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    Sadly we'd like to avoid this - but have little choice given the size of the investment and Apples refusal to let us go back.

    As for a litigious society, well yes - mostly driven by arrogant companies just seeking all-out profit at the expense of their customer relationships. Being big they can tread all over the little guy. We can't. If we'd done the equivalent of what Apple did here, we'd be out of business within a month.

    We'll see what happens.

  • Adam Getliff Level 3 Level 3

    I can't disagree with that JB


    I just wonder, as I have said before, whether it was prudent to dive straight into the pool without first dipping a toe in the water, or waiting to see if other bathers were eaten by piranhas. 24 hours would have saved you so much pain.


    Of course, you could also have signed up for the Apple Developer Programme so you had access to the software prior to release, then you could have tested it yourself.


    It is not as if the previously existing solution wasn't working.

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    It isn't about waiting 24 hours, more, or less. It isn't about time at all.

    The decision of Apple to speak publically and announce the best mapping service ever doesn't make any sane person think that this update will render the mapping service in his location inferior than a local paper map.


    Only paranoid people in this planet read software license agreements. In my case, I heard about the upgrade and wasn't really keen to do it becasue I am usualy too busy. I received an update notification from Apple over a WiFi connection that appeared on "Settings" indicating that IOS 6 is ready to download. I swear my feeling was WoW.. What a great company to reach me and make this update so convenient and all that I had to do was to just to say OK thinking they have saved my time and effort. When you see after that your device has become a unfunctional as it used to be and also a captive from this company you liked you get the feeling of the "betrayal" from a company you have been "loyal" to for the pasy 4 - 5 years.


    I am in Dubai and Apple Maps is of no use here. It is just a pocket size digital map. That is all. Even it doesn't show the routes, and of course no alternative routes. I was in Riyadh Saudi Arabia earlier this week and I wanted to see if it was any better there. I searched for "Alfaisalia hotel" which is one of the largest landmarks of this capital. All I got was a Pin on planet earth litterally. I zoomed to find that this Pin is located in an inhabitted wood in the US with a phone number in Saudi Arabia. How did such a program pass QA in a company like Apple?? They ****** up but why they don't want to fix it for us by allowing us to get IOS 5 back until they fix it for themselves on IOS 6? Having done the former they would have kept me and million others as their loyal customers and we would have forgiven it for them. But since they have chosen the latter they had definitely lost us as customers and at the same ime didn't gain any benifit from us using their OS 6 trash.


    As you could see it is about emotions here and trust which has been damaged and loyalty which has been exploited. Functionally, I don't see a major difference between Apple and many other smart phone manufacturers. However, it was that emotional bond which made me stick to Apple but difintely not anymore.

  • Adam Getliff Level 3 Level 3

    I can understand that, but there are several types of discussion going on here and you have conflated my response to a different type of issue with your complaint.


    Having said that, you could still have found your hotel using the Google Maps solution that has been mentioned repeatedly. Your device is not "unfunctional" as you claim - it is just that an aspect of it is not working as it should be, and indeed how it used to work.


    I do empathise with your frustration and annoyance, but it is not as if this is not going to be fixed, is it? And you can use Google Maps in the interim. I do. But then I can also find the largest hotel in a city without using my phone.

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    The only way to catch the ear of anyone at the company would be by two methods.


    Don't use iOS Maps and use either the homescreen link to Google maps or some other mapping app that doesn't use iOS maps as it's underlay.

    Keep posting comments on threads and in the "Feedback" section of Apple's website.


    To recap, I personally think most people in the Pro-Apple press and frequently read blogs are missing the whole point of the Maps App, for several reasons.


    Dispite they are vector-based graphics, the geographic information is sub par and too simplified.  They look pretty but are inaccurate and missing lots of key data, like paths/walks.

    It appears they only designed the app for driving and dining purposes only.

    Location names and places are sparce at many zoom views and are not logically selective.

    For many, the lack of in-app transit overlays and views are inaccurate and transit lines are not present.  This should be a priority to get implemented, since a majority of people rely heavily on mass transit to navigate cities.

    Google maps is now including Wikipedia links to key buildings and places and events in history, something every maps app should have.


    In all, Google maps are far more than just for navigation.  They are the ultimate form of the Apple MO of the interection of technology with the Liberal arts.  Google Maps is a learning tool as well as for navigation.  I've lost my self for hours just pouring over Google Maps, learning about places and building with Wikipedia Links, searching neighborhoods when I travel, etc.  And now that is all lost with this update.


