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  • le.bouch Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm a little lost now.


    Whether you Levels like it or not, this thread has turned into a place where people can record their displeasure at what Apple has done. You can quote forum rules all you like, you can babble on about 'user to user support', you can report them to mods, whatever, people are upset and you're not going to stop them.


    In all but a few cases, the back and forth sniping and sarcasm, the 'oh so witty' put-downs are now coming from you guys.


    You've all made your point(s) - the main one being you want us all to STFU and go away from 'your' forum. You are somehow able to predict with clarity that Apple will not waver on this. Who knows? You may be right. But maybe you're wrong..


    And above all else, what has this thread now got to do with any of you Levels? None of you agree with any of the (mostly legitimate) points made by us mortals, so what gives? Are you just chipping in for sport? We all get that you don't like our 'whining' etc etc etc, so why are you here? Because you can? Go help some eejits who can't work out what iCloud is so you can bag some more points. You're not helping - and that IS why you come here, right?

  • le.bouch Level 1 (10 points)

    "Simpletons" now? Good god.

  • SithPImp Level 1 (15 points)

    I wouldn't say that person is no help and/or insult their intelligence.  But it does seem the "bat signal" has been sent up to call in the Level's and have them gang up on one or two posters. 


    Agree, we pay Apple good money for these devices.  In most cases, we pay higher prices for these items than a comparable device.  I do read the terms and conditions most of the time, it's never been stated in any of them that if I'm not happy I can revert to what I had previously but it should.  I should, SHOULD, be able to have my device, which I bought and paid for, like I want it.  Be it by a downgrade in firmware or jail breaking or tossing out the window at 80mph on the freeway somewhere. 


    I should be able to get some answers when I have questions, no matter how unimportant others think my questions are.  I should able to get a little respect but I don't and neither does anyone else it seems where Apple is involved.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    It isn't the goodness of the data which bothers us here. We know it is garbage.


    It is the trash which is defending this garabage that bothers us.


    Apple ****** up, apologised, and changed the wording of the decieving ad. What is next is to "force" it to correct its mistake.


    Being royal more than the king while you are just watchdogs with uniforms and levels trying to silence everyone is what bothers us. Who doesn't **** up? it always happens but two situations haven't been fixed yet... Apples upgrade to iOS 6 and your parents'

  • le.bouch Level 1 (10 points)

    I appreciate that English isn't your first language but chill a little, man. Don't lower yourself. Make your points - keep your dignity :-)

  • Mark1234 Level 1 (0 points)

    We have everything to do with their success or failure! I don't understand why people don't realize that they work for us.  That's is their job to keep their customers happy, and as long as every jut buys into whatever they say or do that is what we will be stuck with. I'm not buying into this.  All they have to do is sign the firmware and the people who don't like the ios 6 can use the 5.1.1 and the others who like a glitchy slow phone with all the othe problems can keep it. It's that simple. Plus apple is the only company I know that can make the same phone 5 times and will be one I the too sellers. 

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    You are right but as you can see they multiply like fungus and they aren't polite at all to me.


    Yesterday I had six of them... I can handle as many of them as my time allows. After that I will leave them bark as much as they want.


    I received your previous post by email but I don't see it here. Apparently it was removed like many of mine. You were telling them that they could be happy with any iOS that is given to them and I could tell you that they would even be hapy with any bone thrown to them.


    Help of free men and women who believe that Apple should like us because we pay it is alway appreciated against this stray gang of watchdogs.

  • SithPImp Level 1 (15 points)

    His reference to Simpletons is from my response where I called us that because obviously that's how we're looked at because 1) we're complaining and 2) cause we're not leveled up like they are.


    Maybe because we are heartily sick of the over and over posts that are of zero value regarding Apple maps.

    The data is not good. This has been agreed for a long time. What you simpletons refuse to accept is that we are all just users of Apple's products, and have absolutely no influence over their success or failure.


    Maybe you should stop reading once you realize a topic is headed in that direction then, nobody is behind you holding a gun to your head and forcing you read the topic/thread or continue once it heads in a direction that you disapprove of.


    It's not your server hosting the data is it?  You're not paying the hosting fee on said server are you?  So what does it matter other than you're just tired of seeing the complaining?  Well I'm tired of looking at my phone and thinking "gee whiz Beav, you've got almost $800 bucks tied up in something that is more useless than it was before".  You've got to option to close the window and find another topic... I don't have that option with my phone nor do I have the option of just tossing it into the trash and buying a new one or something else, wish I did.


    I never said you had influence over Apple.  You and the rest of the Level's seem to portray that on your own, you seem to want to play micro-god cause you've got some points for helping others.  I've not seen nowhere in 88 pages where one single soul said you or anybody with level points had influence over Apple failing or passing or that any of you could magically snap your fingers and make any of us happy. 

  • tonefox Level 6 (9,055 points)

    SithPImp wrote:


    I've not seen nowhere in 88 pages where one single soul said you or anybody with level points had influence over Apple failing or passing or that any of you could magically snap your fingers and make any of us happy. 

    You're absolutely correct. There are no posters here who have any influence over Apple's future. We all have as much influence over Apple as you have.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    You could see it for yourself.


    They keep barking at me all the time and I had to throw a stone or hit them with a stick. They even today sent a puppy to practice.


    They want us to stop talking at all. Whatever logic we bring to them they are against. It has become two sides. The stray gang of watchdogs against everyone else.


    All that we want is to get iOS 5 back. If they think itsn't possible why are they coming here?

  • tonefox Level 6 (9,055 points)

    ome two sides. The stray gang of watchdogs against everyone else.


    All that we want is to get iOS 5 back. If they think itsn't possible why are they coming here?

    Possibly through a higher reognition of what is reality? Along with a recognition of trolls?

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    I don't want to accept your reality because you are nobody in my eyes and no body in Apple to speak on their behalf.


    Why don't you just pass my posts and comment on someone else that needs your "illumination". I am not enjoying my conversation with you so why do you insist to talk to me?

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    Sith, Mark, le bouch...


    It is bed time for me.. I wish you a nice day/evening..


    The rest of the stray watchdog gang... be quiet and be nice to my pals and I will give you fatty bones tomorrow..

  • Nogueira Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Guys, let's stop arguing for a while and have some fun. Look what I have found:



  • tonefox Level 6 (9,055 points)

    Maybe just to try to persuade you  that nobobody here has any influence over Apple?

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