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    If it is that odd he would know reading the message it is from a non native speaker so he can understand.


    Nevertheless, I do receive emails addressed to my first name and surname and never thought of it as odd.. Should I really worry?

  • ed2020 Level 1 Level 1

    Shame about the third paragraph. Other than that it's a well written letter.

  • Homer888 Level 1 Level 1

    Good letter, glad you even mentioned about the option of downgrading. Too bad nothing will come of it. At least it made you feel better to get your concerns off your chest. It is posted on the internet where it will probably remain indefinitely or until Apple removes this forum or  the mods here remove your post at the request of the Gestapo post leaders. #justsayin

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    Imagine if one million clients sent similar letters.


    Well, mabe with millions of similar letters he would change his email and have one only for internal staff, put filter to send them to junk, assign a secretary to filter letters, but wouldn't he ask the iOS Executive to act reasonably and responsibly?


    Under what business model one could ignore his customers requests (that costs him zero to fulfil) and still get away with it? I am in subscription business and I have to pamper my clients for the full year to get them to renew with me the next year. Are they taking us for granted or what? Or is it that they just don't care...I think it is our role and duty now to make them care..we have got the power...we have got the cash..

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    The maps debate is shortsighted,  commercially naive and often ignores genuine real world practice/ personal experiences. Just copy and pastes of other people's problems


    Apple have done the right thing be pushing foward with their own mapping solution by replacing the 'half baked' google maps iOS app with a fully featured mapping and navigation system.


    My reasoning


    1. I've been using and comparing both mapping applications since beta release, Apple maps are rapidly improving

    2. Regardless of reported mapping inaccuracies in real world use Apple maps have always got me where I needed to go. Maybe I'm not in the -1% that will find a mapping mistake

    3. I now have the best Turn by Turn directions available on ANY mobile

    Platform , Apples (with tom tom help) is much more intuitive and more importantly quicker at delivering timely directional information, its better than Google maps on android !


    These are my Real World experiences of using both of these services since inception .

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    We know it is working for you somehow in the US by now. For most of us outside the US it is just a pocket size digitized version of the local paper map but full of mistakes which makes it even more inferior.


    It works for you on turn by turn but it can't show me the route here and most of the times fail to find the right spot on a simple search.


    Please stick with it since it does work for me and let me stick to what used to work with me and has taken from me by deciption and fales promises. I am not getting the most beautiful and powerful maping service ever on my iPhone 4S ever since it became a captive for iOS 6. I want iOS 5 back which gave me the functionality I have paid for. So simple request with zero cost to fulfil.

  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6

    We know it is working for you somehow in the US by now.

    There have been improvements in the US and Europe, which eventually will be seen elsewhere.  That's the route Apple is taking.  You will, NEVER see them allow downgrading  the iOS. 


    If Google had implimented vector graphing and turn-by-turn like they did for Android versions, this whole issue would never have come up.

  • macapaka Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in UK , but I appreciate and understood my *point of view* is not universal .


    I'm just adding my personal experience, and in summary my experience is that iOS and Apples new Map app is better than everything previous .


    It's a big and useful update, it's unfortunate that Maps has created a sort of location based functionality lottery when it comes to mapping


    I hope Apple and its partners continue to rapidly make a more complete picture of the world of maps

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    Well, I seem to be in Europe - please direct me to the improvements. As of yesterday Apple Maps couldn't find the police station in my nearest city. Just my 'real world' experience..


    I get why Apple felt the need to ditch Google - it's their choice after all. The problem is with the timing (they had a year left on the licence?) and the dire quality (except in the USA) of the replacement.

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    Apples nav system is not even TomTom 'lite'. I appreciate it's just your perspective but I assume you're not a heavy or regular nav user, or have much experience of full featured nav apps?

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    Good but unfair because I paid in full for a fully functional device from day one. Unless they want to give me back some money for the less functionality they have caused to me....


    But in the future they wil never see my $$bucks again....

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    That's funny , you 'seem' to be in Europe .


    Did you need to get to the Police station for an emergency / to report a Maps App crime ? or did you notice the police station was missing while looking for mapping errors?


    If you think about the numbers 10/10 they will start show up everywhere...!?


    Apologies if my view seems ignorant and superior to yours .

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    Ex-Apple Fan


    I understand you now, your quite simple really


    Here what you need to do


    1. Sell all your Apple products and buy Google stuff

    2. Don't worry or be dissapointed about anything ever again

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    Google isn't Apple's slave to make Apple's wishes come true. They are rivals but have some areas where they could cooperate.


    Apple dogma was either everything or nothing. That doesn't seem to affect Google.. Customers are flocking to them. It affects Apple and its customers.


    Before this **** up I was hapy with my iPhone...never cared about the full turn by turn... Apple upset me and took what I was happy with to give me a trash on a promise that it will get better. Well, I am not their slave either and I don't accept this.


    Please refrain from saying Never to downgrade unless you want to tell us who you are in Apple. Itsn't really professional to talk on anyone's behalf without having such authority.

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    None of your business to tell me what to do with what I own.


    Keep your unuseful advices...they aren't even funny.


    I paid...and I need what I paid for...not from you but from those with the power.

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