    For a complany that has revolutionized the GUI, they sure have no clue when it comes to of the oldest forms of a Graphical User Interface, from a certain point of view.


    Additionally, I think it's pretty bad PR to NOT allow users to revert their OS's back to the previous version.  If we liked iOS 5 Maps better, we should be allowed to revert back to 5.1.1.


    If any hasn't seen what Google is doing with their maps currently, I strongly suggest you take a look to see what you're missing...if nothing more than to get Apple to realize how far behind they are with maps, search and just about any other service that relates to internet-base services.



    Apple made a huge mistake thinking they could out-Google Google with Maps and need constant reminders.  Sure I understand that some of the new Google Maps features were proportedly restricted from Apple in the API, but that's just between those the user (Apple's loyal customers) are the victims of a lover's quarrel, and we have to tell Apple we're sick of it.I forgot to add the most important link:


    This is what Apple doesn't get about Maps.  It's in the Mission statement of Google Maps.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1

    Trying to find the largest hotel in the city example was to check if this iLost App is working or not. If it doesn't find landmarks of the city then for sure it wouldn't find the smaller businesses.


    And repeatridily we have mentioned that Safari basedGogle Maps is mybe 30% as functional when compared to the Native Google Maps App we used to have in IOS 5. So if you don't won't to be bothered bay saying  the device is unfuctional now then I could say it is 30% functionsl. I didn't pay like $800 to buy my 4S if I just wanted a functional phone. I wanted a smartphone that has maps and everything advertised and of acceptable quality. Now can this supplier lie to me later and notify me about an upgrade (without mentioning it is irrverssible) that will make the device's mapping service the best ever then proves not to be working for me? Should this supplier get away with such act?


    Until now I am not able to understand why Apple doesn't want us to go back to IOS 5? What is it that they would lose? What are they gaining from making loyal customers unhappy? We papmer customers to have them stay with us and subscribe for next year. Why does Apple take us for granted and doesn't care about our requirements?


    The situation here doesn't seem to be technical at all. It is all about emotions. Our emotions against theirs. We are talking loyalty, trust, betrayal and all what it seems to be their counter set of emotions are ego and arrogance. And I am sure they have miscaluculated it.

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    Try using google maps in the interim?

    Hope people are willing to wait through YEARS of not using iOS Maps to get better.


    As a comparison, Siri hasn't gotten better in the year it's been around.  Sorry Scotty, Siri didn't change the world. You know what a LOT of people did when Siri stopped being fun and more annoyingly bad at search?  People stopped using it.  Remember all the websites that highlighted how bad Siri was?  Not to mention, remember all those website dedicated to how bad the autocorrect is on the iPhone?  Sound familiar to something we're discussing currently?  Has it really come down to public mockery of Apple's software inventions?


    I just hope Apple realizes that.  You can add as many algorithms you'd like, but if it doesn't "just work" people won't use it. 

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    All those defending Apple on this move don't get this point.


    IOS 6 removed Youtube but who cares? It was a fun application and you could live with any limitation that the change in interfaces between the native and installed applications,


    The native Maps application was a productivity and business tool, and maybe the second most used App after the phone for most of us trying to find a solution here. This is why we are upset and most of us have decided no to buy Apple anymore. If you want us to use Google Maps App then we will instead use the full version that comes on Android devices when it comes to the next device contract or purchase. I am 100% sure that it would take Apple a few years before it could get its Maps to where Google Maps are today. Who knows by that time where Google Maps would be.


    Who plans for this company? A plan that makes your CEO apologize is a bad one. Quit it and come back to what used to work and made customers loyal to you. In the meantime develop whatever you want, test it before release, then contact clients to update. Isn't this the simple logic? Why is it hard to apply?

  • Adam Getliff Level 3 Level 3

    Oh for goodness sake - nobody said it was perfect solution.


    Presumably you didn't paid $800 for your phone JUST to use the maps?


    There have been suggestions posted on how to go back to iOS 5 - no I haven't tried it, but it seems to work for some.


    Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it was perfect.


    To say that Apple doesn't care about your requirements is clear nonsense.


    Yes, you are emotional, and yes I understand why. Are you also reasonable? I think not.


    btw, I just found your hotel using Google Maps without a problem. What is the 70% which is missing?

