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    Just had my post removed by Apple


    <Edited By Host>

  • Adam Getliff Level 3 Level 3

    Parlett wrote:




    Re UK consumer law.


    It is only one app, true but if you bought a car and the sat nav didn't work properly you'd be within your rights to get it fixed, they couldn't say, but the car still drives ok, come back months from now when we have built a better sat nav system.


    I'm based in Dallas, UK expat, originally from a town of a quarter of a million people that ios6 doesn't know about just south of Birmingham. So none of these options are open to me. I really hope someone in the Uk tries it though !


    As I've posted before I am functional for my purposes with google maps via the browser and live street view app. And living in the world (as far as Apple seem to see it) apple maps even functions fairly well in my local area.


    The most frustrating thing for me was the false advertising of maps, and now just a vague 'we're working on it we'll fix it' apology. No timescale, no commitments, no firm plan.


      A man after my own heart. I recently stretched UK consumer law to the limit by rejecting a car (bought new) almost two years after I bought it. It was however continually reporting engine management problems which they could not diagnose or fix - a bit more than a faulty satnav.


    I'm not sure rejecting a phone on the basis of maps thing would fly in the UK or Europe, unless one specified at time of purchase that the maps were essential. So it would need to be an iPhone 5 really.


    "False advertising" (as you call it" might have legs but is not a consumer-accessible remedy, IMHO.


    Having read some experiences from the US I am so glad that UK (and EU) consumer law has some teeth.

  • Adam Getliff Level 3 Level 3

    Gosh! Having seen the post before it was edited I can't for the life of me imagine how that happened.


    Sure it wasn't The Illuminati?  Look out for albino monks.




    Does it not occur to you that you are getting a bit boring? You have made your point. Move on.

  • iforumuser Level 1 Level 1

    Derek and Dodgev83,



    Thanks for providing the names of alternate Map apps and your experience using them.  This is something concrete and useful.  This is the kind of stuff we need and it is extremely helpful.  Dodge even made some videos demonstrating some solutions.  Awesome.


    Too many others only want to insult, fight and tell everyone they are stupid.

    I wanted to commend you guys for information I thought was helpful in these last couple pages. Thanks

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    Adam Getliff


    There are a number of relevant statutes in UK and EU law.

    The UK law items are:


    Trade Descriptions Act - correctly describing what is being supplied

    Distance Selling Regulations - allows return of goods if unsatisfactory

    Sale of Goods Act - several areas


    All are quite powerful and geared heavily to the consumer.

    Many large companies have been surprised at the power of this legislation and the cost if defence.

    In general these matters get settled on the steps of the court..

  • William Kucharski Level 6 Level 6
    Mac OS X

    JBDelivery wrote:


    Trade Descriptions Act - correctly describing what is being supplied

    Distance Selling Regulations - allows return of goods if unsatisfactory

    Sale of Goods Act - several areas


    All are quite powerful and geared heavily to the consumer.

    Many large companies have been surprised at the power of this legislation and the cost if defence.

    In general these matters get settled on the steps of the court..


    I would hope the courts would have the common sense to ask why you didn't just return the product rather than complain endlessly to an online forum about it.


    I can't speak for the entire world, but certainly in the US most every iPhone 5 sold is still well within its return for a full refund window, so if that's the issue, you can take that route.


    If you upgraded to iOS 6, I suppose you're due a refund of exactly what you paid for the upgrade - $0.

  • Nogueira Level 1 Level 1

    I have seen that some posts have been removed. They are not mine. But I would like to express my total discordance with it. What the **** is going on? If you are on Apple side you can say whatever you want, but if you are expressing the disgusting Apple attitude, you are banned. Sorry to say, but me and other people I know are starting to hate Apple.

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    Essentially there are firms integrating GIS (geographic information systems) technology, such as LiDAR and high resolution 360 stereo camera imagery on a multitude of applications such as highway profiling, asset management, etc. Most of the best technology is much higher resolution than Google's "Street View" for example. It would make sense for Apple to reach out to these firms, I mention Mandli Communications because I've seen their data.

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    I hereby award you a gold medal for the most helpful and constructive posts here throughout this long thread.

    A big thank you. We're still working on the suggestions you made earlier.

