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  • le.bouch Level 1 (10 points)

    Not if they were given the choice.

  • ed2020 Level 1 (50 points)

    Yes, I did want to post it. I have experience that helps me judge the effort involved in Apple allowing a downgrade to 5.1.1. SithPImp has no experience whatsoever, and zero clue what he's talking about.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    Not if they were given the choice.


    You mean like the choice you had whether to upgrade to iOS 6 or not?


    The reports of Apple Maps crappiness started appearing within minutes of iOS 6 being released. Even waiting just 12 hours would've given you plenty of opportunity to read reviews, comments and reports on the new OS and realise that such an important feature to you, had been rendered useless by Apple.


    At that point you could easily have made the choice not to upgrade.

  • simtub Level 1 (0 points)

    I posted earlier in this thread regarding the maps issues after updating to iOS6 and have been on holiday to Singapore in the last week with my iPhone 4S. Armed soley with Apple's maps app I was really nervous getting into taxi's and going around the city to different business locations and meeting up with friends. Luckily Apple's mapping system didn't totally break down like it did in Hong Kong but a lot of city information was certainly missing including building outlines  in which I had to constantly double back to googlemaps on safari to check. It was painfully time consuming and worrying but using them side by side I was able to not get lost or be driven around like an *** by the cab drivers as some of them are known to re-route your journeys to earn extra meter fare. The trip made me realise how much I depended on googlemaps in the past and how much more complete their data set is. Apple Maps is NOT better than Googlemaps at this point in time... The vectorised zoom is useless without complete data. 


    Apple, you are the most innovative consumer devices company in the World.. This should not have happened. If google is on the war path to deny licensing google maps then just tell us... We won't blame you for the switch...


    I have an iPhone, iPad. iMac and MBA. I have used Apple computers since 1992.  Apple is a great company and I hope they retain its core values but this map issue has really affected my trust in the current executive team. The share price is most certainly dropping..Is it going to take this drop to make the executive team realise how bad things are? I am not going to jump onto the Android bandwagon..I hate the Android OS and Samsung wholeheartedly! I have not personally forgiven in the way they copied Apple. their UI *****.. I do however use Gmail and Gmaps which I think are very good services. Mail on the Mac, iCloud and iOS is so darn basic.


    Why can't we have an update to 6.0.1 which enables Google Maps to be re-integrated to the OS?


    I don't know what I am talking about here really... I think I am just babbling on..


    Competition breeds innovation...but innovating and releasing subpar software due to competition is like going all out and Nuking each other back to the stone age. And this is how I feel Maps is heading towards on the iOS platform.


    C'mon Apple, Tim Cook & Co... Don't sink. I love Apple but the software division has been letting me down for a while (Skeuomorphic themed apps etc all suck!!)




    Whirling22 wrote:


    My first post here having been a loyal apple customer for over 6 years has resulted in a mailbox full of notifications.


    I have learnt several things:


    Change my notification settings


    Don't upgrade without reading forums etc


    Give feedback to apple using the links provided somewhere within the 80 pages above


    People with points and levels are probably (in the main) helpful retired or unemployed people who enjoy solving problems


    (Some) People with points and levels (in this thread) do nothing but gripe about people who have a valid reason to gripe and claim that people don't know how great the product is when in reality they know its shocking and are hoping that one day apple will hire them if they follow the sheep dog around the field and pretend all is good. They are often rude or sarcastic and rather than ignore the thread they get all manly and authoritarian probably as a result of either being disliked or being bullied at school.



    Those that claim that apple maps is better than google maps have obviously never used it for getting from one location to another using public transport in an unfamiliar location.


    Rather than sitting playing at forum warriors, get out and live life - oh wait you can't - you might not be able to find your way back...


    This is such a ridiculous situation it is beyond funny.

  • le.bouch Level 1 (10 points)

    I thought someone with so many Levels and Points would be more polite. I guess not.


    You may be referring to me as the 'partner' or you may not. It's hard to tell through your really clever put downs. To avoid doubt, I'm not whining or snivelling, I'm not even that keen to get iOS 5 back. All I want is an integrated mapping system on my devices as good as when I bought them.


    You Apple apologists seem to want to restrict this thread to:


    Q "is there a way to get Google-powered maps back?"

    A "no"


    and then close it down. Some here want to keep the discussion and issue alive - there's nothing wrong with that and it's not necessary for you guys to police the thread. We're all ignoring your comments anyway :-)

  • le.bouch Level 1 (10 points)

    Ah, that old one.


    It's MY fault Apple said Maps was the most powerful mapping system ever and I went ahead and installed it on my iPad. It's MY fault I sold my 4s in anticipation of ordering my 5. It's not at all Apple's fault that they misled people about the quality of their product, were forced to apologise and then refused to repair their own damage.


    I'm all for taking responsibility for one's own actions but I just thought, you know, that Apple made good stuff..

  • mohtisham Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple is going to the same they were before Steve Job joined them...they are trying to be something which they no longer own...and they are not accepting it in a professional manner...Apple is losing customer and there is no hope they will get them back...let see if they bring some new design for iphone in coming years...i still remember Steve Job saying "WE DON'T SHIP JUNK!!!" but now actually they SHIP JUNK!!! so...they have lost their values simple is that... 

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Here's a question for the programmers out there.

    Give I think it's pretty safe to claim apple probably won't allow users to switch back to iOS 5.1.1...

