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    This is all what we are here about.


    Wait a seconds and you will be under attack from stray watchdogs that will come and tell you to get over it Google Maps won't come again. Others will ask you to stop moaning, trolling, ...etc.Apologisits then will come and tell you it was your fault to make the upgrade.


    For 10 days we have been manning this thread continuously so it would keep the "noise" level high. I am glad that new comers are joining which means it does the purpose.


    All that we want is a "downgrade" what a PR move for Apple to make its users wish is the "downgrade". I believe it is going to become a new idiom to say "Apple Maps Quality" for any overpromised ****** up delivery of a software in the future.

  • ed2020 Level 1 Level 1

    The majority of the personal attacks seem to be originating from you. "Noise" is exactly the right description for your contribution so far.

  • Derek Fernandez Level 1 Level 1



    So I (perhaps foolishly) decided to trust Apple Maps again today.  I was walking to the location it displayed, and only realised something was wrong when I got to the actual street and the street numbers were way too high (a hundred higher).  Random pin strikes again.  I tried Google through the mobile web app, but for some reason it wasn't connecting (I think I have resolved that problem now, I had that browser window opened for 2 weeks (since I first realised how dodgy Apple Maps was in finding locations) and I think the code has since been updated (for street view etc).  Close-reopen.



    Anyways, I'm attaching screenshots to show, just how far it was off, and how the search doesn't handle hyphenated addresses well. 


    photo 1 (1).PNGphoto 2.PNG

    photo 1.PNGphoto 2 (1).PNG


    Furthermore, I see a flaw in the reporting system - I see the reporting system as fine for minor errors, when the location is just a little off the mark.  But when it's over 1km away, in an obscure block, I found I could only guestimate where the pin should be.  It was infuriating to realise that I would have to cross-reference with Google to actually report this misplacement accurately.  (Have I really been reduced to a lackey of Apple, stealing Google's map data one pin at a time?)  ... Sorry for the exaggeration.


    photo 3.PNG


    I considered Android (the dark side) for the first time yesterday, and watched video's of the S3's user experience.  It still seems a little sluggish compared to ios.  Not to mention the bucketloads of cash I dropped on ios apps.  (not on mapping apps, evidently!)


    This forum does rank quite highly when searching for information about the state of Apple Maps.  So for this reason, I will vote again (just in case someone of influence does happen to read this) - Apple please return the ios5 Google Maps app to ios6!  If you don't, then I'll.. probably do nothing, and continue to take whatever you hand me, because I'm such a fan of apple products.  Let's never fight again.

  • ed2020 Level 1 Level 1

    Useful post Derek - thanks. I've not had much cause to rely on Apple's new maps yet and frankly, having seen the examples of inaccuracies, I'm glad. When it works it's very good - the 3D flyover is astounding, but the underpinning data is far short of Google's offering.


    I recently purchased a Nexus 7 as I wanted something a little more portable than my iPad. Android Jelly Bean is a lot slicker than Ice Cream Sandwich but I'm afraid it still pales in comparison to iOS in terms of user experience. Even Google's own maps app failed to deliver as well as Apple's maps prior to iOS 6.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1

    "noise" can have more than one interpretation. In my context it referred to "loud voice that could be heard" but some people decide for whatever reason to assume other meanings meaning. It has been used several times in this very same thread and no one complained before. You are the first to make an objection about it.


    You are apparently a new comer to this thread and you need to scroll back like 25 pages to see who starts the personal attacks. You came in the Middle of the action.


    I am not like our new pal here Derek and I will not accept whatever Apple gives me. I did it before to Mercedes Benz and I am proud that I made at least four of my direct relatives switch with me to BMW. We continued with BMW and none of us bought any Mercedes for more than 7 years now. After years Mercedes started applying all that we were asking them to do before after sale service. However, it was only after they have lost like half of their market share to BMW and Audi that they realized it and started to give similar offers to its new customers. By the way, I am talking abut a personal experience in a limited geographical area. This is just a hint for those "interpretters" so that they don't project this example on any weird interpretation that comes through their sick minds.

  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6

    Well, I guess I've misjudged you.  I'm a Mercedes Benz owner and I had no idea I owe the quality and reliability of my Mercedes to you and your friends and family.  I am humbly apologetic and now I know you will corale your buds to move Apple on this heinous afront to Maps.  Wow......carry on.


    BTW., I have some issues with the city council in Tampa.  If you do move to the states, please settle in Tampa.  We could use someone as powerful and omnipotent as you here.

