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    The only thing litigation will get is some paltry settlement

    (if any) and richer lawyers.  It's just a fact of life.

  • Derek Fernandez Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks so much Maps Mad!  It seems you've experience with a lot of the maps apps! (can I give you points?)


    I tried Maps+, and does get me out of a bind, but the search seems to be a little lacking (sometimes no hits compared to Apple/Google) Your workaround ideas have helped me! 


    Yes, I agree the vector aspect of Apple Maps is a leap forward, just need their data and search to catch up now.


    Following your advice below I researched the below apps and decided to buy two of the cheap options - StreetViewer and MyMap+ - by the same developer, "".  They are basically the same app, but StreetViewer's interface is a little more intuative, I think. 


    Most importantly, they have confirmed they will be updating on 3rd October to include Google data on ios6. (should be later today).  This is the concrete solution I was waiting for!


    Thanks once more Maps Mad, you've saved me a lot of money by steering me away from the Tom Tom app!

    Maps Mad wrote:


    Nevertheles Apple maps is rubbish compared with Google, gpsmotion x, Memory map, Navigon, mapswithme, streetviewer, PD maps, nearmap and many others....

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    PS: I meant to write a precise note..but ended up rambling....but posting anyway.


    I have been one of the very early posters on this thread.   I have read lots of mails over the past few days and finally disabled my email notification.   I see how the thread has escalated in terms of passion and ridicule.


    While there could be instances of people posting on this forum in a very negative way, what the people who continue to vehemently support Apple/Maps need to understand is that we were on your side until iOS 6.   This forum is indeed not something that will lead to direct results as this is a "discussion" forum.   Most come here for solutions...but with the kind of bond and passion that most of us have for Apple....lot of us come here just to vent. 


    I am one of those active maps users in the US and was kicking myself on why I upgraded to iOS6 on my 4S.  That said, I have learned to use the google chrome set to google maps.   I think the apple maps are still OK within the US and is not that big deal with the alternatives.   I used to live in Europe and Asia...and when I looked at some of the towns there....its awful.  So, this problem is 100 times more severe for non US customers.


    For those that insist that we should not even vent....and the push back comes with such ferocity....I would like to ask them on what other forum should we be expressing the "loss".   When I say loss here, it is the loss of an icon in our minds.   Indeed Apple will see that customers in the end vote with their feet.   For me personally, the reason why this whips up so much passion is the fact that the one company we looked up to has now fallen from grace.


    The way the maps was rolled out...without any expectations set and the myriad other problems that are coming out such as purple flare....only make us now cringe at the advertisements that tout all these features.  For the first time in the past 10 years (since I got my first iPod) ....I am now on a pause to buy apple.   For those who say that I should simply buy other phones...please know that this is a painful process.   That is because apple affected us deeply and we really admired it....and that is why most of you still defend it.   When the day may come that one of you who is still vehemently advocating for apple suffers from a will know how we feel.    I am using all sorts of personal/emotional adjectives but that is precisely the point why there is so much passion.


    I was looking for the iPhone 5 release eagerly...tracked all the live blogs etc.   I am eager to spend my money on apple...but with what happened past few days, for the first time I am now pausing on pulling the trigger.   Apple should realize that this is a kind of inflection point in their trajectory.   I still sincerely wish Apple to continue to make awesome products like before as they do change the world ....and what happend past few days is a sense of bereavement that can trigger a lot of emotions.   

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    We understand the issues, it just seems a lot of people are making a bigger deal outta this than it should be. Apple has made plenty of mistakes in the past and will make mistakes in the future. We shall see how they handle this when the roll out the "fix" or w/e they give. One mistake does not make Apple less of a beast than it is.

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    Jon, on the contrary, in a short few lines you display the same lack of understanding and empathy to which BPSU alludes.


    Firstly, who are the "we" you talk about? Apple? Apple defenders?


    It may seem (to you) that people are making a bigger deal out of this than it should be. But that's just your opinion.


    You yourself say that Apple has made plenty of mistakes, but then say that one mistake doesn't make Apple less of a company. That's true - but perhaps 'plenty' of mistakes do?


    Many people, particularly outside the USA, are deeply aggrieved by Apple's implementation of Maps. You aren't - fine. You don't think it's a big deal - fine. Please allow those who think otherwise to make a noise. It matters not to you as you're not affected.


    In short, other equally as entitled Apple consumers are not happy with Apple, or their suggested fix. That's all. People keep coming to this forum, defending Apple, offering the same discredited 'solutions' and then belittling those that dare still raise their voice. That's (one of the reasons) this is all so maddening.


    All the best.

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    Glad you interpreted all that from my few lines.


    Firstly when I say we, I say we as in the people who regularly check on these forums and help others.


    Second when I said that people are making a bigger deal I said "it just seems a lot of people are making a bigger deal."


    Next about mistakes, I was trying to convey a message that this is not even their biggest blunder. They have publicly acknowledged the issue and said they are working on improving.


