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    Don't you notice that no one likes your comments here or find it useful? Haven't you noticed yet that you aren't helping and you can't get any point in this thread?


    I think Captain **** should strip you of your points for thinking that Jhonson might be an alias for Cook.

  • duckdive Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    All the high level sheriffs of this thread seem to love their iphones just as much those of us stripped of the functionality we loved of google maps. With the forced up-take of Apple maps, it is now clear the hardware is still by far the best phone on the market, and the software is simply crapple.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Why whenever someone with too many points makes a comment here it appears to be unhelpful and sounds close to stupidity? Is the number of points achieved inversly proportional to IQ score?


    All what you do is blindly defending Apple and trying to find excuses for someone who ****** up and went out apologising in public. We all know that Apple isn't a mapping company and it would never reach a stage to where Google is in this field. However, we decided to buy from Apple and not from Google because we liked Apple. But none of us know why we can't get back the functionality we used to have on IOS 5 by allowing us to revert to IOS 5 instead of the trash IOS 6 until it is fixed.


    Everyone in this thread needs to get back IOS 5 and if you can't help in that direction then please don't try to defend Apple. We used to be the most loyal customers to Apple and for many years. All we want now is to get IOS 5.

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    But why Captain Cook doesn't teach his sheriffs that people can have both and like both. I mean we liked our iPhones and we like Google Maps. If he allows us to get IOS 5 again everyone would be happy.


    If Apple want to put me under the mercy of Google and its updates to the web based version then I will volountirily go to Google and buy their device. At least I would then be their client with full rights and full version.

  • William Kucharski Level 6 Level 6 (14,890 points)

    le.bouch wrote:


    I'm not entirely convinced you're not being mischievous now. I think you must know that, even with today's added Streetview, doesn't work as well as Apple's old Google-based app.


    Seriously, what is still lacking with the addition of Street View?


    Maps is Maps, and its functionality, at least in the US, is lacking compared to Google Maps but it will (usually) get you where you want to go.


    If you really miss Google Maps, seems to do everything the old Maps app did now.


    But the Google Maps app isn't coming back as a native app in iOS; there's too big a feud going on between Apple and Google at present.


    It may come back as an App Store app but until then, I maintain that if Apple Maps doesn't work for you it makes more sense to use than it does to "demand" Apple revert Maps, because knowing Apple's past behavior that simply isn't going to happen.

  • iforumuser Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)


    Seriously, what is still lacking with the addition of Street View?



    If you really miss Google Maps, seems to do everything the old Maps app did now.




    I can see you are jumping in here at the end of this thread.  Your questions have been answered many times in this thread already.  To recap one main reason why some miss the old Google Maps app in IOS5 so much is the integration factor.  There is no integration in the web map and 3rd party apps.  You might want to backup and read some of the experiences of some whose businesses were hit hard after upgrading to IOS6.  The new maps are not good in the U.S. and it looks like they are much worse in some other countries. 


    If someone can suggest a replacement map app that will take the place of the native app and intergrate with Calendar, Contacts, Siri, other apps, etc., please share that information with us. is not a 99% functionality replacement.  It's not even 50% unless you don't use the integrated features.  Some might not use the integration but many do.  To me it's kinda like the difference between opening your Contacts and tapping a phone number to make a call or going into Contacts, memorizing the persons phone number and going to Phone and then typing the phone number in to make a call.

  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6 (11,815 points)

    le.bouch wrote:


    LOL - insults from Tampa. How will I cope?


    Quite a lot's happened in 2 weeks. Apple said Maps was great and released iOS 6. Turned out Maps ***** (except in Tampa). Many people complained. Cook agreed - Maps *****. Cook said - 'go use our competitors' products in the meantime'. Many people complained still - they want what they'd already paid for. Cook changed his Maps advertising copy and directed App Store customers to competitors' products. Maps still *****. Many people continue to complain because they'd like Apple to reconsider. Maps still *****. Who knows what might happen in the next 2 weeks?


    PS. iPhones continue to sell because they're a great phone, even with Maps. Even in Tampa.