  • antkm1 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple said it was the best maps out there, in more words than one.  They since have removed some of this wording on their website.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1

    No they said it was perfect and the best ever. "the most beautiful, powerful, mapping service ever" Remember? If not, the pic below should remind you. It is before and after. If this to you doesn't mean a Perfect Solution then please check your logic.


    And when it comes to reason, I think I am more reasonable that you and you don't have the right to judge me or anyone else here. At least I believe that Apple should like me and listen to me because I buy its products. I don't try to find excuses for someone who ****** up.


    I mentioned above that I paid the $800 for the smartphone and all the apps that comes with it + what is possible to download. It happens that the maps is the second most important app after the phone it self.


    No one would have continued on this thread if any of the suggestions to go back to IOS 5 worked and that is another reason which makes think that you aren't here to help. You don't understand the problem and clearly you wouldn't find a solution for it. Sorry you can't get any more points here and you better try another thread. Returning to IOS 5 is the only thing we have been asking for since 10 days from this Great Company. Can you immagine where Apple have reached with customer relationship? to a point where "downgrading" becomes a wish and a refused solution.


    With Safari based Google Maps we don't have finding the all suggested routes simultaneously on the map without having to switch between safari text view and maps view, the ability to receive a call or close the phone then open it again without having to input the route end points again, the ability to track my path with the blue dot all the time while driving as it keeps disappearing and it wasn't doing the same in the past, When I am using this application I am usually driving and I want to have the least distraction and manual involvement.


    Please don't advice me to buy Garmins or buy your unupgraded device. If you want to help get us to a working way to downgrade to IOS 5. Otherwise, I advice you go through the thread and read the posts of JBDelivery and as he is the one mostly affected here and the one who tried every suggested solution and it didn't work.

  • JBDelivery Level 1 Level 1



    Some of us did buy iPads (20+) simply because the integration between Calendar, Contacts and Maps was so seamless. The addition of iCloud just made it all heaps better. Not now.

    Using Street view to pinpoint directions was very useful too. Many of our deliveries/visits are to fields - not even houses - so the directions may give a postcode and then  - "from there, down the lane 200 yards, second left, first right and we're in the third field along on the right by the big oak tree..." Fine in daylight - crap in winter or at night.

    Our drivers could follow the directions on Street view in their cab before even setting off, get an approximation - then drop a pin and navigate to it. Not turn by turn - but it did work.


    Not only that,  the same device gave them in-cab email, look-up for technical stuff, the ability to print (HP Airprint printer on a custom PSU), invoicing, delivery notes inventory etc - all in the cloud as well as live 'on the move' changes to calendar scheduled service visits or drops that could be managed by the driver or the base independently, as well as live update of machinery operator mobile for example against a contact for an agricultural contractor.


    No keyboard, so easy to wipe clean from hyraulic oil etc..


    Now remove accurate integrated maps from that - and what are you left with? A big problem.


    Keeping unemotional as always - the current Map app effectively disables the iPad for that application, is not what we bought, isn't fit for purpose, and whilst I'd love to have a fantastic Apple vector map solution tomorrow, we all know it's some time off.

    In the interim then, why not simply let me keep the kit as it was, revert to what works until the situation improves - instead of forcing me to choose another platform?


    Seems a daft decision. No point in saying much else on here.

  • Adam Getliff Level 3 Level 3

    Nobody said the interim solution was perfect. Try not to pretend you didn't understand that.


    I am not interested in points. Never have been.


    Have you actually tried downgrading?

  • iforumuser Level 1 Level 1


    With Safari based Google Maps we don't have finding the all suggested routes simultaneously on the map without having to switch between safari text view and maps view, the ability to receive a call or close the phone then open it again without having to input the route end points again,

    From what I am understanding, the reason why the old Map app was so good it that is was actually an Apple designed App.  They used Google data but it was Apple's App.  Using Google Web based is all from Google. Even if Google comes out with there own app soon it will not be the same as the Old Map App in IOS5.

    Someone here posted a link to an interesting video interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  Steve said that Apple likes to partner with other companies who do what they do well.  He said Apple did not do maps.  He did make the statement that Apple has the best front end for maps. Unless I misunderstand, they used Googles maps data but they used their own interface ( the map app) for it.

  • Adam Getliff Level 3 Level 3

    I empathise. But reiterate that if my business was dependant on a particular function I would test it first.


    If it's not fit for purpose then the solution is simple as you have already identified.

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