    I understand outside of the USA it may be more of a problem. Sorry, none of us here can change that. We are not trying to rain on your parade, but this is not the channel to voice frustration or opinions. This is a user to user technical support forum. We don't need the rants in our way of helping each other with technical issues. We understand you want a fix, we've offered all that we can offer here, which may not be good enough for some. Please move on to the appropriate channels is all we are asking.

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    why does nobody complain about the weather app?

    this one does what is supposed to do, but it has many shortcomings. yet, nobody seems to care?

    did everyone buy the iphone ONLY for navigation? if so, get a standalone PNA. it so easy to point fingers and si so hypocritic to blame.

  • kaluzu Level 1 Level 1

    that coould happen to Google too. See theie other products, such as Google+. Hey, nobody is perfect .

  • le.bouch Level 1 Level 1

    Jon, regrettably you speak for no-one here apart from yourself. Points, levels and hours spent on this board count for nothing in any real world.


    This is a valid means of getting Apple's attention, albeit indirectly. Indeed, it's the only means as they do not respond to any other.

  • jonfromdaleville Level 2 Level 2

    You speak for no one here but yourself either. Your rants in here count nothing towards anything in the real world.


    This is not a vaild means of getting Apple's attention, apple does not participate in these boards except to moderate. They do not respond at all to these forums.


    Have a good day!

  • le.bouch Level 1 Level 1

    Jon, you need to look up 'rant' in the dictionary. I'm not ranting.


    Once again, this is not a valid means of getting Apple's attention in _your_ opinion.


    I wouldn't presume for one second that Apple take note of anything I say, or indeed any individual other posting. Maybe though, just maybe, they are aware of the total strength of feeling expressed in this thread and others. After all, what have we got to lose?


    Now you have a good day too. It must be sunny where you are.

  • Adam Getliff Level 3 Level 3

    Parlett wrote:


    ... In the UK if you sell something, or provide a service that is clearly not fit for purpose, you have broken the law. If you make false claims in your advertising, you have broken the law. There are plenty of similar trading standards laws in other European countries.


    You might want to check UK consumer law in respect of this iOS release. Yes, if you bought the phone with iOS6 just for maps you could take it back to the shop that sold it to you and get a refund. They might argue that an iPhone is still fit for purpose if you can make calls and access the internet. It hasn't actually stopped working. Just your preferred application has - one of many in the iOS.


    And if you upgraded to iOS 6 for free you probably won't have a case.


    Of course, rather than complaining lots, if it is a genuine issue for you and you simply have to have maps and nothing else will do, then take your phone back and try and get a refund.


    Actually, Which?, the consumers' organisation does have an app for that! You can download it at the app store.


    Let us know how you get on please.

  • DodgeV83 Level 1 Level 1

    JBDelivery wrote:



    1. Evaluating the possibility of changing some stuff around to recover maybe 75% of the functionality using some of the apps recommended on here by Dodge V83. Thanks Dodge, but this may be too little too late. Hope not, if we can make it work we will.


    I was thinking about your workflow earlier, and am quite embarrassed I missed the obvious solution!


    If your workflow was already:


    1.  Look at the Calendar

    2.  Determine the next delivery

    3.  Open Contacts

    4.  Navigate to the Contact address via Google Maps (NO turn-by-turn, but WITH Street View)


    Then this workflow should work even better:


    1.  Look at the calendar

    2.  Determine the next delivery

    3.  Open Navigon

    4.  Navigate to the Contact address via Navigon (BOTH turn-by-turn AND Street View)


    I made another quick video, you'll notice Navigon even brings up the Street View of the address when approaching the destination:



    While I still believe my original video ( showing how you can navigate directly from the Calendar app is much more fluid, until Navigon enables Street View for those directions, you'll be missing that piece.


    Based on my understanding of your requriements, this brings you to 100% of your previous functionality, and beyond with integrated turn-by-turn and Street View.  Let me know if I missed anything!


    Good luck!

  • Parlett Level 1 Level 1



    Re UK consumer law.


    I agree it's all debatable, as someone else pointed out the legal eagles will be the only real winners if it did get to court. However there are laws covering this area outside the US, how applicable they may be is open to debate. To your point though if you went back to a store with an i phone 5 and asked for tour money back based on the non-functionality of maps you'd have a fairly strong case for a refund. It is only one app, true but if you bought a car and the sat nav didn't work properly you'd be within your rights to get it fixed, they couldn't say, but the car still drives ok, come back months from now when we have built a better sat nav system.


    I'm based in Dallas, UK expat, originally from a town of a quarter of a million people that ios6 doesn't know about just south of Birmingham. So none of these options are open to me. I really hope someone in the Uk tries it though !


    As I've posted before I am functional for my purposes with google maps via the browser and live street view app. And living in the world (as far as Apple seem to see it) apple maps even functions fairly well in my local area.


    The most frustrating thing for me was the false advertising of maps, and now just a vague 'we're working on it we'll fix it' apology. No timescale, no commitments, no firm plan.

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    People in the UK complain about the weather ALL the time ... But nobody ever does anything about it ... :-)

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