    How difficult would it be if apple allowed users to choose which mapping data they want for the current Maps.App?  To me, it seems like that would be the best compromise for Apple and their disappointed users.


    Using simple minded logic (given I'm no programmer so maybe I don't understand what it might take) in the same way the Native Safari App works with search, why couldn't apple redesign the to allow users to choose which mapping data provider they wish to use?  In the way that you can choose which search provider you use in the safari app?


    To me that seems like somewhat that could be done in Maps that would allow users the choice of which they like better.  I know that probably means Apple would have to start from scratch on the programming of the native, but in a way, if users decide to stick with Apples maps they can, but if users like google 's data and search and map tiles better, they have the freedom to switch.


    In the past 2 weeks of reading forums, and listening to all both sides have to say, I think if Apple were smart, they would back peddle just a but and design the app like the safari app.  Allow users to choose to stick with Apple or go to google.  Right now it just seems like Apple is needlessly burning bridges with not only google but more importantly with users as well.


    And this isn't just a maps problem.  Other users on the thread had already said the new maps data and search it harming the functionally I'd other apps that piggyback off the native maps data as well.  In my experience, I have several third party apps that have not worked as well because of the switch to  "Find my friends" can't locate my friends as well and places them miles away from where I know for a fact they are supposed to be.  "Urbanspoon" has suffered as well as "open table", and any other app that piggy backs on the native maps.


    Just thought I'd mention that since I haven't heard much user responses about this aspect.  I know if dev's start getting complaints that their apps aren't functioning well after the switch, that might deter them from continued support on iOS...and that could mean loss of revenue for apple as well.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    Unless you've never read or heard any marketing speak in your lifetime, you should know that every company overstates just how 'great' their products really are. That's why websites, forums, magazines and TV shows with professional and end user reviews are so popular.


    Of course it is completely Apple's fault for the state of their Maps app, and for raising people's expectations unrealistically. But nobody forced you to upgrade straightaway before reading any real user feedback, rather than Apple's carefully orchestrated demos and glossy product pages.


    I also upgraded straightaway, and Apple Maps is completely useless for me now where I live. I hold Apple wholly responsible for the utter rubbish that Maps now is, but I don't blame them for my free choice to upgrade straightway before getting any geniune feedback. I could've waited... it would not have hurt me, but I chose not to.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)

    antkm1 wrote:


    Here's a question for the programmers out there.

    Give I think it's pretty safe to claim apple probably won't allow users to switch back to iOS 5.1.1...

    How difficult would it be if apple allowed users to choose which mapping data they want for the current Maps.App?

    Impossible considering Apple does not have a license with Google to use google map data for iOS 6 in the Apple Maps app. They do have a license to continue to use goolge map data for previous versions.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    How difficult would it be if apple allowed users to choose which mapping data they want for the current Maps.App?


    That's actually a very good question.


    From what I have read, Apple's new iOS 6 Maps app API is pretty much completely backwards compatible with the previous Maps app API that used Google data. That's why third-party apps that previously used Google maps data are suddenly using Apple Maps data when running under iOS 6.


    So, in theory, it should be possible for Apple to issue an iOS 6.0.1 update that switches the map data source back to Google (or add a preference setting for the user to switch).


    The issue is more likely to be a licensing one, as Google does not allow turn-by-turn navigation on IOS using their data. Also, the new Maps app would have to have some modifications, as Flyover is not possible using Google data, and Streetview is not part of the new Maps app.


    This is all speculation though, so could be totally wrong!

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I think you make some good observations and let me add another issue.

    Apple has spent the last 10+ years developing this "ecosystem" as they call it.  I don't think many realize that now that Apple is venturing in to search and maps, that this is an extremely deficient aspect of the ecosystem they've spent so much time developing and it really starting to take a toll on user confidence.  Not only that, it's simply not feasible to switch to Android when many users already adopted the ecosystem into their lifestyles.  If you own an iPhone, iPad, and laptop and/or desktop, they all work seamlessly together, and if you take a piece out of that puzzle, it starts to break-down like  "Jenga". So switching to android for most is not feasible.  And now that we do have so many that have adopted the ecosystem, our confidence that Apple will guide us through these trying times is severally diminished.

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    That doesn't seem like a difficult thing to rectify if its just having some polite sit-downs with google. In recent articles claim that google is more than will to talk to Apple about some of these issues in their future relationships.

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    That's kind of my point in the post. Mi understand it could mean redesigning to work with other 3rd party mappi g data, but it seems that would be a good compromise and help save face with a lot of very upset users.

  • le.bouch Level 1 (10 points)

    The difference being, I trusted Apple. Ironically, I probably wouldn't have trusted Samsung, for example. Obviously I was foolish to do so.


    Also, don't forget, this was not a new feature that Apple introduced, but a replacement for one that on the whole worked superbly. The implication was that Maps was better than what had come before. Like I said, I trusted them.


    Regarding glossy copy, just because everybody does it doesn't make it right - all you're doing is defending their right to bend you over. Or your right to be bent over - whatever.


    Apple don't need defending. Why are people taking this so personally? That they have screwed this up is beyond dispute - they are a multi-billion $ company who have totally dropped the ball on this and need to know that it's not ok.. It beggars belief that people feel the need to defend them - Apple couldn't care less about any single one of us, whatever our view on this farce.

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