  • ed2020 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm perfectly aware of the definition of the word "noise". I don't object to your use of the word but I do object to the nature and tone of some of your posts, and the frequency with which you are posting essentially the same thing ... it's noise.


    I may have only started posting to this thread recently but I've read the full history before doing so and the insults, personal attacks and expletives are predominantly coming from you. Virtually every single one of your posts, including the one to which I am replying, contains a little dig at people who, in good faith, have tried to help and advise.


    For what it's worth I agree with you about the dire quality of the new maps data but the manner in which you portray your views discredits you.


    If you are hoping to bring sufficient pressure to pursuade a multi-billion dollar company to change a policy of disallowing installation of an older OS, by posting a few messages on an online forum, you are dillusional. We had much the same with antennagate - people convinced that posting the same rants hundreds of times would force a product recall. It didn't and you won't this time either.

  • le.bouch Level 1 Level 1

    Hmmm. Whilst some of Ex-Apple Fan's post may be, ahem, emotional, I have to take issue with your assertion that 'the other parties' are responding in good faith. Sneering, sarcastic, patronising, belittling, diverting nonsense abounds here - you don't have to look to far up the page either...

  • le.bouch Level 1 Level 1

    too :-)

  • Whirling22 Level 1 Level 1

    I am very disappointed in apple for not allowing the downgrade, in apple for removing google maps before their own offering was even remotely ready for public use and myself for upgrading not one but three apple devices before reading up about the failings of the system.


    I love the panoramic photo and deleted two apps that I previously used for his function - it was a nice to have as far as I was concerned.


    It's great seeing my friends wow over the apple maps 3D 'fly over' - again a nice to have


    However - I'm working away from home in Europe at the moment and getting around in an unfamiliar country/city is essential for me. I meet friends for dinner or drinks and expect to be able to navigate back to my apartment. I'm keen to see the sights at the weekend and get there without pockets full of paper maps. For several months before the upgrade I could plug the destination into the google app and it would tell me when and which train and bus  to take and it would get me back home too. I would argue that with the exception of iMessage / text message, it was the most important function fulfilled by my iPhone.


    I purchased the iPhone and made the switch from blackberry because of the superior routing / map application. I missed my BBM functionality but the sacrifice was worth it.


    I'm not going to make pointless threats to switch to a galaxy particularly since its not that easy mid contract. I was however considering replacing my two iPhone 4's with iPhone 5's (one is used in the UK, the other while I work in Europe with a local SIM card). I was hoping that the mini iPad if / when announced would replace my IPad2 and fit in my suit jacket pocket and provide a more pleasant mapping experience. The iPhone upgrade is on permanent hold - I don't need a taller phone to message with. The mini iPad with apple maps is useless so I am looking at the kindle fire now.  Do apple care? Unlikely... If they did they would restore the downgrade option - at least until they fix their offering or until google sells an app - I hope google are reading this as I have little doubt most map users would gladly pay for an app that works.


    I registered for this forum today, with the sole purpose of protesting about this problem. I don't usually read ( i wish now that i had) and most certainly never contribute to these things and don't plan on doing so in the future.


    Apple - you have apologised. Good for you - I don't care for the apology


    I need my iPhone to get me to and from my destination - allow the downgrade and let your users decide when to upgrade and you might restore some of the the loyalty that you will lose from this ridiculous mess.

  • ed2020 Level 1 Level 1

    I think the replies from "the other parties" have been remarkably restrained, given the tone of Ex-Apple Fan's posts. Some of them have been downright aggressive and clearly aimed at those who simply choose to disagree. Frankly, if I was running this forum, I'd have hit him with the ban hammer several days ago.

  • Nogueira Level 1 Level 1

    It's obvious that I was talking about mobile Safari.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1

    Go get a life with your ban hammer. Another watchdog with uniform who starts to dream about authority.


    we were talking logic and legtimte request for help to get iOS 5 back and the watchdogs like you came a started sarcasm on personal basis.


    This is when our tone and many others might have changed. 

  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6

    Is this going to go on for much longer?  I speak from a mere level five, and therefore innocent, and not one of the scorned level sixes....

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1

    Good post.. please hang around here and keep posting and asking for the legtimate solution of allowing us to downgrade to iOS 5. This thread starts to come first in Google search for "downgrading" and that makes up the noise we want captain Cook and his sailors hear.


    You will meet with many watchdogs here who have been given a uniform (levels and points) who will start telling you that you are trolling, get over it, accept the fact, no one can get you back iOS 5, ...etc.


    They can't becasue they are no body apprently in this company. Their master can...


    Please keep posting here.

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