    I should have been more clear. I'm done with YOU. Points, Levels, Arrogance, Ego and all.


  • Nogueira Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    le.bouck wrote: iPhones continue to sell because they're a great phone, even with Maps.


    Oooops. I'm not so sure. Look at that:

  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6 (11,815 points)

    Nogueira wrote:


    le.bouck wrote: iPhones continue to sell because they're a great phone, even with Maps.


    Oooops. I'm not so sure. Look at that:

    Everytime a new phone or iOS version is released, there are Wifi issues for a subset of the device population.  I have zero Wifi issues and neither does anyone I know personally with the new phone.  I'm going to finally agree with something le.bouch wrote.  They're a great phone.  See......we can actually agree on something.....And while were at it, even with Maps, Consumer Reports gave the new iPhone top marks today.  They said it's the best iPhone yet, and tops in the genre. 

  • Derek Fernandez Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    However, if the subset is large enough, it may mean there is an actual bug (that needs to be reported, investigated and fixed through software updates).


    Indeed, I only heard of this issue when the link to this thread was posted here - and I can confirm I've experienced this wifi problem with the iphone5.  I posted my experience on that thread, but briefly: wifi was showing only 1 bar reception, and I was only a metre from the router. Didn't think anything of it, but after seeing that thread, I checked my cellular data and it had reached 350MB (data was going over cellular, not wifi, even though it was connected).  A hard reset fixed my problem. 


    Just a quick update from my previous post - the StreetViewer app from developer have to date still not released their v1.8 update (promised on Oct 3) to include Google data.  I'll post here when (or if) they do.


    I've since downloaded the free app Mapipo 6 on ios6 - It's interface is a little cluttered, but in full screen mode it's much clearer.  It uses Google Maps data, has street view, traffic overlays etc.  It also caches the map data from your last search.  Worth checking out, as a possible alternative to the Google Maps web application. 


    Thanks!  Derek.

  • Essem Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well said. I live north of Derby, and guess what? We've disappeared into a green mush. In fact it's the same as the Google satellite view was about 10 years ago, except worse. Street view, which I used every day in my job as surveyor, to check the type of house I was about to visit, has gone. What a shame, wish I had not upgraded. I will not now buy an iPhone as planned. I am going To Samsung....

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    I feel I am dreaming, this is absolutely not Apple, this is tearing down, what a mess maps.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    The more your write here the more you make of yourself a joke and honestly a very bad one.


    We are in this thread particularily trying to help each other finding a solution that can get us back the functionality we have lost since the **** upgrade to iOS 6. We were promised the world but got garbage.


    Everything you have said so far was defending Apple and finding excuses for them. Unless you are an Apple employee or paid by Apple to do so, I think everyone on this thread liked Apple more than you and bought more devices from them. I alone bought like 40 iPads and iPhones in the past 4-5 years.


    Apple ****** up big times and CEO apologized in public. He suggested alternatives that didn't work for us. We have discussed it many times in this same thread. The conclusion we have reached to so far is that the only help you or anyone else with points could do for us is to find us a way to get to iOS 5 again. We don't need you to repeat suggestions we have tried. Scroll back a few pages and you will find that you have repeated yourself many times. If you know a way to get iOS 5 back then please help and each one of us will give you 10 points. Otherwise, please save your silly messages that aren't welcomed by anyone here and aren't helpful.

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    I agree with all of the above.


    Apple maps is crippling. If I could revert to iOS5 I would stick with Apple, because my company uses many iOS devices.  Switching to Samsung / Android will be costly


    I am starting by discarding my six months old iPhone and upgrading to a Samsung that runs Google maps in a native manner.  Then I plan to upgrade another five iOS devices from Apple to Samsung/Google.  If that goes well, the reamining iuOS devices go.


    Apple, you have made me a true Android convert!

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Which consumer reports?


    Who is the consumer? and who interviewed them?


    78 pages of negative consumer experience are hard for you to see but one positive consumer report is something that makes you celebrate. Man... what logic do you have?

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