    They don't quite work for us and the sequence you give isn't quite correct - BUT

    You have set going a number of trains of thought and some serious testing..


    We may have a test of one of the new processes (we have to detail and document any changes for accreditation) on Friday.


    It is still MUCH clunkier than using the iOS 5 Map application - we have just one iPad 1 without iOS 6  and its really interesting just how much more effective and intuitive it was to use.


    We also had an nice integrated solution running on another platform within an afternoon...


    On another note we are also in contact now with Apple, and expect to hear what they have to say tomorrow regards their view on a resolution.


    I reserve judgement yet about what we'll actually end up doing.

  • Westmeath Level 1 Level 1

    I look forward to hearing how you go.


    I am experiencing similar difficulties (on a smaller scale probably) here in Australia.


    Apple would recover a lot of goodwill if they simply allow users to revert to iOS 5.1.


    I have returned my iPhone 5 because of the maps & urge others to do the same if you can & the maps are a problem for you.


    I am however still stuck with an iPhone 4S and an iPad 3 both running iOS 6.

  • JBDelivery Level 1 Level 1



    We have 26 iPads (1x iPad1, then a mix of iPad2/3) and 25 iPhones (all 4S).

    We don't have any iPhone 5's.

    We also have 9 iMacs (and even two X severs!)

    We have 4 MacBook Pro's and a MacBook Air

    In the family we have another load of Apple product..

    We have four wireless networks using Airports (lots - we have stone buildings and a limited amount of CAT5 cables..)

    We operate 6 iCloud accounts for work and 5 within the family.


    All we wanted was to quickly get functionality back. That's taken 10 days and we're not there yet. Very disruptive for a small family firm and worse, it's blown the trust we had in Apple for releasing product that just worked.


    I think the handling of the situation by Apple could have been much better...


    Others here on this forum may now see why we didn't just take all the product back...!

  • antkm1 Level 1 Level 1

    Just had two of my posts removed to.  Nothing slanderous only comparing with current Google Android app.

    They are certainly out with force today.  A bunch other were deleted too.

  • JBDelivery Level 1 Level 1



    If you had bothered to read the thread you might actually understand more before you comment, which would be helpful.

    As for the 'upgrade', fine, I'll take $0 compensation for the purchase price I paid for the firmware - but that's not the point..  the hit is for incurred costs, loss of trade, reputational damage, and disaster recovery expense - well we'll see what happens  but I won't be sharing the result here.

    That's for me, other businesses and our advisors.


    Distance Selling Regulations in the UK give you the right to refuse certain purchases by mail order (or internet including downloads) if you change your mind within a period, and other statutes cover being fit for purpose and trade descriptions. This firmware is classed as part of the device under UK law, so if the device no longer does what it did when purchased... Well.. And if you refuse it and can't go back...


    A big hole there that's about to be explored... Probably a first for Apple, cos up to now everything has worked pretty well - and has not been so dire to render a device unusable and certainly less functional than when purchased.


    We'll see what happens.

  • duckdive Level 1 Level 1

    It seems inocuous posts are getting deleted.


    But to reply to Kurchaski who wrote somewhere : "On the other hand, at least in the US I haven't had the iOS 6 maps fail to direct me as well as Google Maps would have as of yet, so it's not quite as bad as it is in other parts of the world."


    He is probably right regarding his personal experience and the experience of those in certain parts of the US.


    But again, dont let that message dillute the reality that apple maps for many users is probably short of even being a beta product.


    Kurchaski's personal experience is that it works as good or perhaps even better than google maps for him. My personal experience is that in less than a week, it has failed on numerous occasions to direct correctly to my destination in Melbourne Australia whereas google maps in 3 years never ever, not once ever failed in that mission up and down the australian east coast, throughout Indonesia and on occasion in Singapore.


    Google maps integrated perfectly as did all the applications i use in the iphone. I loved that about the phone. And the google maps that integrated so perfectly worked perfectly for the task of getting me from point A to point B reliably, and always in more or less the shortest route. Apple maps is not capabable of performing that task and is therefore completely useless. From reading many articles on the subjects, apple will be at the very least months away from where google is today but more realisticly, at least a couple of years away.

  • le.bouch Level 1 Level 1

    Level 2 and above are able to report posts to Apple for editing, deletion, etc.


    Level 2? Hmmmmm....

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