviet) Russia Apple maps are huge disappointment to - streets and their titles not aligned, also local businesses that never existed in places that maps points. The only way out is a Russian local maps (Yandex maps) that I'm using for turn by turn navigation and things. Unfortunately, hipster apps (lol) like 4sq are using crappy apple maps, not yandex maps.

    But gues I hope that Apple will improve their maps. You know Rome wasn't built in a day too.

    But for **** sake where are the buildings on the maps what the ****

  • Martin Jefferies Level 1 Level 1

    The new map application has simply wiped my town off the map!  The consequence of this is that my postal location is totally wrong.  For good measure the satellite view of my area is in black and white whereas adjoining ones are in colour.  I also find that the zoom facility no longer allows close up ups,  a local village for example simply fails to appear as none of it's buildings are big enough.

  • danldpinc Level 1 Level 1

    The iOS 6 maps are bad, bad, bad -- shame on you, Apple, for being so arrogant to replace a great app with bad, non-functional app because Google is competition. The replacement should be minimally as good and it isn't even close.

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